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#1987656 When will the elementalists get fixed?

Posted Anam Itheoir on 02 October 2012 - 10:06 PM

View Postshaolinwind, on 02 October 2012 - 08:44 PM, said:

1 - glass spec ele should do equivalent damage to compensate. it does not. a good dagger ele should have the slight edge over a thief and a good deal over the warrior in the dps department due to armor deficiency, this is nowhere near the case.

2 - general spec ele should have as much support and versatility as mesmer and guardian. But again, we are at a loss as we pretty much suck in most aspects when generalized, and attunements only prolong the process of our sucking.

3 - tank spec ele should still compensate with greater damage while being harder to kill, as we have the smallest health pool. Again, nowhere near the case even with dot spec and condition/heal runes.

4 - in pretty much all aspects, ele can be and is consistently outdone. Even in the escape department, while the ele is great for getting away, they dont come close to the mez or the theif in this category.

A good deal of damage is in order, burst and condition, to make up for the lol fest that is the current ele.

The real problem is that the ele takes an extreme amount of work and thought just to provide the player with an outcome most classes can do with 2 or 3 button presses. Now that a major portion of the playerbase has this figured out, they got us cornered..."wait for it wait for it, ok mist form on cooldown, lock the ele down, dead in 2 seconds if that..."

One nice thing, so few ele's around that once in a while you can catch a player off guard and take him out before he 2 shots you when he realizes your an ele. Then you can go make a spiffy video showing how op your ele skillz are and show all your friends on youtube.

You sound intelligent so I am going to believe that you simply missed a step in your critical thinking before posting.

1.  This isn't pvp so any comments based on your interaction in pvp is not necessary.  It has already been noted and proved that the ele is the number one profession outside of guardian in almost every serious tpvp event.  Any discussion about our viability in real pvp is a joke.  We are easily one of the best tank/damage classes. Our mobility is significantly better than any other class not called a thief.

2.  Glass Spec Ele's should never be allowed to do as much damage as any other glass spec or we would be seriously overpowered.  We are the only class that packs utility in it's glass cannon.  Every other glass cannon build/spec out there provides nothing but damage, but our ability to switch to water to provide heals and condition cleanse, earth for control, air for escape, and back to fire for burst gives us an unnecessary advantage in any and all situations where our damage would be even close to the same.

3. Our tank form (water or Earth) will hit 20k health, 2.7k armor, and  with constant regeneration and low cooldown heals hits harder than guardian, warrior, engineer, and any other non-necro tank form.  Necro with it's recent changes is the only class with a tank form that can compete with ours.  I have faced the tank versions of every class, and ran beside them, ours is easily as good if not better.

4.  Our staff utility is way better than any other staff user out there.

5.  D/D is completely viable as long as you don't fight like a warrior or guardian.  Thieves are the closest to us in terms of melee constant movement.  So if you want to compare pvp ability to live in melee than the thief is the closest comparison.  

6.  Simply because you are outperformed or perform better by or in another class does not make it the truth. I have a warrior, guardian, engineer.  They are severly one-dimensional and entirely based on your roll they can only do one thing.  An elementatlist provides a greater amount of variation, mobility, and the ability to survive and escape than anyone not named a thief.  

There is a reason there were many fixes to the Necro and Mesmer the last few patches with only Lightning whip being buffed for us.  Because we are not broken, and crappy downstate withstanding we are pretty close to perfect for our role.  We need to stop thinking of ourselves as Mages or Casters from other mmorpg's.  We are a highly mobile, extreme utility class.  Our strength lies in our ability to do many things well.  Providing us with the same static playstyle as other professions along with or equaling their highest damage output would put us in overpowered levels.

The problem lies not in the class, but in the state of the current player.  Great elementalist have no problems with the class outside of a few minor irritants.  The majority of your current players want to play run in and whack a mole and then cry that their class isn't like every other class.  Look at any other forums and all you have is moaning about how their class isn't as great as "named" profession.  Warriors complain about the "do everything" elementalist taking their jobs.  Thieves complain about Rangers having better shortbows and having limited aoe spam buttons.

The elementalist simply requires you to do a bit more thinking while playing.  I play a warrior and run up and bash an NPC for 10 seconds and said NPC dies.  I run in versus the same NPC with my elementalist and it dies in 15 seconds with me performing one dodge in there.  IF you don't like active movement and gameplay than find a class that fits your playstyle.

If I play a Mace warrior for more control and pvp than guess what happens to my kill time it goes up to 15 seconds, and if I swap out my dps utility skills for cleansing or protection, my time to kill goes up to 18 seconds.  Now I want to complain because if I want to play with the same utility as a Elementalist I face a larger loss of performance than you do!!!

Do you see how ridiculous the reasoning is in that?

#1656603 Skimpy armor and finding a solution.

Posted Havoc on 31 July 2012 - 02:02 AM

View PostVahkris, on 31 July 2012 - 12:30 AM, said:

I agree with the starter armor, and is one of the two armor I think absolutely need to be changed.  It's a really skimpy outfit with constant panty shots even if you aren't trying and an exposed garter.  All human, norn, and sylvari female scholars are forced to wear it.  There's no "just use a transmutation stone" or "just pick a different armor to wear" excuse for this one.  You're forced to wear skimpy armor, no ifs, ands, or buts.  My wife refuses to buy this game until it's changed, period.  It pisses both of us off to no end.

I hear you, man! It pisses me off every time I see those panties too. It definately should be changed! Get rid of the panties already!!!

#1546003 Power vs Malice is no fun. It discourages diversity in builds.

Posted Zefiris on 24 June 2012 - 09:06 PM

You are not really thinking this through. The mesmer in question that only focuses on DD and ignores condition damage totally maxes his damage output against a low-toughness opponent, thereby automatically being weaker to higher-toughness builds. It's a situation of classic overspecialization. In the long run, due to the way you specialize, you are actually not maxing your damage, because the way you handle damage. It's only maxed against some enemies, while it's as small as possible to other enemies.

This is why you would want to have some variation: You'd be good against both builds if you had some malice and some power.

Don't want it, want to be a pure DD without any malice or attacks that do conditions? Go ahead, but don't go around and complain that toughness based builds are overpowered because you always lose to them :P You'd do so because you chose to single-mindedly focus on one stat at the expense of the others.