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Is there a limit to how much the tp can hold before you pickup items?

31 October 2012 - 05:28 AM

I know the tp can hold a whole lot before picking up items, several hundred I've noticed so far.  However, is there a limit at all?

E.g.  If I put up buy orders for a million items of 1 copper,. and people sold them to me 1 at a time, will the tp hold this all before pick up?

Yaks vs GoM vs SF: Making this match fun

20 October 2012 - 08:42 PM

(TL;DR Pile on Yaks borderland, never go anywhere else unless a queue.  Don't bother with score)

So we were fighting well for hours when every map had a queue.  Then after a few hours one map lost its queue for us SFers and splatted, then another.  Then night rolled and the map looks like this:

Posted Image

Map dead in 24 hours.

So Arenanet can't figure out how to make WvW fun for us, but we can.  For the sake of everyone wanting a good and balanced match, every GoM and SF player, let's move to exactly one borderland so we can have this match have a good competitive feel to it.

All players should move to yaks borderland, and stay there for the rest of the match (if it has a queue, I guess you can do camp runs on SF borderland, its all yaks anyways so I doubt anyone cares).  It's clear nigthcapping will reset the match each night so let's not worry about score, let's just try and have a fun time on one map.

Servers by time: Making every server in WvW competitive and fun

29 September 2012 - 01:31 AM

I'm not entirely sure this is possible, but if it is then this would be the one and only solution necessary to all WvW problems involving both queue time and off hour zergs, and if it is not then hopefully a situatino similar to it can be developed.

Background:  While, this seems a bit off topic, this should really open people's eyes on the subject.  WvWvW is currently suffering from the same problem that Temple of Ages suffered from in the early days of guild wars 1.  For those who don't know, you could only enter guild wars prophecies end game "dungeons" when a team from your region (america/europe/korea etc) won a battle in the hall of heroes, giving your team the right to play in FoW or UW.  

However, while it did bring some sort of "region pride" nobody liked this, and some people with odd hours were almost completely locked out of ToA since regions tended to win whenever their region was awake.  It was completely replaced with ToA open 24/7 and Hall of Heroes having no influence on PvE.

The same problems of ToA have been passed on to guild wars 2, and a similar solution must be made while free transfers are available.


Currently WvWvW is set up pretty awful.  You either play on a semi-competitive server and suffer terrible queue times, or you get to have fun but play on a server where where holding upgrades are completely worthless since you always lose the towers/keeps at night.  But what if every server had virtually no queue times and every server could be competitive?  It would look like this:

Guild wars 2 quite simply should redesignate all servers based on time, and then have queue sizes shaped by those hours

For example:  Instead of servers being likes this:

Server 1 (NA)
Server 2 (NA)
Server 3 (NA)
Server 4 (EU)
Server 5 (EU)
Server 6 (EU)

They might be like this:

Server 1 High Max Pop (8 AM - 4PM) Medium (4PM - 12AM) Low (12AM - 8PM)
Server 2 High Max Pop (8 AM - 4PM) Medium (4PM - 12AM) Low (12AM - 8PM)
Server 3 High Max Pop (4 AM - 12AM) Medium (12AM - 8AM) Low (8AM - 4PM)
Server 4 High Max Pop (4 AM - 12AM) Medium (12AM - 8AM) Low (8AM - 4PM)
Server 5 High Max Pop (12 AM - 8AM) Medium (8AM - 4PM) Low (4PM - 12AM)
Server 6 High Max Pop (12 AM - 8AM) Medium (8AM - 4PM) Low (4PM - 12AM)

Where high medium and low might be like 100, 80, and 40 or something.

And those servers with the same time periods would face off.

I realize, it might not be possible, but I really do not know Anet's plans and whether or not a permanent solution like this is worth the temporary hassle it may cause, or what Arenanet can and cannot do.  So I have laid out this solution just as is, and hope a similar one might come if this cannot be done precisely.

Edit:  Fixed the suggestion to only include the most likely one rather than possible suggestions.

Sorrows Furnace Militia [SFM] (WvW only, casualish)

21 September 2012 - 08:00 AM

***No longer recruiting***

"Outmanned" needs a massive fix.

18 September 2012 - 10:30 PM

Outmanned, for those who don't know, is a buff that triggers when you are extremely outnumbered in WvWvW.  You get some mild PvE buffs (20% Magic find, 33% karma, 33% exp) .  The reward is so poor it does not even cover the loss in event wins fro being so outmanned.  It even does the opposite: when people see outmanned, they log out because they just don't see a point.

I play on Sorrow's Furnace, and people are stopping upgrades on towers and keeps because it is becoming accepted fact that once we go to bed, when we wake up, everything will be "green" (owned by Fort Aspenwood).  Literally.  On borderlands, during the early morning, we're outnumbered 30 to about 4, and even the most intelligent, experienced, players in a heavily fortified keep cannot hold anything, and cannot even take a camp.

People don't go to WvWvW for in game monetary rewards, because even with +100% magic find, +100% karma, + 100% exp, you're still better off doing dynamic events, more so if you're the one footing the bill for siege weapons.


Outmanned should ideally be balanced such that numbers will always be more advantageous, but that players who are outmanned should at least have a decent chance of playing defense.  So I suggest outmanned give some effects to that end, and be tiered to be more accurate.

Tier 1:  Server has 80% of the population of the most populous server on this map.
Buffs:  Just another 5% max health, like an orb of power

Tier 2:  Server has 60% of the population of the most populous server on this map.
Buffs: +10% max health, + 5% damage, Camp/Tower/keep upgrades -50% cost (in gold, same supply)

Tier 3: Server has 40% of the population of the most populous server on this map.
Buffs: +15% max health, +10% Damage, Camp/Tower/keep upgrades -75% cost, +50% damage vs NPCs, no damaged armor on death

Tier 4: Server has 25% of the population of the most populous server on this map.
Buffs: +20% max health, +25% Damage, Camp/Tower/keep upgrades free, +100% damage vs NPCs, no damaged armor on death

With this suggestion, even in the aforementioned scenario of 30 to 4, the 4 would still lose, but maybe in something a little less skewed they would have a fighting chance.

And while WvWvW is a gold sink, I think you'll find people will spend more with the upgrade cost reductions simply because they have a chance of holding.

A proper outmanned will solve some of the current mismatches, as well as some of the horribly skewed stuff going on like unofficial oceanic servers getting screwed.