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Crystin Cox and the Gem Store

20 November 2012 - 12:32 PM

...Or, does the average gamer really froth at the mouth for multiple tiers of mystery chests?

Controversial *attention grabbing header* I know, but Crystin Cox single contribution to the Gem Store seems to be the lottery of mystery chests.

Why put a decent item for direct purchase, when you can stick that in a mystery chest lottery?  Is there really THAT many suckers to make it lucrative?  The saying goes something like, "One born every minute..."

Anyway, this is me shining a light on something I truly hope gamers have been exposed to long enough, that we are wise to the gimmick... or perhaps I hope in vane...

So have you purchased Mystery chests?  Do you like the mystery chest lottery?  Would you rather just have a direct purchase to an item you desired? etc.


*full discloser: I have never, nor will I ever purchase this stupid gimmick, that is a blight to any cash shop system!  Pity Crystin Cox, Nexon connection may give her immunity to the pink slip!*