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Who Thought Radiance From Lotro Was A Good Idea

13 November 2012 - 05:37 AM

From the description of Ascended items it looks like a.net has essentially copied the radiance system from LOTRO.  If you did not play LOTRO bosses has a stat called dread and if you did not have enough radiance you would lose a bunch of max life and get constantly feared.  Radiance did absolutely nothing for you other than counter dread and allow you to be able to fight the boss.

This system was so terrible that even Lotro developers after doing everything they could think of to improve the system eventually scrapped.  A.net has not only broken a fundamental promise that there were be no gear progression but they are incorporating the failed design of one of the more terrible MMOs out there.

I am sorry if I am not exactly excited about this.

Sigil for power/percision shortbow

15 September 2012 - 05:23 AM

I just got my beserker's pearl needler made and I am trying to figure out what sigil to put in it.

Looking For Groups is Seriously Lacking

28 August 2012 - 05:19 PM

This to be has been by far the most lacking aspect of GW2.  There is simply no viable way to find a group to run a dungeon.  Considering how easy it should be to put 5 random people of pretty much any class together it should be the easiest thing about the game.

Instead the people you would want to group with are split between many zones and overflow servers with no central method to get together.  I have spent a couple hours jumping through zones trying to get groups together with nothing to show for it.

While I personally want a dungeon finder they at least need a global interface where you can flag what dungeon you want run that people can then search through.  Even a global lfg channel would be welcome.  I know they have a lfg tool of some sort and I always flag myself as lfg but I still can not figure out what, if anything, it actually does as I have never seen anyone else in the lfg interface.

Odd Performance Last Night

23 August 2012 - 06:41 PM

For starters I have an i7920 oced to 3.5ghz and a 7950 oced and undervolted to 975 mhz.  My cpu is pushed as far as my current cooling will let it go but I have a lot of overclocking headspace left on the 7950. The last couple stress tests with everything maxed, super sampling and FXAA on I was getting anywhere from 60-90 fps in the open world.

Last night with the same setting I was getting 40 fps.  Even turning FXAA and supersampling off I was still stuck at 40 fps.  No amount of lowering settings got it higher.

I am hoping that they were in the middle of tweaking something last night that was causing the issue but this close to launch it is hard not to be nervous that something happened.