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In Topic: Any suggestions for a good Spirit Weapon build?

22 August 2012 - 06:07 PM

I understand that for some people they may not like my build do to the lack of crit. The lack of crit was made up in boosted power/vit/toughness higher than what you will find in most builds. I was definitely able to burst down people with the build merely from the brute power of it. You can definitely sack the survivability to go for even more damage if that is your style but I really dislike being a melee glass canon x.x

Burn builds can mesh well with spirit weapons but burns dont do much damage unless you itemize toward condition damage which takes away from your regular melee damage. Good builds definitely exist for it.

As for world Pvp, Id try equiping the avengers shield for sure and maybe the spirit bow.

In Topic: Any suggestions for a good Spirit Weapon build?

22 August 2012 - 04:40 PM

Here is my my current Spirit Weapon build along with my explanations of it. From all the beta weekends and stress tests, it has proven to be mighty effective and bursting people down and allowing me alot of uptime. The only trait I skipped out on was making the weapons burning but that was because I Don't have enough condition damage to make that worthwhile but with the high power this build offers and the survivability it doesn't require it. People sent me messages saying that my build was frustrating them:

Guardian sPvP Spirit Weapon Build

Guardian sPvP Spirit Weapon Build


The build focuses on smaller scale combat with 1 v 1 or 5 v 5 in mind. It is a balanced build based around being able to take hits and being able to dish out damage. The focus of this build are Spirit Weapons and Retaliation. Spirit Weapons provide a sizable damage boost while they are up and the ability to dish out massive burst damage. Retaliation can be kept up nearly 100% of the time which provides a sizable damage boost vs anyone targeting you. The biggest lack in this build is the lack of crit which is mostly made up for being tougher and retaliation.

Strong Defense
Strong Offense
Great Burst

Relies on Spirit Weapons being up(With traits this weakness is diminished a bit)
Lacks Crit

Weapon Choices:

Primary: Greatsword:
The Greatword was chosen as the support weapon because of it's powerful gap closing abilities and fairly decent damage capability.  Symbol of Wrath provides a decent amount of damage and provides you with your retaliation.Spinning Wrath is a great damage dealing ability and the weapon has two gap closers to maintain melee range. Leap of Faith is a powerful gap closer dealing decent damage and aoe blinding. Also it provides the ability to leap ahead with increased speed if you need a boost or jump over small canyons Binding Blade. is great for crowd control at pulling enemies toward you and away from your allies so you can dish out some beastly AOE damage.

Secondary: Staff:
The Staff serves mostly as utility in allowing you to move around the battlefield at great speeds via Symbol of Swiftness. Empower is another powerful ability for team fights where you can give your team a sizeable damage boost(12 might stacks) and some healing before switching to the Greatword for some dps. Line of Warding is useful for zone control on sPvP maps to keep enemies from getting onto a node and allowing you to take it before engaging.

Utility Slots:

For the heal I chose the Signet of Resolve mostly because it provides the largest heal and amount of health over time. Along with that as a passive ability it removes a condition every 10 seconds which is also very useful as conditions can be quite rough.

Spirit Weapons:
The Sword and Hammer spirit weapons were chosen as their damage capabilities were the best of the spirit weapons. For a damage build, Spirit Weapons are just a necessity as with the trait support they hit like trucks. With the ability to activate them and not have the weapons go away you can truly demolish an enemies hit points as I've seen half of people's hp go away when hit by both activated weapons and they stick around long enough to use them multiple times should the first time not finish the opponent off.

Contemplation of Purity was chosen as it is the best condition remover out of the bunch. Certain classes thrive on conditions and if you don't have a condition remover you will be beating your head against a wall. This removes the conditions and turns them into boons which is quite nice when you are loaded up on them.

Elite Skill:
Tome of Courage still seems to be top dog for me with it's battle changing support abilities and heals. Tome of Wrath is still a good one as well but comparing the damage capabilities of wrath to the healing of courage, they just don't compare. Tome of Courage has the ability to change team fights completely in your favor with well timed heals and the powerful buffs.


Neck Piece:
Soldier's Amulet was chosen as the neck piece as it adds a very balanced boost to power/toughness/vitality allowing you the stay in the game longer and deal significant more damage.

Soldier's Amulet was chosen as it boosted the three same stats this build focuses on which is power/toughness/vitality.

Superior Rune of the Strength was chosen as it fits the build the best in that all the buffs it applies are useful. It provides a hefty power boost which is always accepted. Along with that it provides a boost to might duration which is useful for the Greatsword who's first ability provides you with Might. the extra 5% damage boost while under the effects of might is just gravy as your might is on atleast 75% of the time.


Attack: 3394
Crit. chance:   4%
Armor: 2771
Health:    20245