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LF 2 more for dedicaded dungon farming group on daily basis

02 January 2013 - 09:28 AM

Lf 2 more for people who wona farm dungeons with me and my 2 friends

Plan is: We make group in 6pm CEST every work day and do fast COF path 1+2 AC 1+2+3 Coe 1+2 TA 1+2. Non of path should take more then 15 min and this is alot money every day.

what we need from you

-to be there every day and have control of your life so you don't go to random afks in middle or runs
-able to play good and have some knowledge of game mechanics
-have mic and mumble
-speak English

send me ingame mail at Archduke Argo

Opinion on Cooking from someone who level to 200+ and still had 2 k materials left

23 July 2012 - 09:19 AM

>>>>this is copy pasta from mine post from official forums and it was writed in tone for dews to see.Please talk about state of cooking under this<<<<<<<

Ok English is not my first language but bare with me.

I started this beta focusing on cooking only and i would like to say my thoughts

last beta i run it close to 200 leveling only with vendor materials making Loaf of bread to 50 and then butter bread and cinnamon bread etc to around 185 where you start with that chocolate star cookies i could probably do more but i run out of money (still had lot of karma from being lv 55 but no money to buy water salt etc.).

This beta I try what I think is better strategy i level to 30 fast and than buying all hearts karma vendors food and farming all known farms first 2 days. By time i start crafting i had first 8 rows of bank full with 30-100 in every slot (missing only cabbage and kidney bean).

So i had more materials than i would ever need and i start discovering items and i got to 170 something doing only discoveries and here is biggest problems and my suggestions

1. bag space bag space bag space
by 100 i had bag full of dough, pasta, salsa, filings, soops and similar materials and problem is (example from my head) i need to discover this filing on 100 because if i do it on 200 i wont get inaf exp but when i get item i cant use it in any recipe till level 200 and now i lost one bag space because i cant destroy it because i will need it but i cant use it because i am low level. in the end when i quit with 2 k items left because all my bag and bank slots was full with un depositible mats and i made all items for my level. needed to go back to mass producing one of 2-3 things that actually give you exp on your level

2. to make Meatball Dinner that give you 15 toughness that useless buff IMHO you need to make Plate of Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Meatball,

Pasta Noodles and Jar of Tomato Sauce to make Plate of Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Jug of Water and Bag of Flour and Egg to make Pasta Noodles

Tomato and Onion and Basil Leaf and Head of Garlic to make Jar of Tomato Sauce

Slab of Red Meat and Slice of Garlic Bread and Egg and Cheese Wedge to make Meatball

Slice of Buttered Toast and Head of Garlic and Parsley Leaf to make Slice of Garlic Bread

Loaf of Bread and Stick of Butter to make Slice of Buttered Toast

and FINALLY you need

Jug of Water and Bag of Flour and Packet of Yeast to make Loaf of Bread


My point is ether cut 3-4 steps from this or be able to click on finish meal and see raw material recipe like all butter, garlic, meat and rest raw materials and make it with one click and definitely incising buff strength (collecting all this materials cost more time than buff duration itself)

2. discovery should always give full non diminishing exp in cooking
example: i am level 185 and i discover lv 150 recipe that took 5 steps to make and 11 different ingredients witch all are low level and give you 0 exp and then i discover something new (lv150) and i get 327 exp and need 3500 for level 186. in same time i could go and buy 150 bananas and rest vendor items and make 150 banana cakes and get 30k exp this reword spamming and not discovery (bad design model)

if you level 375 you should still get lot of exp for discovery low level items

by the end i had 200+ discoveries and 2 k mats in bank and i had only 3-4 orange recepies.

3. search in recipe list

4. right click on item pic in recipe - buy more from trading post

5. when you mouse howler over item icon you should see how much you have in you bag and your alts bags of said material

This are suggestions that are must have in IMHO

THX for reading all

My tips and questions on fastest leveling posible on launch

16 July 2012 - 09:31 PM

Even if you don't need to level as fast as possible there is no reason to waste any time and I am min max guy and love doing things like this.

This will be spread to 2 sections 1. is some general tips of what I know is fastest way possible and 2. is actual strategy on what I ask for knowledge and opinions on witch is better.

General tips

1. professions matter I decided not to spend any money on buying stuff from ah to level professions but I can tell you from my lv 55 ranger in last beta there is no fastest way to level

2. www is potentially fastest but there is no way to know if you gona get thet 50k exp in next hour or only 15 k and waste rest head bashing in well defending keep. My plan is to have guild mates in www playing and then telling what is happening. In moments when you know you can get lot of exp from www then you go to www (example- server restarts all keeps ar uncontested you enter and take empty keeps gaining lot of exp. example 2 -your server is in inner walls of main keep in eternal bgs you enter www run there and get 10k exp and then go back to pve)

3. personal stories are must, great exp great gear but only if you few level over lever requirement if you do lower level you just waste time because it tak to long to kill anything lowering your exp/h ratio

4. never fight solo mob most weapons doing aoe swings and same damage to one or 3 mobs so alway aoe everything if you fighting one mob run away

5. one of weapons you use must have swiftness,teleport, charge and use it on every cooldown

6. zone you start finish 100% bonus exp is great and you get gear and lot (80) crafting materials

7. dont waste time on dynamic events. You can spend 30 min on escort but in same time you can do 5 hearts and "tag" same escort spending 3 min on it and still get gold or silver. If you see other people doing same dynamic just tag it and move to next heart even if they way you will still get exp for doing noting and you did not waste time on it. For example big bosses like swamp in queens dale or norn charging dog boss could take 30 min to kill you only need to take 4% of hp if 5-6 people re there to get gold and move to hearts.

8. Colect evrything you see all mining nodes all trees all cooking materials

9. if you have mass ress skill have it with your self (example- big Cyclops guy in char city 35 npc dead around him i run in one click ress all and got exp and gold medal even if i spend 20 s of my time there)

10. In an time in game you can spend few silvers and ~1000 karma to level cooking to 135 (that is almost 3 full levels using ONLY vendor materials) (not best way but 3 levels in 3 min with no effort) making Loaf of Bread, Pile[s] of Cinnamon and Sugar,Slice[s] of Cinnamon Toast and Pile[s] of Ascalonian Herbs


My thoughts are doing 2 starter zones in same time when you start fighting same or higher level mobs than you you switch to other zone like from asura to silvary or from norn to charr and in time I have gaps explore cities (every city give you full level on lv 4 or ~50% on lv 50), crafting and wvw.

Strategy 1

Do 3 starter level zones, story up to 20 and explore cities(lv~29), do lv 25-35 zone for gear, do 2 starter zones(lv~34) now after 5 starter zones I am full in crafting materials and can level multiple crafting disciplines to 150 in 25 mins (lv~39), do all 15-25 zones story to 60 and level professions to 250-300 (lv~64) do lv 60-65 zone to get more gear ...

Strategy 2

Do 1-2 starter zones story and exploring, do 15-25 zone, do 25-35 zone, do 35-45 zone... caching up with story and professions but probably wont have inaf materials to level past 150 without shopping but all time will have my level gear and gaining full exp killing (in this case slower) my level mobs

If you come to lv 5 as lv 20 you will be down scaled but you will still do 200% more damage because you have more skills and traits but you will gaining less exp and you will get worst gear (you still can get your level gear in lower area but chance is smaller).

So main question is will faster clearing lower level content with less exp be better then doing your level with full exp?

Post more tips if you have some

(English is my 3. language so sorry on grammar)