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#2261381 Screenshot Your Elementalist

Posted Queenie on 20 November 2013 - 12:43 AM

Got my hands on Wupwup Spire =)

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#2250788 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Tien on 27 October 2013 - 12:48 AM

Her name...

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... is Lara Croftsd├│ttir

#2250440 Necromancer Screenshots

Posted Red Intensity on 26 October 2013 - 12:42 AM

Finally got my necro and her companion/flesh golem, Bree, to level 80.

Head: Aetherblade
Chest: T3 cultural
Hands: T3 cultural
Legs: HotW
Feet: Aetherblade
Back: Slickpack

Colors: Acid, Mudmetal, Pitch

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#2243741 Post Your Mesmer!

Posted octolycan on 13 October 2013 - 01:08 AM

My mesmer

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#2245817 Screenshot Your Elementalist

Posted Caffynated on 17 October 2013 - 03:01 AM

Mix of feathered, t3 human and masquerade. Colors are wrath, ruby, midnight fire, illumination and buttercream.

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#2244665 Show Off Your Thief!

Posted Xephyr on 15 October 2013 - 02:30 PM

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#1503072 Fastest way to level up?

Posted Axiom on 08 June 2012 - 08:48 AM

I'd normally say "leveling isn't the end all/ be all, take your time". However, I understand the desire to get as high as you can during a 60 hour, limited test experience.

Do your personal story when ever you are the proper level for the next chapter.

Dynamic Event, (not Heart Tasks), are the most efficient PvE content aside from the story, maybe even more so. That doesn't mean you have to skip the Hearts, most of them are quick and often DEs will occur near by, but really look for DEs, don't pass one by while tracking down some other objective.

Exploration gives good XP. Bouncing between the three racial starting areas will help you get more exploration XP and also expose you to more Dynamic Events. So, if you want to level fast, travel around. (Once you get the waypoints, it's instant).

While exploring, looking for DEs, take as second to res other players and help with kills. You get xp for the rez and downed players will appear as a skull icon on the mini-map. Kill XP is a low percentage of XP, but when more than one person kills something, they all get full XP and loot, so taking a few seconds to lend a hand is efficient, plus some daily and monthly achievements are kill based. Not just numbers, but variety of things you've killed. Achievments grant XP.

Lastly, crafting XP is only for crafting, so that won't help you level faster. However, you get character XP for gathering and there are gathering achievements that are easy to get and award good XP. So, grab a stack of each of the three gathering tools, (no training required), slot them on your character sheet and gather what ever you come across.

Efficiency is always key, so make sure to get all the way points you find, so you can travel quickly where you need to go. You can place items you want to sell on the Trading Post (AH) right from your inventory under the right click context menu. Items that are vendor junk can be sold many places, but with a good collection of way points, if you need to port to a vendor, then back where you left off, the round trip time is quick. (Don't ignore loot, because armor repairs and way point travel cost money, even if you don't spend money on much of anything else. Also, there is training to unlock the trait system).

Remember, some random, non event related kills are good for achievements, but grinding mobs is not efficient, at all, so don't make that a strategy.

(Theoretically, a Duo would level faster, because even though encounters can scale, two should still kill faster than one and you both get full XP).

Oh, on Dynamic Events, many are a part of an event chain. If NPCs from one event start to chat up what just happened, keep an eye on them for a minute at least and see if the event leads to another one. With DEs so efficient at granting XP, the minute wait is nothing vs. the rewards for the DE. Of course, if an event ends and you already have another one near by, you can just head to the event you can already see, rather than waiting on one that might or might not occur. Case by case call.

Edit: Sorry, see now you want to just do WvW. Most XP there is from Dynamic Events, so look for them in the environment, plus offense/defense of various objectives usually spawn DEs of their own. If your side isn't very efficient at taking keeps, getting with a smaller group that searches the map for objectives might be most efficient, as you hit on more events.

The gathering tip and exploration tips stand, as well as rezzing players and killing some mobs. Some others may be applicable as well. (I'd still probably recommend taking occasional breaks from WvW to do the Personal Story. There aren't too many events on the way to level 20, which is where the stories end in the public beta. Do what you can until the next step is above your level, make note of the requirement, then head back to WvW until you reach the requirement).