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The Warrior Dungeon Discussion/Video thread

29 November 2012 - 07:45 AM

Hi all, I've been browsing through the warrior forums for dungeon guides and it seems like there are a whole lot of "dungeon build" guides, but no actual discussion on the dungeon runs themselves.

I know there are some dungeons that don't require a detailed explanation because, well, they're easy. But there are certain dungeons and certain fights in particular (LUPICUS) that can be a major headache for warriors and their groups.

The point of this thread is to provide tips/tricks/guides for specific fights, encounters, puzzles, etc. in dungeons.  Try to focus on the role of the warrior in these fights, but feel free to post optimal group compositions, exploits tricks, or w/e else will help make dungeons quick and painless.

Please post the name of the boss or encounter, the dungeon, your build, and an explanation of the fight. (Or a video). I'll get the discussion started with the fight I mentioned above.

Giganticus Lupicus (Arah Path 3)

Warrior Builds:
The main things I went for in this build are vigorous shouts (with some clerics gear), access to the rifle or greatsword trait, access to the 5 second weapon swap, and either 100% chance to rally in vengeance or vigor when using a stance. The utilities, weapons, and major traits can all be changed based on what you're fighting.  I use a combination of knights, berserkers, and cleric's armor/jewelry. 24k hp and 1600+ toughness without buffs.

Weapons: Rifle/Mace/Shield
The rifle (mandatory) provides the highest range and single target dps. The longbow is sub-optimal since it has less range and is more focused on AoE.
The mace provides a block to use when kiting, and a stun/daze to use on grubs. I could also see the use of a sword for the leap, or the axe for killing off grubs quickly.
The shield provides a 3 second block. Use when trapped in the bubble, if your stability isn't available to help you escape. Be mindful of its rather long cooldown.

Alternative build:
- Instead of the mace/shield, use a greatsword for the whirlwind dodge.  Instead of stability/shouts, you could use endure pain and signet of stamina.  Endure pains helps when you're out of dodges and stuck in the bubble, or when you need to revive allies.

I'm assuming you are familiar with the basics of this fight.  If you aren't, just check the wiki.
A few things that aren't in the wiki:
- Phase 1: The grubs randomly spawn on players, OR PETS.  This includes ranger pets, mesmer clones, necro summons, etc.  Be sure to let your group know about this, so they don't, for example, summon something that runs right up to Gigi, spawns a grub, and Gigi eats the grub instantly!
- The build I posted lets your rifle shots pierce.  In Phase 1, try to move around a little so that you are hitting both Gigi and whatever adds he summons.
- The most crucial part of this fight is at the end of Phase 1, where Gigi becomes temporarily invulnerable and summons two grubs.  At this point, your group should either scatter and range dps the grubs, or pop all invuln/blocks and melee the grubs.  Option 1 is safer and more reliable if your group is well-coordinated and has good ranged dps (This is why I included the 1-second immobilize on cripple). Option 2 is better if your group has stability and high melee dps.  Either way, YOU MUST KILL THE GRUBS before Gigi eats them.  Zero grubs = no insta-kill. One grub = insta-kill on squishies.  Two or more? Reset.
- The rest of the fight is straight-forward, but also much more dangerous.  Kite for your life. Time your dodges. Learn to love the sound of your rifle. It can be a long fight.  Remember, you have access to 3 heals, stability, 2 stun breakers, an AoE res, 2 blocks, and vigor (from stance). If you have a thief, tell him/her to utilize their stealth-revive, although they're usually the first to go down (lolburst). If you have a guardian, stick close to them (but not the whole group!) since they have projectile shields and TONS of buffs. If you have a mesmer, make use of their portals or instant revives.
- If you run far enough away from Gigi (still inside the arena) you might go out of combat. It has its pros and cons, obviously.
- If one of your members go down (dead dead), think carefully before trying to revive them.  Characters with access to teleports can get back to Gigi very quickly if they know the teleport exploit trick.

Tips from Gorgexpress:

1. Keep strafing left then right repeatedly. As long as you have some distance from the enemy, this will throw off the tracking of some projectiles, including lupicus' squigglies.

2. His red circle attack during Phase 2. It's scary, but i find the best way to avoid this attack is to dodge it outright rather than just trying to stay out of the red circles. Wait until you hear the "draining" sound that the squiggles make when they're close to you, then dodge forward.

3. Are you his main phase walk target? Keep him on the outer edge of the arena, and kite him around in a circle. This makes it 99% easier for your allies to pick up downed players. I'm not even exaggerating. In many many lupi kills, i've only seen one person die while someone was doing this trick, and it was his first arah run ever.

More to be added later (hopefully by YOU).  Requesting guides for CoE Exp (subject alpha especially), TA Exp (the mesmer boss and the final boss that spawns spirits), and high level fractals.