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Regeneration Support Build.

07 September 2012 - 12:15 AM

Here my build:

Example if you could get 1388 healing power then:
Regenerating Boon : 304 hp/s (Healing Mist/ Regeneration Mist/ Healing Turret)
Super elixir : Impact - 658, Pulse - 279 hp/s (x2)(Kit Refinement)
Bomb-Infused Elixir heal : 285 hp/bomb
Backpack Generator : 125 hp/s
Med Kit, F1: 6308K heal, 1-2-3 slot skill:1.694K.
Healing Turret: 6308 hp when trigger, 1580 hp when Overcharged.

Since this is a Power build as well, Rifle is better off as it's damage scales better as well as pulling mobs from range. A bonus would be using Bomb kit's Fire Bomb then use Jump Shot for Fire Shield.
Change Healing Turrent to Med Kit as the overcharge has long CD, Med kit can be extremely useful as the heal has 15s CD and even more heals for slot 1 to 3 especially when you are in a pinch to run away.

Elixir C is there to clear condition when you took many conditions head on as mobs in Orr does conditions.

Elixir Gun for double Super Elixir for more regenerations, used when only needed.
Explosive - (III) for Aggro more mobs in a bigger radius which also means better range of heal.

Invention - (IX) More Healing Packs for survival as well as a little boost of damage from Turrets.
(XI) More Sustain heal.

Alchemy - (VI) When you got interrupt (Fear & Daze more often) which might happen often when you aggro lots of mobs, you will be taking hits for free, this gives you reduce in damage taken while being interrupt.
(IX) More sustain regeneration.

Tools - (VI) For Elixir Gun double Super Elixir.
Personal Experience:
Played with this build with Lv.80 Cleric's Exotic armor with Sapphire Orb equip and 5 Lv.80 Masterwork Sapphire Accessories. I have around 17.5k Hp, 1.9xxK Power & Toughness.

Could tank alot of mobs, veterans in Orr well, I could safely run into a group of more than 5 mobs and get away with it.

As for now I could almost solo most of the DE in SoD when Karma Farming.

This build could solo Champions to some extend, you could survive pretty long but you definitely can't do enough damage to kill it some Champions & end up dead but some Champions are solo-able just that you will take tons of time to kill it.

So far i could solo 1 of the Champion Acolytes in SoD & Champion Pirate in Cursed Shored, is up to you guys to believe it but definitely not worth your time to solo a Champion.

I do not have much experience running Dungeons with this build but here are my doubts:
-Most of you action and heals comes in Melee range which means you will be in danger most of the time.
-Dungeons mobs does tons of damage, I'm not too sure if it works well.
-Since most players preferred range, you will hardly put any sustain regens or heals on your mates.

All about Turrets (Faqs, Builds)

11 August 2012 - 02:23 PM

This is a FAQs for Turrets consisting of info not found in gw2wiki, if possible, I would like fellow engineers to test the following stuff to complete the info on Turrets.
Feel free to extend the list if there's still unknowns left in the list here.

Build Ideas are welcome even though many consider Turret to be pretty underwhelming, all builds/ideas related to Turrets are welcome.
Currently Known as of latest stress test
Skills & Trait related to Turrets on gw2wiki:
Turret's Toolbelt skills on gw2wiki:
Turrets' Rate of Fire:
Thumper - 3s
Flame - 3s (not listed in wiki)
Net - 10s
Rifle - 2s
Rocket - 4s
Turrets' Range:
Thumper - 240
Flame - 450
Net - 600
Rifle - 1000
Rocket - 1200
Is Turret affected by player's Power/Toughness/Vitality/Precision/Expertise/Malice/Prowess?
Only affected by Expertise.
Is Tool's>>Autotool Installation affected by player's Compassion?
No it does not, same with Toolkit's "Smack".
How do we increase damage of Turret?
1) By inflicting Vulnerable condition to target.
2) By Trait "Rifled Turret Barrels" (15% increase damage):
Rifle from 377 -> 434
Rocket from 943 -> 1085
Flame from 150 -> 173
Thumper from ? -> ?
What we do not know yet.
Turrets' upgraded range via Trait (Inventions>>Rifled Turret Barrels):
Thumper - ?
Flame - ?
Net - ?
Rifle - ?
Rocket - ?
Is Turret affected by Boons/Condition? (eg: Might, Bleed, Poison)
Does Turret heals via player's Healing/Regenerate skills?

Toolkit's Smack & Autotool Installation

11 August 2012 - 08:36 AM

I hope someone that tested turret can answer my questions.

1) Only Toolkit 1st chain "Smack" heals Turret? It's 2nd "Whack" and 3rd chain "Thwack" does not heal Turret?

2) Does "Smack" & Tool's trait "Autotool Installation healing scale with player's Compassion trait?

Critique on my "Charr's Damage Rifle Builds"

07 August 2012 - 02:56 PM

I'm trying to do a PvE Damage build base on Engineer's Rifle as I really like the burst & AoE.
I understand that if I add 30 points to both Explosive & Firearms line would increase my damage the most basic way but I felt I 30 points on Tools might have potential for more damage so I come up with 2 builds.
Critiques are welcome ^_^

Battle Roar is there to maintain Fury together with Drop Stimulant.

Build 1 [30,20,0,0,20]:
30 points to Explosive will lead me to more raw damage & make Grenade Barrage cause stacks of vulnerable which is great to increase more damage. Big O Bomb after Fire Bomb's Fire field with Jump Shot, gain Might & Fire Armor to burn all surrounding mobs.
Build link: http://gw2skills.net...ECageYX5lf9pAbB

Build 2 [10,30,0,0,30]:
Net Turret which gimme 3 immobilize (Turret, Overcharge, Toolbelt) + Net Shot that's 4 immobilize (correct me if I'm wrong) used with 30 points of Firearms, Sitting duck & Target the Maimed will increase damage.
Flamethrower is there for versatility as I could change to Juggernaut also it's Toolbelt skill can be useful for Rifle's Blunderbuss & Jumpshot for AoE burns.
30 points to Tools lead me to Enduring Pain will increase damage & durability of Net Turret also shorter recharge on toolbets.

Sitting Duck - 5%
Target the Maimed - 5%
Rifle Mod - 10%
Enduring Damage - 10%
Which is 30% increase of damage.
Build link: http://gw2skills.net...ECageYX5lf9pAbB

What do you guys think?

Firearm's Trait - "Coated Bullets"

06 August 2012 - 03:13 PM

"Coated Bullets" - Pistols shots pierce.

Anybody find this useful?

You sure can pierce with pistol 1 & 2 skill with that but I tested with skill 4 Blow Torch even without this trait it pierce & I'm not entirely sure if skill 3 can be pierce, skill 5 definitely does not need pierce.