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#2159714 Biggest Guild Wars 2 Fan Contest!

Posted Khaal on 07 February 2013 - 01:22 AM

Ok, this doesn't hold a candle to a lot of the stuff here, but I wanted to post it anyway because it was a fun idea.

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#2160814 Does anyone use Traps

Posted Thorfinnr on 08 February 2013 - 05:04 PM

I have used Ambush as well...Trip wire on rare occasion...but mostly just for self-amusement...When Soloing, Ambush and TGuild help make it not quite so lonely...:)

#2146472 Does anyone use Traps

Posted Reaper3354 on 20 January 2013 - 12:09 AM

I use the Ambush trap when soloing, quite handy.

#2109406 Assassin's Creed armor

Posted Kurosov on 06 December 2012 - 02:15 PM

View PostCruxisinhibitor, on 02 December 2012 - 05:16 AM, said:

Not bitching, it's just very stupid, i really despise people who are that uncreative or box-minded that they basically make their characters look like mediocre generica. In fact, with the casual crowd they targeted with this game, i'd say that arena-net created this for the fact that mouth breathers and casuals would be drawn to making their GW2 character look like Ezio Auditore Di Firenze.

I really despise people who think they are a highly creative butterfly and look down or insult those they deem to be stupid for having different tastes or opinions on the matter. If anybody is stupid I think it is you.

#2155205 Allowing anyone into any level of fractals: WRONG

Posted Omedon on 31 January 2013 - 01:09 PM

View Postpumpkin pie, on 31 January 2013 - 05:32 AM, said:

people should communicate more

This is the whole thing right here, top to bottom.  I saw this issue coming a mile away, but I also saw its solution in the same breath.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: GW2 dungeons are team content, not just group content.  ANet are (seemingly) not going to prioritize automation and code (through new "rules") the heck out of your dungeon group forming and running, because they are assuming a level of social involvement between players: a conversation, a briefing, a regular team, a guild, or a stated set of expectations, which players can either accept or reject (hence communicating) on a case by case, person to person basis.  And if they lie, that's part of the experience.  You don't have to play, guild, or associate with liars, once they've been discovered.

It's funny, back in the day in WoW, I indirectly cautioned against the idea of building toward communication being mandatory for dungeons (early cataclysm), because it's not something the developer can guarantee of its players, but in that game, dungeons were a near mandatory step on a singular path of cornerstone, highlighted progression, and their group formation was automated.  Neither is the case here.  No, even with ascended gear gained by running them, GW2 dungeons aren't mandatory, they aren't automated, and are assumed to be a hub of people forming meaningful teams, making meaningful communication in their formation and their completion.  They are not intended to be played (easily anyway) by those that don't like those levels of communication and sociability.

That being said, a few limits here and there wouldn't hurt, I'm simply interpreting why they aren't in place now: ArenaNet is assuming a level of human element that the community must either enable or suffer without.  Yet another way GW2 is forcing us to look in the mirror at what we've become as an online gaming community, and shudder.

And before anyone calls these ideas "elitist," remember this: when you buy a game, you are buying the game, the online world, the mechanical connection, the licence to play, you are not buying acceptance by the community, because no game developer can sell that.  From person to person, we all have limits, filters and preferences.  Some are reasonable, some are less likely to be met regularly, but none of them are wrong, as we are all empowered, in a game without trinity, to speak to the next person, and potentially form a group with them, or partake in the content that is less co-dependent.

Communicate.  Learn each others' preferences, and form groups of like mind.  GW2 doesn't have to automate that, or form unnecessary limits for us. Just be human with each other.

#2135666 Running slowly than normally

Posted Flaming_Foxx on 05 January 2013 - 02:48 AM

Obvious answers, just because they need to be said. Check that you aren't crippled (pretty sure you'd notice and it doesn't last that long anyway).
Check if you are in attack mode or not, one of the easiest ways to see this is to figure out if your health is naturally regenerating or not. If your health won't regenerate on its own then the issues is that you're stuck in attack mode, getting falling damage usually fixes that for me xD.
As someone else mentioned, make sure it isn't the walk key bind, option up your options/setting menu and navigate to the controls area, find the walk key bind and set it to something else/try using the key bind next time your character is going slow and see if it puts them back into run mode.

#1879639 Anyone else feel like Trahearne is a bit contrived? (Spoilers maybe?)

Posted Lareem on 04 September 2012 - 06:50 PM

In Sylvari storyline its really natural, you meet him early on a do some missions with him. Pale tree herself chooses him to lead and you even go with him to dream of Orr were you see future him leading an army.

#2125248 Will Pure of Voice conflict with Rune of the Soldier?

Posted Juther on 21 December 2012 - 04:40 PM

U remove 2 conditions.
The last condition u have received is turned into a boon

#2116934 Does Anything Even Compare to Warrior Damage?

Posted matsif on 13 December 2012 - 03:50 PM

having leveled a warrior, guardian, thief, engineer, and ranger to 80, I will safely say that the warrior was the easiest to get to the point that I started to craft level at.

I will also say that warrior is the most boring overall to play, but I keep playing it from time to time as it is a nice change of pace if I don't want to have to think about what I'm doing.

#2116598 Does Anything Even Compare to Warrior Damage?

Posted moomooo1 on 13 December 2012 - 08:46 AM

Skill cap.

A warrior played with minimal effort trumps an ele with minimal effort.

A warrior played with more effort stays the same, an ele with more effort continues to rise in effectiveness.

Overall, 2 skilled players makes for a good debate on which class is better, which MEANS the game is relatively balanced.

It's up to you. If you like it easy, the warrior is for you. The ele's playstyle however, is a lot more rewarding. It isn't a matter of which class is stronger, but which class is harder to play. This is something innate to the ele's mechanics, and can never be changed or balanced, and honestly, doesn't need to be. If an ele is too hard, play a warrior.

#2117223 Various assorted questions

Posted AKGeo on 13 December 2012 - 08:32 PM

1: Warrior with full toughness, or Guardian with greatsword and full power (heal on GS attack). A lead-in warrior with buffs from a support Guardian can hold aggro for a key few seconds while said guardian jumps in with his own control skills, and the pair holds aggro for the remainder of the team to join in the fray. Do it right and it's no different than a tank/heal/dps system in any other game.

2: As mentioned above: Guardians have a suite of party support on their palette. Shouts, party protection/aegis, party heals. You can also run elementalist or necro with water fields and sync up with a shortbow thief or a hammer guardian with numerous blast finishers.

3:  Most any summons in the game need to be traited in order to be more than marginally effective. An exception would be thief with Ambush trap and thieves guild, or Mesmer...which I'd strongly direct you to. While they're fragile, a Mesmer's phantasms deal tons of damage if you build right, and simple clones do wonders at drawing and keeping aggro off of you.

4: I can't speak for rangers. Hate em.

5: Mobs don't attack as fast as you do. They attack maybe 1/3 your attack speed. Most mobs don't have quickness. Most mobs don't have cone AoE autoattacks, and if they did, players don't typically get caught by them as easily because they're not coded AI. Mobs outside of orr don't really have "utility" skills, crowd control, or a full set of skills for their weapon, like you do. So they have to do a little more damage in order to be a threat. Try working on your evasion tactics and control skills to mitigate damage from large numbers of mobs. Or pull more intelligently. As for numbers of mobs out there...if there was one enemy per square mile, any party of 3 or more could simply walk into Mordor. So they have to populate heavily as this is an MMO with potential of groups exceeding 20. That's why DEs scale with player count.

6: It sounds to me like you need to pick up a Warrior, give him a greatsword, spec power, precision and crit damage, and trait full vitality for shoutheal and go to town. Or run mesmer and spec for clone/phantasm buffs.

I personally find Skyrim to be dry, repetitive and boring. Mods that fix this tend to break the game. GW2 has, in my opinion, enough variety in areas to be appealing. If I get tired of the maguuma, I go to the shiverpeaks. Enemies work differently in different places. It's not just the same old greatsword melee'ers and ice shard-throwing mages in different looking armor. And it's not all dark, gloomy, cold looking environments (with few exceptions). Not to mention skill animations and effects...if you like something that would be a little closer to realism, Skyrim is your game, albeit single player. I enjoy interactions with other players. In Skyrim, I quickly got bored and had to resort to perv mods to keep my interest, and even that only lasted so long. :P

#1873297 The big "What armor is this?" thread

Posted Astalnar on 03 September 2012 - 06:17 PM

Dear Santa, God, Greatfather Winter or some other almighty or near-almight benevolent entity!
I don't ask for much this year, usualy I dont ask for anything at all. Not because I don't believe in you guys, its because there is nothing I really want. But this year is different. I want something. I want this particular armor set. I don't ask of you guys to give the whole set to me, just point me in the general direction of obtaining this armor. I ask only for that to know where from to get this armor set.

Thank you.

View PostKetill, on 03 September 2012 - 05:59 AM, said:

Posted Image
P.S.: If you don't get me the information soon, I am going to start an open hunt on harmless little critters of Tyria. It will be bloody, it will be messy and it will be brutal, horrible and awful to watch. it will be lengthy and I will laugh. So you better get on it fast, the clock is ticking. The critters of Tyra are counting on you!

#2107988 Where has everyone gone?

Posted Silicon Based on 05 December 2012 - 09:38 AM

This game is just a few months old and people are already bored with it??
Amazing, maybe it is just a sign of the time. People (I actually believe mostly youth/adolescents) demand instant satisfaction again and again and again, like their life is a commercial.
Something is interesting only because it is new, one flies trough the game as fast as possible and waits for something new to happen again, all very superficial, without going into much depth, completely thoughtless, like zombies running after the newest/fanciest instant fame possibilities.

I may be old school, but I still enjoy every bit of GW2, and I haven't reached level 80 yet, although I'm on my way with 5 characters leveling at a time. There are so many things to do, so many things to see that it'll take years before all aspects that the game has to offer are explored from my point of view. I have enjoyed GW1 for many years, and I anticipate that GW2 will be just as, or even more enjoyable for many years to come.

But I guess that all depends on what one expects from a computer game

#2108588 So how long before DE's & Champs are removed ?

Posted Traveller on 05 December 2012 - 07:26 PM

I've been doing my world completion lately and I agree with you, the mid-level areas are quite empty. Often times it's just me and maybe 1-2 other people doing events. Taking out champions is doable but takes forever so I won't even bother. This also means that many waypoints are contested all the time. I haven't been to Orr lately, but when I have popped around it seems that all the temples are contested always, so it's probably quite a bit harder for newcomers to get temple gear or even find enough people to do events with.

#2101815 Why is it so hard to get money in this game?

Posted Fancy Fool on 29 November 2012 - 11:20 PM


Accounts of narcissism and glorification of own opinion

"hey, when I answer... they flee in fear"

"This is going to be an interesting resource for future developers."
"we're bringing you back to reality."
"joining my camp"
"so, hey, I guess you can consider me a good samaritan in a way"
"And the comment I get flung my way for my efforts now"
"when one of my camp"
"we tend to put forth very sensible ideas"
"I had the balls to man up and do it"

Accounts of acerbic treatment of counter-positions: (In direct hypocrisy of
"What we get is, to say it again, insults, fallacies, character assassination, and an increasingly desperate attempt to just get rid of us."

"Oh no, logic! Logic is like the kryptonite of faithfuls like yourself."
""I like vertical progression. And you're a poopoo head who should get out of my forum and give me a walled garden community!""
"You're that desperate
"And for the sake of your mental well being"
"Since I can see that you're trying so hard to delude yourself. And that's what these screams for a walled garden are about."
"Instead, you're hanging around the forum all day at the expense of everything else, and making desperate attacks"
"I doubt you'll counter this. I don't think you have it in you."
"you're hanging onto your delusion"
"you don't want to admit that you were wrong. Because that makes you look stupid."
"Where is your shame? Where is your self-respect? Why do you do this to yourself?"
"When will you come to your senses?"
"bend over and take it up the butt."

Notes: Author calls out dramatically for a logical discussion, but speaks primarily with pathos. He asks for logic, when possibly inciting rage. This would seem self-defeating, but the author is a smart man. He must therefore actually desire the emotional response. The "poopoo head" response. It is interesting too that he labels the counter position "faithfuls" and "hopefuls," this suggests that what they believe is fantasy, and not logic or facts. While also seemingly elevating those who agree with him as followers of his camp, akin to him in his logical glory.

If above is Ethos, let's look for Logos, or logic.. in his post:

"vertical progression takes away from displays of player skill only to offer a placebo effect in its place that convinces bad players that they're good"
" gambling aspects of the mystic forge are exploitative, you can't deny that keeping the amount of money in players hands and then putting artificially high prices on things in order for them to buy gems from the cash shop to convert to gold is exploitative, you can't deny that the taxes themselves are exploitative. Guild Wars 2 is a cynical example of exploitation, and how some people just like to bend over and take it up the butt."

Note: The last is more pathos than logos, since it doesn't explain why it is exploitative. A missed opportunity considering the RNG gamble of MMO's can be explained as such with some basic psychology education, but I wanted to cite it when it was almost there.

Opinion: The author may not be a deliberate troll, or if he is a very good one (10/10), but his delivery is toxic and not likely to create the discussion he believes he champions.

Opinion on Game: I'm still having fun, but I represent the 1%~ of RPers, so my opinion doesn't represent a lot of others. I expect RNG grinds in any MMO, and simply don't play enough for this nature of the beast to dwell in my head like a parasite. I have several 80's, exotics.. even got my ascended ring, but I also prefer Horizontal progression, like Wolf, even if I don't wish to abandon this game anytime soon. Ascended gear was not hatched from some A-net scheme to ruin the lives of their players, but because there was actually a surprisingly (I'd say) large demand for more character progression. A-net has designed the game with the intentions of a revenue despite F2P, and that isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is necessary. It's not pay-to-win, so I am happy. You don't need legendaries, and they're depreciating in awe as they become more common, so I don't truly understand why people head-desk and grind for them, a personal decision for a little graphic they don't need, and then blame A-net for the trouble they put themselves in. I think the major thing that has shown me that A-net cares about its players is amount of new content they are churning out with a relatively small staff. The holiday event and Karka event have been enormous, and they really surprised me. I can say I'm happy to see what will come this christmas.

This game is not without its flaws, and I don't play it solely, but I maintain faith that it will remain fun, and can improve. So yes, call me a horrible faithful, Dusk. Label me as a terrible, delusional person who will call you names like a two-year old and is only on this community to weigh it down, Tell me that I am incapable of logical arguments. And be thankful that you can't be punched through the internet for insulting me so deeply when you don't know a thing about me.