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In Topic: "We were making [the wurm] specifically for the hard core groups"

08 February 2014 - 03:12 AM

View PostGyre, on 25 January 2014 - 01:04 AM, said:

Please for the love of god do something about overflows and guesting.  It is utterly impossible to justify why people who are physically on a world are losing slots to entire guilds guesting over and then autorunning into walls to bypass the idle disconnect.  This has reached epidemic proportions on Desolation, it needs to be addressed.

What makes you more deserving to access this content than someone on another server? If your server is the privileged one chosen to be the destination for people completing this encounter (as you say - entire guilds are doing it on the home server meaning the credit for the kill is in large part attributed to entire guilds, not the efforts of server natives) you have not earned the right to access this content more than someone guesting. Just because you're on that home server doesn't mean you're entitled to access to the map above others who got there first.

In Topic: ArenaNet clamps down on open speech

17 October 2013 - 04:08 PM

I think it's strange that discussion of the policy isn't allowed to take place on the forum, it has to be done via email (where only one person will see it). How shady is that? I don't think this it's a conspiracy or anything, but discussion of the details of this kind of policy is something that should be transparent, not hidden in personal emails. They have a forum for feedback but if you have feedback about the forum, you can't use the forum to discuss it.

I don't like the vague "disguised insults". Is a snarky post then going to be banned? A lot of the people criticising the writing for the Living Story have been snarky, a lot of people criticising balance discussions are snarky, most criticism is snarky. Where do they draw the line between sharp criticism and a personal attack?

I see a lot of support on reddit for this, but reddit is infamous for downvoting anyone they don't agree with regardless of whether their post is contructive or not. You don't have to be rude or wrong to get lots of downvotes, you just have to say something unpopular. The same goes for upvotes, it's just a circle jerk (throw in random quaggan baby talk or mindless praise of Josh Foreman and watch the upvotes flood in). I remember before launch the community team talked about how the forum community was going to be something different but they would need the support of the players. Where are all these positive and constructive reddit users who hate the current state of the forums? If they truly care about the forums, why aren't they posting in them themselves?

I also see a lot of praise over the collaborative development PR excercise. What did these people think the forums were doing for the last year? How is this new innitiative going to be any different from past use of the forums?

What exactly has the community team been doing to make the forum a better place? Aside from hostile moderation (some deserved, some not and some not enough) what positive efforts have they made to make the forum environment a healthy place? Requests for developer notes on skill balance have gone ignored (GW1 did this better, LoL does this better) and class forums devolve into players feeling like they aren't being heard as a result. During the Twitch streams the most popular questions. In the case of Twilight Assault the number of questions about the removal of F/U path far outweighed any other question and Rubi Bayer - mentioning her name like this would likely get me banned on the official forum under the new policy - ignored it claiming the guy running the stream couldn't speak about that. Ironically that exact question was answered by the guy who ran the stream around one or two hours later once it was clear that was the only thing people were talking about.

The community team act like their job is to protect the devs from the scrubby players rather than assist the players to communicate with the devs and vice versa. The more aggressive they are in their moderation, and the less effective they are in aiding communication (both ways) and the worse the situation becomes.

There are times when players go overboard (like the bile that gets spilled on Devon Carver) but quite often it builds up in line with their actions (or refusal to act) and how unpopular (or damaging) content becomes. There is a reason why Josh Foreman doesn't get the hate that Devon Carver gets despite how unpopular SAB world 2 was.

I don't think anyone is arguing in favour of tracking down dev's personal details and posting them with the purpose of harrassment, people are concerned about criticism of the game or specific developers and how this new policy will be used to squash that. One person of note is Angel McCoy who takes heat for some of the lore interviews and writing she does (whether people feel she is retconning things or just writing bad characters and stories). Is it a personal attack to attack her work or the quality of her writing? Where do they draw the line between criticism of an individual developer's work and criticism of the individual themselves? What about people who say "I didn't like any of the dungeons that Robert Hrouda did, I'm glad he's gone because he makes bad content and he's bad for the game, the team that did Twilight Assault are much better." - not my personal view btw. Is that a personal attack or personal criticism? Is there a difference?

I used to read a blog by a CM who gave insite into what a CM does and her opinions on how to do things better (from both sides of the fence).


Have a read of that and tell me ArenaNet's CM team has been doing a good job of that.

In Topic: Watch out for Scarlet on August 20th!

15 August 2013 - 11:45 PM

People liked Gwen before Guild Wars Beyond. She lost some people with her issues during Eye of the North (of all the survivors that went through similair things, Gwen was... one of the more damaged ones). Her portrayal in the Wintersday quests and the War in Kryta was were it really fell apart. She was a total bratt (not the b word I wanted to use) to Keiran and she even started lashing out at people like Evennia for no understandable reason. Hearts of the North was written to repair all the damage they had done to her character and set up Logan's ancestral line.

Why do people not think Scarlet is the Suspicious Figure from the opening ceremony?

In Topic: Watch out for Scarlet on August 20th!

14 August 2013 - 07:44 PM

View PostMordakai, on 14 August 2013 - 04:59 PM, said:

Ok, I missed the whole Scarlet thing... who is Scarlet?

When the player and Kiel capture Mai Trin at the end of the Dragonbash/Sky Pirates chapter, Mai talks about her superior called Scarlet. Currently the most obvious candidate for her would be the Mysterious Figure from the Opening Ceremony.

Mai Trin: This has all gone to crud. Scarlet's gonna have my noggin for screwing up.

View PostTrise, on 14 August 2013 - 05:09 PM, said:

I'm just curious to see why a Sylvari cares at all about Human politics. Even the Nightmares are enrapt by their own agendas, it's hard to believe one would take such effort to attack Divinity's Reach or bear such malice against Kryta (or Jennah in particular)... unless its to try and start a large-scale war for some reason. I suppose she may harbor Dreams of ancient Ascalon, or even Orr, but still...it doesn't seem very well thought out for a Sylvari.

...Must be an Aetherblade thing.

Scarlet was behind Mai Trin's attempt to get onto the Captain's Council. She's not just interested in human politics, she has attempted to get one of her followers into Lion's Arch politics as well. So far she is acting very much like the Order of Whispers, taking an interest in politics all over Tyria (or at least for now, in Kryta). If she ends up being the silver tongued person pulling the strings behind the Molten Alliance, Scarlet has tried to destablise both the Black Citadel and Hoelbrake, which means she has shown interest in Kryta, the Shiverpeaks and Ascalon. I can't figure out if Southsun might be part of her plan or if it's just an unpredictable consequence of her work in the Shiverpeaks and Ascalon. If she is a sylvari, she might be another secondborn, it would explain why Canach was wandering around the Molten Facility. He might have a link to Scarlet.

View PostWifflebottom, on 14 August 2013 - 07:10 PM, said:

Scarlet's a chronomancer. Calling it now

We already have a profession which makes clockwork devices. It's the engineer. Although, a sylvari engineer always seemed a bizarre fit to me (it might help explain why the steamwork creatures are involved, especially with the Aetherblades aesthetic). I wasn't paying enough attention, doesn't she telport around during the Opening Ceremony like a mesmer?

In Topic: Queen's Jubilee

03 August 2013 - 07:13 AM

View PostBrandon the Don, on 31 July 2013 - 09:49 AM, said:

So you are saying that every PUG based on DPS is able to do this every time in every dungeon...

Do you even play the game, or are you just whining because you have underleveled gear with no idea how to get it?
Excuse me for being rude, but what you are doing is whining about not even 1/10th of a total comunity...
I do dungeons every day, I do so with PUGs, and whilst most people run the build that grants them the most Damage (take in mind that a hybrid necromancer doesn't want full zerker), we are still unable to even get close to most, if not all speedclear records...

You don't want me to excuse you for being rude otherwise you wouldn't have said that in the same post you used to tear down my argument by targetting me and my gear (I have 8 level 80 characters in full exotics with ascended amulets, rings and back items, I don't do guild missions so I resentfully opt out of accessories). Most of my characters have glass sets for running dungeons, so I'm not struggling to gear my characters (although time gates and pointless grinds to reach the same place are moronic MMO design I never agreed with).

Look at speed clear videos. Most of them are just people auto attacking and nothing else for 20 seconds or less. There is a reason FotM is easier to pug at higher levels than it is at lower levels. Player skill isn't tested when they are in an optimised group with glass gear and fast clear times, that tests how familair you are with the content and how precise your build is, it's tested when you are in a pug without optimised builds, without crazy fast clear times, without precision party composition and with players who choose to tank hits rather than exploit crit damage with their allies.

I don't gear check my pugs, but I'm confident glass gear and DPS is the exception, not the norm. The objective truth is that glass is easier to run. The reality is glass requires Build Wars to be efficient and pugs don't do that well outside of mainstream farms like CoF.