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In Topic: Resource: Dungeon and Fractal PvE Meta Builds

07 May 2013 - 08:43 AM

View PostNikephoros, on 07 May 2013 - 08:20 AM, said:

Actually, you're quite wrong.  

1.  Lich is DPS neutral with dagger auto attack in a zerker build.  So there is little point to it.  Whereas the blind has all kinds of utility in difficult trash pulls in fractals and some dungeons.
2.  30 in Curses is needed to maximize your dps.  An extra condition on crit and 2% damage per condition is what makes the build viable at all.  These builds are, after all, for dungeons and fractals not for farming events in open world content.
3.  Having the same dagger on main hand allows you to swap off hands without interrupting your auto-attack chain.  This is a basic skill.

As someone who runs 30+ fracs with a necro zerker build every other day I know that plague is no where near as useful as golem for trash, and the higher you get the more important it is to be able to control trash in various ways. It is REALLY hard to mistakenly pull with golem, unless you actually target a far mob and charge it. Golem charge is up every mob pull and the knockdown allows for easy placement of wells and marks, then finish trash off with dagger or DS with 6-7k peircing shots.
At higher lv fractals there are many boss fights where by limiting yourself to only dagger you are more of a burden on your group, that is why telling people that a dagger is the only weapon to use is retarded.

I just disagree with this whole idea of giving people the META build to follow, where its clear you are no expect on all of the builds and certainly are not qualified to direct people to what is considered an appropriate build. When things like this catch on it turns communities to trash and with this topic you are doing nothing but opening the floodgates to that kind of shitstorm.

In Topic: Resource: Dungeon and Fractal PvE Meta Builds

07 May 2013 - 04:23 AM

There is more wrong than right with that necro build. If you are zerkers then go golem or lich, the blind from sitting in plauge is wasted time and damage. Having two sets with a dagger instead of just swapping the offhand when you need is also stupid. Staff is great for starting fights to aoe bomb pulls and pierce before cleaning up with dagger. For PvE if you want dmg anything more than 15 in curses is a waste, better put in soul reaping or death.
I know you said you didn't make these builds but this just spreads poor builds with little synergy to new people.

In Topic: The Kit Refinement Spam Build

05 March 2013 - 12:22 PM

Why don't you use a shield instead of a pistol on offhand? That way you could use shield 4 for the blast finisher and free up a utility slot so you are not so gimped in dungeons. That said, I would to see a vid of this actually being effecting in fractals 30+, even durable classes have trouble staying melee constantly. Or on any of the harder dungeon bosses actually. I don't see you pulling off this gimiky tactic in any hard fight where dps would actually be important.