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#1935427 Save ANet and yourself time when requesting refund:

Posted dragongit on 15 September 2012 - 09:21 PM

Anyone hear of consumor responcibilities? Do your research before buying a game.  Granted you can't always be sure of what to expect by reviews alone. I can understand you may not be satisfied with your perchase. It does seem like you're taking advantage of a situation though. You can't get a refund on most other products, even full fledge games you'd be lucky to get a fourth of the price you paid unless you bought used.

I used to work at a hardware store, I've had situations where customers bought lawnmowers and weed whackers for a weekend, and brought them back shortly after. They basically "rented" our equipment and our policy we were obligated to give their refund back because they claimed it "didnt' work" though we could see the remnants of the work they used it with. So for our efforts, we were givin prodcut that was now unsellable again, and we lost money from it.

It's 60 dollars people. No subscription fee. I know money is tight, but if it really is up to cash and budget, you shouldn't have spent it in the first place. This game will keep for a long time, and there will be updates that will add more content. People who ask for refunds, take money away from Anet, which could potentially slow their progress down upon patches and expansions.  Sorry to sound like a fanboy, but really, don't abuse the system just because you got a few weeks out of a game, and expect full compensation back for it. Making the experience "free" while taking up their resources.

Refunds should be only reserved for prodcuts that are completely unusable and fundamentally broken, not because you got bored with it quickly. You should only have yourselves to blame, and live with the consequence. But hey, since they are apparently honoring refunds, my words fall on deaf ears. I just think it's asinine.

#1981628 Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

Posted Arquenya on 30 September 2012 - 03:01 PM

View PostPrincess Fatora, on 30 September 2012 - 01:12 PM, said:

They got rid of the holy trinity (casual and new MMO gamers love this). Actually, it's the veterans that love it. The trinity was always dumbing down encounters way too much and stifled individual thought and creativity, Arenanet at least has a chance to progress there.

Most of the actually good MMOs never even HAD the trinity. Neither did the first MMOs. The trinity is just a fad that is dying. Good riddance, as any MMO veteran will tell you.
As one veteran to another: please speak for yourself.

While "LF tank/healer" could be a chore, I don't applaud the GW2 system either. Gameplay doesn't get any smarter or teamwork any better because there's no primary designated roles. Bosses now do very low dmg because self heal is very limited and have millions of hp to try to still give it a special feeling, I mean: look at all the mindless zergs, how much more dumbed down can it get? :s

#1981265 Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

Posted Zombius on 30 September 2012 - 10:20 AM


I reached level 80 first week or so...oh whats that I hear "slow down", stare at walls and pictures inside of Holbrak for 5 hours and run in a circle all day?  Sorry exploring got old fast after leveling I wanted to sink my teeth into content.  I found farming a full set of CoF gear would be a good time sink and thats all it was.  

The instances in this game are morbidly poor, the combat is a disgrace to "FUTURE" MMO's.  They got rid of the holy trinity (casual and new MMO gamers love this)  I find its as predicted a nightmare of sloppy rolling around and dying...even when you push past the overly long boring fights with a single instanced mob there is no sense of accomplishment and even worse no reward (worth a ****)  The classic format of holy trinity allows players who want certain roles and responsibilities to embrace them and master them, making for a deeper dynamic but whatever thats spilled milk.

LOOT-As some find this arbitrary I find it essential to MMO's, I mean the chests after bosses why do they exist (Thanks for the Blue's Bro).  Instead of downing bosses having that thrill of loot you collect Badges until you can afford your gear...no boss specific loot...no anticpation...just mapped out and linear which would only appeal to somebody who does not like character evolution.

They spent so much time making the map and hyping up dynamic events which are simply PROXIMITY PICK UP/KILL/TURN IN quests like any other MMO with a fancy name.  (Its not a tuna sandwich but rather its a SEAFOOD EXPERIENCE).  Such a waste since the game really goes nowhere at all at level 80, everything is made to scale evenly both in PVP and PVE so there is not enough valid reasons to even level up on this game.  No content to gear up for, no memorable bosses, nothing worth achieving.

Leveled up some alts (NO IDEA WHY), and im noticing the POPULATION is on the decline,  I run around areas that used to be cluttered and full of people to quest with now most areas are ghost towns, my friends and I dont really log to play anymore.  I saw all this coming when I requested a refund in Beta but a friend talked me into sticking with it...lol...and that was before I played the sorry excuse for instances they have combined with no motivation to even PVE.

Been in this discussion a million times...even a lot of hardcore supporters have started jumping ship while others still straight up defend it dearly as if they are going to receive a free Charr plush doll from Anet for being a good customer or something.

PvP isnt bad but I have no reason to play a MMO with NO PVE content like challenging... scripted... memorable... or thrilling instances/bosses with fun character progression (the downscaling DOES NOT REFRESH CONTENT only hinders), so im back on the market for the next traditional style MMO.  Seeing the population and hear say this is going to be the opinion of the majority if its not already...soon enough you will realize that your actually bored.