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In Topic: Does anyone use Consecrations in WvW?

06 February 2013 - 08:59 PM

Consecrations are fantastic in WvW. I used to run full consecrations with WoR, Sanctuary and Purging Flames. Was it useful? Yes. More so in large battles than in small group fights though. My biggest gripe is that the game does not reward this style of gameplay. Are you valuable to your team? Absolutely. But you get a very small amount of bags which usually means that WvW is not profitable for you.

After trying everything I could to avoid it, I ended up switching to one of the AH/EM builds. Still valuable to the team and get at least double the loot. I do miss my consecrations sometimes though.

In Topic: WvW Armor Set

11 January 2013 - 05:42 PM

Well, I have to say I finally bit the bullet recently and used my surplus karma to pick up a set of power/toughness/vitality armor. As much as I didn't want to believe it, I have to now agree that healing power armor is a bit underpowered in comparison. I still run full cleric's jewlry and on most of my weapons as well, but swapping to the power/toughness/vit armor has made quite a big difference in my survivability in wvw while not causing a very noticable difference in my healing. Having 25 stacks of sigil of life is still important, so having two weapons with it is even more useful now. Me and another guardian friend of mine were able to keep eachother up in a 2v5 for about 2 minutes before reinforcements arrived. No chance I would have been able to do that with my old armor.

In Topic: WvW Armor Set

09 January 2013 - 06:17 PM

Done: http://gw2skills.net...Oyek7I5RLGGMsbA

Keep in mind that I switch around weapons often based on the situation. I also have 1 sigil of life on a 1h sword to make for 2 sigils of life when I run a shield. That gets me stacks twice as fast which I have found helps a lot as a support guardian since you don't get a ton of kills.

I also do some quick adjustments of my traits when I change weapons. For instance, if I'm not running a mace, I'll get rid of "All symbols heal allies" and "Symbols are larger" and replace them with "Shouts recharge 20% faster" and "Shouts convert a condition to a boon".

Also, if I'm running in a smaller group. I sometimes swap out wall of reflection for hold the line. I find it gives better utility in 5 man raiding groups. Whatever you prefer to run, the best advice in my opinion is to not get stuck on 2 weapon sets. Be ready to switch as soon as you get out of combat if the situation calls for it. For instance, I might be running sword/shield + staff for skirmishes in the open field. Say we beat them back and the skirmish turns into a siege at the gate of a tower. I'll try to get out of combat and switch to Mace/Shield to be of better use for the siege.

In Topic: Should I drop my guardian if I want to WvW?

08 January 2013 - 07:12 PM


The single most misunderstood, poorly played, least loved... [snip]

Despite you being from JQ and my obvious animosity towards you as a guardian on SBI :P , this post is 100% correct. Couldn't have said it better myself.

In Topic: WvW Armor Set

07 January 2013 - 07:34 PM

I run a full support wvw guardian build with full clerics armor and jewlry. Mace/shield (sometimes sword/shield depending on the situation) and staff. I run 0/0/20/30/20. Some things I have found:

-To echo the poster above, healing power does not scale well. If you're looking to be useful to your group in any other way, I would say spec into something else. That being said, if all you intend to do is support (meaning, you don't care about winning 1v1s, you don't care about dishing out damage, and you don't care about your vitality) full healing support build can be very useful to a coordinated guild group in the right situations.

-Use your staff 4 skill everytime it's up. With full clerics and 25 stacks on sigil of life, I heal everyone around me for 3-4,000 hp each time. Trait into reduced cooldown for 2 handed weapons and this alone can turn the tide of the fight considering the stacks of might as well. This skill is not limited to the usual 5 targets. So if I have a zerg of 20 people in close enough proximity to me, that's 20 people I'm healing for 3-4,000hp.

-Use staff 2 and detonate it for around 1-1,500 aoe heal. Cooldown is long, so use it early in a fight and often.

-Mace #2 skill by itself is hardly noticable in wvw. But traited for larger symbols/all symbols heal allies, you actually get some nice benefits from it. It means you're getting a healing tick plus the regeneration. Symbol of swiftness also will heal a little bit with this setup, but the healing is negligble. I throw it up as often as possible anyways.

-Tome of courage is your best friend. Use it at the right time and you will be the difference maker in a fight. Don't just stop after you use the massive full health heal though as that is limited to 5 targets. You want to start spamming #1 after that over any groups that need it. These heal for around 1-2,000 each time and are very spammable.

-Positioning is everything. It's your job to stay close to your teammates, not the other way around. As soon as you see someone downed, you should be the first one running to res them. I also run 6 Runes of Mercy for the ressing benefits. The added toughness allows me to tank quite a bit while trying to get downed allies up. This in combination with a well placed sanctuary is basically a free res.

-And lastly, never EVER try to solo with this build. You will not win. Against anything.