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Arah farm is back, just much worse.

20 November 2012 - 01:40 PM

I'm opening this thread to discuss the effect of the november the 15th dungeon update (http://wiki.guildwar...ki/Game_updates).
I actually love the update in itself as it made many dungeons look much more appealing and enjoyable to me.
What I actually find insane here is his effect on the Arah dungeon.
I'm sure we all remember the old Arah farm where a party used to kill the 1st two bosses in Forgotten path in 4-5 mins to get dungeon tokens.
After that update, the two bosses now drop 10 silver coins each (14 with an omnomberry bar) and one Bags of Wondrous Goods each, which contains 3 dungeon tokens, a Drop of Liquid Karma (400 karma with no karma booster) and a Bag of Gold (2-3.5 silver coins).
This means that in 30 mins a party can do 7 runs, gaining 28x7 + 6x7= 2.38 gold coins, 5.6k karma (again, without considering any booster) and 42 tokens. This not including the chest the bosses spawn when killed, and the chance they have to drop a rare accessory with an exquisite jewel in it which is worth 40-50 silver coins in the tp.
The old farm was nerfed because Aned didnt like the way people were farming this dungeon, what about this?
I'm not saying this hoping they remove the update, but they should think about stopping this farm, for example removing the loot from those too bosses and adding it to the final chest.