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Pumpkin cookies severely overpriced?

02 November 2012 - 10:07 PM

I must be doing some math wrong here or something, so someone can check this:

Ingredients for 5 cookies:

Cookie dough
Ghost pepper
3 glazed candy corn
1 pumpkin filling


cookie dough: less than 40 copper
Ghost pepper about 10 copper
Glazed candy corn: 50 copper.  x 3 = 1.5 silver

1 pumpkin filling:  1 clove (1 silver) + (2 karma ingredients) + cinnamon stick (2 copper) + pumpkin, egg and sugar (50 copper)

Total: About 3.5 silver and karma.  Divided by 5 yields 70 copper and karma per cookie.  And these are from sell offers. you'd go far less with buy orders.


Price of cookie materials: 70 copper + karma (about 60 + karma with buy orders)
Sell price: 87 copper.

Sounds like if you have karma you aren't using for a legendary, cookies are the real deal here :o

Is there a limit to how much the tp can hold before you pickup items?

31 October 2012 - 05:28 AM

I know the tp can hold a whole lot before picking up items, several hundred I've noticed so far.  However, is there a limit at all?

E.g.  If I put up buy orders for a million items of 1 copper,. and people sold them to me 1 at a time, will the tp hold this all before pick up?

When to hoard corn?

25 October 2012 - 12:09 AM

Corn can

A) Be used after halloween
B) Is discontinued after halloween for another 51 weeks
C) Can make max level magic find items with unique stats (Don't there's any MF30 + condition stat items out there) as well as many other unique items
D) Is used in the monthly achievement en masse in which most people are aiming for due to the 45k karma.
E) Is very low in price
F) Is extremely abundant
G) Is already being hoarded given trade frequency (buy orders go down instantly)
H) Goes up and down like crazy in price

Given this info, it is very obvious that corn is going to rise after halloween.  Discontinued items always raise in price, but useful discontinued ones go nuts.

However, due to "F", G, and H  it is extremely difficult to figure out when exactly is the time to hoard it.  It just keeps bouncing up and down.  Intuition would say since there's only about 200,000 corn on sale it is going to raise, but if the already hoarded corn is in the millions, it might be a bubble.

Anyways, what are your opinions on the matter?  Because it is extremely abundant, I think we can assume it will never raise above 25 in the next few days, as an increased price will just cause more people to farm it, so it's not like it's something to panic over.

Yaks vs GoM vs SF: Making this match fun

20 October 2012 - 08:42 PM

(TL;DR Pile on Yaks borderland, never go anywhere else unless a queue.  Don't bother with score)

So we were fighting well for hours when every map had a queue.  Then after a few hours one map lost its queue for us SFers and splatted, then another.  Then night rolled and the map looks like this:

Posted Image

Map dead in 24 hours.

So Arenanet can't figure out how to make WvW fun for us, but we can.  For the sake of everyone wanting a good and balanced match, every GoM and SF player, let's move to exactly one borderland so we can have this match have a good competitive feel to it.

All players should move to yaks borderland, and stay there for the rest of the match (if it has a queue, I guess you can do camp runs on SF borderland, its all yaks anyways so I doubt anyone cares).  It's clear nigthcapping will reset the match each night so let's not worry about score, let's just try and have a fun time on one map.

Dusk being monopolized?

29 September 2012 - 09:55 AM

It seems to me like some of the higher legendary components are currently being monopolized.  E.g. there is a single dusk available, and it is at 120g.  It makes sense that someone bought up all the lower dusks and relisted at higher prices, and is now just selling to duped people putting up crazy buy orders like 116g.  This is because it was much lower for so long, and now there is a single one up for sale.  Any thoughts?