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27 December 2012 - 12:10 PM

* Past few days I've been running a lot of dungeons and in one AC run, one team member asked me why do I use a staff (on my elementalist ofc). I told him with some notes of sarcasm "Yeah, cause using a staff as an elementalist is preposterous!", which he repplied to "Yeah, it is." (I should mention that either his build was utter crap or he just copy/pasted it from somewhere and he didn't know how to play it, since he died a lot or was downed a lot). Because obviously everyone but me knows that D/D is so OP that staves and scepters are completely useless. So this lead me to this question : Should ANet remove staves as available weapons for elementalists? Are staves (and scepters actually) really completely useless that they cannot be used in under any circumstance? And if so, why did ANet came up with this bogus thing called staves and couldn't limit themselves at just D/D for elementalists and that's it? And the most important question : since when do I have to play a certain weapon because everyone knows that's OP?

* Once again this happened in an AC run. Except for one warrior, we were all either medium or light armor professions. We get to the path that leads to Kholer, the one with gravelings and we all climb on the cliffs and hit them from there, while the warrior was the only one meleeing them. Once of a sudden he starts complaining that he's the only one fighting them and why are we all up there and that "me tank, you guys don't heal", ports to the starting WP and exits. We were al shocked. I mean wtf is this? Really? Me tank and you guys don't heal? This shit happened to anyone before? What's that all about? Am I missing something? Are there tanks and healers around? If everyone (or mostly everyone) knows about some trick that could make a fight easier for us, should we not use it because some guy is frustrated and we should manage his feelings?

* FotM. Oh, boy. Was in a level 11 run with some guys I didn't know. We get to the dredges where we need to blow up the door and fight the boss and some guy tags me. I change the tag and tag him. He tags me again and jumps at me with his thief and tells me that if he would be near me he would literally kill me. Without asking what's the catch, I just move along. After we finish the entire run, which went pretty well I might add, he says that he'd go for level 12 if they wouldn't have such a crappy elementalist in their team and says something not nice to my address. I print screen it, report him for the nice language (and I didn't say anything bad to him if that's what you think) and then pm him telling about the report. Which he repplies to ^%#Q@#&%W^*$. Censored. Use your imagination. Now once again - is there a trick around that gate where tagging a team member makes it easier? Or any other trick?

Do things like these happen to everyone or just me?

P.S. I don't know if I posted this in the right section, so please mods move it where it should belong. Thank you.