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#1796891 Do you think GW2 can survive?

Posted Krazzar on 23 August 2012 - 02:56 PM

One day we'll look back at this thread and laugh, or miss the internet as we roam the wastes in search of petrol.

#1796394 Do you think GW2 can survive?

Posted Rainfall on 23 August 2012 - 01:52 PM

I just have to chip in to comment on some comments made in this thread and elsewhere. Just because you don't think a certain type of content isn't real content, or that a certain type of content won't keep people playing, doesn't make it fact in any way. If you do not like the content in the game, you do not play. You don't whine because there is no content. Yes there is, and i'm looking forward to getting stuck into the ton of it.

I see so many 'Anet should add this conent''If Anet doesnt't add this people will quit'. Seriously give it up. Anet has a philosophy that millions of players agree with. It's insulting to suggest they should add content to appease every player who bats an eyelid at the game. No. Go and buy Tera or World of Warcraft, they are conveniently on sale right now. Do not come into the GW2 space and demand content to keep you in game forever without being fun, like raids.

The second Anet changes their philosophy they will lose a massive percentage of their future sales. You accept that you get a massive amount of enjoyment and content for a one time price. As low as like 30 pounds some places which is a ridiculously good deal. You enjoy it. What you don't do, is demand it to be something else. There are many alternatives out there. Go play those. Stop sounding idiotic trying to suggest GW2 should be something else. Or suggesting already Anet should be spamming updates when the game isn't live yet.