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Koroshi's Guide thread [Updated Regularly]

02 January 2014 - 05:14 AM


I am Koroshi, mainly known from my Engineer WvW streams. I have decided to work on providing content about the engineer, this will include:
  • Guides (From basic to expert)
  • PvP Footage
  • Any other suggestions that might come up.
This thread will be used to link towards the content. If you want to see anything specific to the engineer, let me know in a reply or private message.


- WvW Bomb Engineer Build

- Combo Finisher Guide

Koroshi's Engineer build - Confusion all the way!

18 May 2013 - 01:04 AM

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Koroshi’s engineer build!

I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since launch, my first class was a thief. On my roaming times in WvW I hardly met any engineers and if I did, it felt from my side that they were a bad class. Skip a few months later and I got curious about the class, were they really this bad? So I had to try one out and this is what came out.

My Engineer Overview

● Acces to many offensive/defensive utilties due to kits.

● Capable of placing many different conditions within a few seconds.

● Good survivability.

My Engineer Strengths

● Being able to stack many conditions in short amount of time, with a decent duration.

● When needed able to block for 5 seconds + 3 seconds ranged attacks.

● Lots of regen/healing power with short cooldown.

● When needed able to burst healing, with multiple blast finishers.

● Permanent Vigor/Swiftness.

● Able to get reliable stealth.

● Decent toughness, able to survive most burst.

● Rocket boots!

My Engineer Weaknesses

● Great sword mesmers, but that might be just me.

● Not the best mobility, compared to other classes. (espcially when ganked by multiple players)

● Full evade s/d thieves ( Unblockable/able to steal all your boons and evading most of the time. You require to play perfectly to win.)

● No stunbreaker. (this is my personal preference to gain more mobility)


World vs world:

Grenade build:


Bomb build ( My favorite ):


Structured pvp:


Getting started

As an engineer you are able to do massive damage when your enemies are close and far away. We are not limited to 10 skills, thanks to kits. Each kit gives us 5 new skills, which all have their strengths and weaknesses, but thanks to 0,5 cooldown on kit switching we are able to constantly switch between kits to get the necessarily skills to take out our enemies.

Important info about conditions:

Lowers healing by 33%, good versus classes with a lot of healing and decent damage.

Confusion deals damage based on every skill use (auto attacks included) and dodges! With 5 stacks of confusion every skill/dodge(when traited, example: Ele evasive arcana) the enemy uses will deal them 755 damage.

Weapon choice:

What do I take?

For a condition engineer I personally feel that there is only one good choice, pistol and shield, based on condition application and the utility. The main pistol is able to stack bleeding, blindness, confusion and poison and the shield will give you the necessary defensive power, due to blocks, ranged reflect, blast finisher and possible double daze.

1. Explosive shot: (156 damage, 2 3/4 seconds of bleeding per shot)

Fast way of stacking bleeding, especially in combination with the sigil of Earth (60% chance on critical to inflict bleeding) Decent 900 range, good to use when other skills are on cooldown or if you are being kited around.

2. Poison dart volley: (178 damage, 2 3/4 seconds of poison -33% heal effectiveness, 5 shots).

Decent attack speed, extra condition damage, good against classes that heal a lot. Be careful it does fire in a cone so it is hard to hit all 5 shots unless you are right up on the target.

3. Static shot: (178 damage, 4 1/4 seconds of blindess, 2 stacks of confusion, 4 bounces)

One of my favorite skills, decent range, I ussually use it right after my pry bar, for a nice 7 stack of confusion.

Pro tip: You are able to stack 4 stacks of confusion on each target  if there are 2 targets close to each other (with the bounces).

Pro tip 2: If you are expecting a strong attack that you have to dodge, you can use the blind effect on this skill to make the enemy player miss.

4. Magnetic shield: (create a magnetic field that reflects projectiles 3 seconds and can be released to push back foes)
(Second ability: Magnetic Inversion, 100 damage, knockback 300, blastfinisher)

One of our defensive abilities, best used when being shot by ranged weapons to reflect it back to opponent, one of my favorite skills to reflect is a kill shot (Make sure they haven't used signet of might, which makes their next 3 shots unblockable, you can still dodge them!).

Pro tip: When a thief uses shadow refuge, walk inside it and double click the shield to knock him out of the refuge and to give him a stealth debuff!

Pro tip 2: Use it as a blast finisher after you double clicked your healing turret for an extra area heal.

5. Static shield: (Block for 2 seconds, unless you get hit in melee range which stuns the enemy for 1 second)
(Second ability: Throw Shield, Damage 201 Daze 1 second, Projectile Combo, Throw your shield and daze your foe on the way out and back)

One of the best defensive skills we have in my opion, I use this mainly to stun players that get too close or interupt revives with the second ability. If you get in too much trouble you can use it for full blocking duration just make sure you don't get in melee range.

Pro tip 1: A thief is about to attack you from stealth? Predict his movements and activate the shield when you think he is about to attack you, if he does attack you he will get stunned. Then switch to grenade kit and nuke him with everything you have, if he doesn't reveal himself, but you did see the block appear he is still stunned but invisible.. do the same thing use your grenades on the location where you saw the block!


With the current engineer skills and traits I do not feel that it is worth it to go for any other weapon. Rifle and secondary pistol just do not offer the same kind of utility and power for a condition engineer.


Healing Turret
(Ability 1: Healing turret, Healing 2,520, Regen 3 1/2 seconds 390)
(Ability 2: Cleansing Burst, Healing 2,520, Cures 2 conditions, Regen 6 seconds 780 heal, Combo field: Water)

Short cooldown heal with condition removal. If you are circling around an area in combat, click it twice so both abilities activate and pick it up right after, will give you a 15 second cooldown. If you need extra burst healing, double click the ability, use the f1 right after to explode for a blast finisher, which will give you an extra ~1200 heal in aoe.

Video Guide

Pro tip: I suggest practicing this next part.. you are able to get 3 blast finishers right after the second turret ability and it has to be done in 3 seconds which is a bonus of 3,6k healing on top of the normal heal from the turret.
Turret -> second ability -> Double magnetic shield -> f1 to explode turret -> elixer gun fourth skill.  I hardly use the full combo since it makes me waste a shield, but in combat I would normally run it without the magnetic shield so Turret -> second ability -> f1 to explode turret -> elixer gun fourth skill , this allows you to get ~2,400 extra healing + the fourth skill from elixer will set some distance between you and your enemy.

Current Main Kits

Kits are what makes engi's so awesome, being able to have 3 extra skill bars without cooldowns is insane! My best suggestion here is take your time to read up on every ability, learn them and practise switching between kits to get the muscle memory. My main kits currently are bomb kit for the massive utility it provides and the Tool kit. I play around with my final utility it is never the same.

Bomb Kit

Bomb kit is decent if you go with groups, small areas or spvp.

- More confusion!
- Nice cripple/root.
- Smoke field which blinds anyone who moves in it.. if you need that extra defense vs melee classes.
- F3 skill keeps enemies away from you or you can use it offensively to interupt, knockback enemies.

Pro tip: Gain area stealth by using blast finishers in the smoke field.

Pro tip 2: Want to make the enemy hate you? Use  tool kit Magnet -> drop confusion bomb -> use pry bar and watch your enemy panick with 10 stacks of confusion.

Pro tip 3: Don't like being interupted while finishing off players? Use the smoke bomb to blind your enemies constantly so they can not interupt you when you finish them off.

Tool Kit

In the tool kit you will mostly use only 3 skills.
- Magnet, pull your enemy target to yourself with 1200 range
- Gear shield, Block attacks for 3 seconds!
- Pry Bar, 5 stacks of confusion (7s)

I ussually use the tool kit to initiate my fight, first Magnet, as soon as the target is near you use pry bar to put the confusion on your enemies, switch to pistol put another 2-4 stacks of confusion.

If you get in trouble use the shield to block attacks or use it offensively to get close to your enemy without taking damage.

Pro tip:  You can use magnet to interupt enemy abilities or revives.


The last normal utility is up to you.

Elixer Gun

Elixer gun is amazing for fighting any type of burst class, keeping the perma weakness up lowers the enemy damage potential by a lot! With the newly added stun break on the toolbelt skill it makes it one of my top choices.

- Skill 1 Fast projectiles, good bleeding duration + weakness, you are able to stack these real fast. Best auto attack of engineer.
- Skill 2 Decent cripple + swiftness on  a ranged skill.. however if the target is too far it ussually misses for me.
- Skill 3 Poison and vulnerability, hits multiple times fast, good for removing blocks or attacking through ranged reflect skills.
- Skill 4 blast finisher + lots of mobility when used right.
- Skill 5 gives extra condi removal/regen.

Pro tip: When using the elixer gun skill 4 for just a blast finisher and you want to stay on position, use your weapon swap key after using the jump and it will cancel out the leap.

Grenade Kit

I won't be going through each individual skill, but I will leave the basic info.

- Grenade kit is Strong long/close range damage.
- Slow projectiles easy to dodge the further the enemy is.
- Lots of conditions (Bleeding (16 3/4 seconds), Blindness (7s), Chill 2 3/4 seconds, Poison (7s)
- 1500 range, 3 grenades. Each have of the grenades has a chance to proc. the burning/bleeding from the traits on each crit, so use it when you are able.
- Grenade barrage f2 skill, awesome for bursting down close enemies or enemies hiding in refuge.

Pro tip: Use grenades when the enemies are near you for maximum damage and give them no chance to dodge your skills, chill is very effective to kite players around.

Pro tip 2: Bind the key "Look behind", when using this it will allow you to look behind yourself while still moving the same way. The reason why you want to do this is to throw grenades while running away from enemies so if they are stupid enough to chase you, you can put a lot of pressure on them or even kill them!

Pro tip 3: If you are not able to knock a thief out of refuge, use your grenades to deal massive aoe damage, make sure to start with the chill grenade to slow them so they will have a harder time to dodge the rest of your grenades.

Pro tip 4: When a player is downed use the poison grenade to slow their healing.

Elixer R

After the nerf not really worth it to use it other than the team revive. Cast time is horrible on the full endurance part of the skill

Pro tip: Use the toolbelt skill on the floor when you are about to go down, to self revive.

Rocket boots

My favorite skill insane mobility and very fun to use! It includes a blast finisher and a 6 second burning on tool belt skill. Just be careful the blast finisher on this skill is delayed it happens after you land. This also means if you use the blast finisher to stealth yourself the smoke animation won’t appear until you land, so you will be visible while you jump. Make sure to use a different blast finisher before using the rocket boots for a stealth escape.


Latest Structured pvp video:

Latest World vs World video:

#1 cause of thief deaths.

06 March 2013 - 04:45 PM

You are almost going down... Finally you did get close to an enemy so you can cnd and escape?


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let me put you on debuff.

Koroshi's d/d immortal thief build 3.0

21 February 2013 - 03:11 PM

Thief build 3.0:

I recently changed up my build which is now based on Health regen/ being able to take hits (toughness)/ Initiative regen/ stealth.

I'll list a  summary of what the power is of my build:

CND = cloak and dagger the fifth skill of dagger/dagger build.

Health regen ( when you are in stealth you receive around 300 health a second, so the longer you are in stealth the better your survivability) Good example of long stealthing in my video catch me if you can.

Initiative regen: Every stealth gives you 2 initiative, making cnd a worthwhile skill to spam aslong as you stay in stealth for the full duration so you can regen the rest of the cost, this allows you to keep using cnd constantly which allows you to be in stealth for aslong as you want.   (If you have a hard time timing it look at the icon of the stealth once it starts flashing very fast you can start casting your cnd)

Stealth: The most important part of the stealth build is knowing to time your cnd (This must be practised!), when you use an ability that stealths you and you attack while being in stealth it gives you a stealth debuff.. this stops you from restealthing again for 3 seconds, so we want to avoid this by not attacking while we are in stealth. How can you stay in stealth then? You time your cnd right when the stealth finishes, enemy players can't see where you are or see you for less than half a second this keeps the pressure on the enemy they have to keep guessing where you are and you can keep regenerating your health while dealing damage with cnd.  (If you have a hard time timing it look at the icon of the stealth once it starts flashing very fast you can start casting your cnd) Also very important to attack from the side/back for bonus damage. When your target is low enough you could finish him off with the backstab ( first skill of d/d) this does massive damage from the back I saw mine go upto 12.000 damage on my build.

Targetting: Always go for the weaker targets first this will make your job much easier when fighting a group alone, going for the upleveled players ( you can see this by the green arrow next to their name ) first. Upleveled players have horrible stats which allows you to do massive damage on them after you finished them of you want to go for thieves, if there are no thieves continue on going on light armor/medium armor players unless you are certain that the heavy armor is a berserker build ( you can find this out by testing your cnd damage on him when it is 4k+ it is ussually a berkerkerbuild ). I would avoid going after bunker build elementalists ussually they have two daggers in their hand, just check your damage with cnd on them if its below 3k ignore them while you take care of the rest.

Always keep remembering don't be to arrogant ( i still make that mistake quite a lot ). Keep your enemies guessing where you are and take them out one by one.

Downing players (If you use my new build, you can use blinding powder instead of signet of shadows, however this does interupt your downing)

If you have checked through my skills you will see that I use Signet of shadows for the aoe blind this is my favorite skill when downing players, because it allows me to cast signet of shadows while I am downing a player, it does not interupt your finisher. Best is to learn all the classes downed skills so you know what to do when they are downed. I'll give you a brief list with their important downed skills.

Has a knockback that he can cast instantly pushing everyone away that is around him, it is instant cast so it is hard to predict. When I down a guardian I use signet of shadows straight away this blinds the guardian and makes his knockback miss.

Their most important downed skill is the one that allows them to briefly stealth and put a decoy down, but they need a target! so if you are in stealth they can not cast it on you which stops them from stealthing. I do not think Signet of shadows works on them.. atleast it hasn't worked for me. So what I do is I cnd them before i finish them off. If he does get to cast the skill always remember the first mesmer that shows up is the clone, so look around for the second one.

His downed skill is a pull which also interupts your finisher you can avoid it by cnd'ing and standing in his back when finishing him off, if you don't think you can stealth cast your signet.

Can teleport away immeadly and right after stealth for a few seconds. I don't finish of thieves I just auto attack them or do heavy backstabs after the teleport go to his new location and keep hitting him there even if he stealths you will still hit him!.

Has a fear when he is downed which also interupts your finisher you can avoid it by cnd'ing and standing in his back when finishing him off, if you don't think you can stealth cast your signet.

Can turn in the mist right away which allows him to walk for few seconds while being invulnerable, so i suggest just auto attacking/backstabbing him until he mists then follow him to his new location and finish him off.

Throws a hammer to knock you down, however this one is very slow so you can see him lift up his arm and aim before he throws it (this takes about 1-2 seconds) So when you see this motion use signet.

Aoe interupt, signet immeadly! The ranger skill has no cast time even in stealth it will interupt you.


I use lower level food, since I do not feel I earn in enough in wvw alone to afford the expensive level 80 food. It is almost as effective if you are rich go for the level 80 version.

Normal use: Hardened Sharpening stones + Bowls of Butternut squash soup

When survivability is needed: Hardened Sharpening stones + Bowls of orrian Truffle and Meat Stew

Watch me in action:


1 vs 1 Warrior

Problems with a PvE commander?

Duels thief vs thief

Catch me if you can

Solo WvW part 2 (old build)

Solo WvW part 1 (old build)


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Armor + Weapons:

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PVX - Attack of the Zombies - International

03 May 2012 - 10:11 PM

Guild Name - Attack of the Zombies
Guild Age -  Newly created
Member Count - 7
Timezone - International
Current games - Guild Wars 2 & Diablo III
Guild website - http://www.omgzombiez.com
Age - 18+
Maturity level - Extremely high
Against Multiple Guild Membership

Our recruitment information - http://www.omgzombiez.com/recruitment

(Recruitment poster, give it some time load)
Posted Image