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In Topic: Warrior vs Engi DPS video

03 March 2013 - 06:14 PM

Is warrior faster?  Sure.  No one was ever arguing otherwise (except maybe GK....).
Is it also FAR more boring?  Absolutely.  I don't think anyone can successfully argue otherwise here either.

In Topic: Alchemy vs Inventions

19 February 2013 - 03:44 AM

View PostPhineas_Poe, on 19 February 2013 - 03:04 AM, said:

With all due respect, I don't recall saying anything about Elixir H. So creating some elaborate straw man explaining how the Med Kit and Elixir Gun are more efficient condition removal abilities is really pointless, especially since you can still use the Med Kit and Elixir Gun with 30 points in Alchemy.

So now you're not going to use eH when you're running 409?
OK, so let's say that you're using MedKit.  And Bomb Kit, like you said.  Since you mentioned Kit Refinement I'll assume that eGun is in there (and also because no support engy worth his spot in the party runs without eGun).
Now you have one utility slot left.
And you're traiting 409 to use with a single elixir....

That's why I assumed eH.  It wasn't a strawman.
Now we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming of PhinPoe and his passive aggressive trolling.

In Topic: Alchemy vs Inventions

19 February 2013 - 01:58 AM

For reference, from another thread:

View PostCalebrus, on 24 January 2013 - 03:28 AM, said:

I run a hybrid support build.
That's basically the build I use.  Some things change as the situation requires, but one thing that NEVER changes is eGun.  It is always on my bar. Always.
Flamethrower usually occupies one of the slots that Rocket Boots and Elixir B are in.  I left both of them there to showcase them, but only one of them is usually actually on my bar.  If I'm expecting a need for a stunbreaker or another escape, RB is equipped. If I'll need the boons then eB is equipped.  For bosses, the set-up shown is usually exactly what I use.
For non-boss fights, more often than not I have RBoots there (with the FT), because it has offense (toolbelt), it has defense (stunbreaker), it has mobility (umm.... they're rocket boots!), and finally it's a blast finisher.  One of the best utility skills Engy has IMO.

The second (20 pt) major traits in both Alchemy and Tools are interchangeable based on needs.
Running around the world? Speedy Kits in Tools. (This is only when I have a long way to run and don't want to stop. For general purposes, eB and MedKit5 are enough.)
That build brings a ton of support to the table. Does your group need even more? Packaged Stimulants in Tools and Form 409 in Alchemy (with eGun, eB and eR - no flamethrower in this situation).
Headed into WvW? Sometimes I'll use Protection Injection or Self Regulating Defenses in Alchemy instead.
You get the idea.

The support that eGun brings with Kit Refinement is amazing. Perma-Super Elixir for AoE healing, on demand condition removal and a perma-light field (more condition removal with projectiles) is fantastic support.  Coupled with Supply Drop, anything from the MedKit, and eGun 1-3, there are few builds that can offer as much support.
For large groups of mobs up close, FT is my kit.  If you can handle proximity it's the best DPS in my load.  For groups of mobs at range I use my pistol because Coated Bullets is awesome. For bosses and heavy hitters I have eGun for perma-weakness.
The DPS obviously isn't what a Grenadier will put out, but it isn't terrible either, and the versatility and support offered more than makes up for it in my mind.

There are some rare occasions when I'll use a rifle instead, but only if CC is needed and no one else can handle it.  I simply don't like the rifle much, but I'll use it if I have to.  The reason I don't like the rifle doesn't actually have anything to do with the rifle itself.  I dislike the rifle because it prevents me from using my shield.
Projectile reflection, a knockback, and a blast finisher all on one skill.
A two second block, a stun or an AoE daze in a line (which could be two dazes if done properly) and a projectile finisher on the other skill.
In my opinion the Engineer's shield has one of the best sets of skills in the entire game, and it does it all on only two buttons.

In Topic: Alchemy vs Inventions

19 February 2013 - 01:41 AM

View PostSolo Too, on 19 February 2013 - 01:23 AM, said:

Inventions says +10 healing points for every trait but that doesn't seem to be effective when I heal.  WIll have to experiment more
That's because healing power (compassion) scales horribly and usually has a low coefficient to boot.  That's why using healer's gear is usually not recommended in most cases, because even if you get your compassion maxed out you won't see much difference overall.
That brings me back to my original point, which was just focus on grabbing the traits that you want and ignore which line they happen to be in.
Look at it this way: if you don't put a single point into the power tree (for any respective profession) you can still easily get the gear to push your attack over 3000.  If you don't put any points into the toughness tree you can still get 2600+ armor if you want to.
The same holds true for compassion/healing power.
If there are traits within the Inventions tree that you want, then by all means go for it.  If there are traits in the Alchemy tree that you want, then grab those.  But don't feel like you *need* to take one or the other just because you want to play support.

No matter how you build and gear, you'll never become a "healer" in any real sense.
If that's what you're looking to do, you're going to be disappointed.  The best you can hope for is to help someone by giving them a few more seconds so they can help themselves.
Because of that, you're much better off building a hybrid that can also kill things while offering some support, rather than building a fully support focused toon.  Full support in this game doesn't make you a "healer", but it will certainly make you useless at anything else.  And since you also aren't a good healer (because no one really is) that just means that building for full support makes you a gimp.

In Topic: Alchemy vs Inventions

19 February 2013 - 12:30 AM

View PostPhineas_Poe, on 18 February 2013 - 01:49 PM, said:

and the condition removal skills of elixirs.

I'm not sure how viable it would be, but if you're seeking the maximum support setup, that would be it.
I disagree completely.
Elixirs as condition removers are WAY over rated.

Let's compare:
Elixir build with Elixirs H, B & R, and one kit (in your scenario - bomb kit):
Elixir H: 1 condition removed every 20 seconds - personal only
Toss elixir H: 1 condition removed every 27 seconds
Elixir B: 1 condition removed every 32 seconds - personal only
Toss elixir B:  1 condition removed every 18 seconds
Elixir R: 1 condition removed every 36 seconds - personal only
Toss elixir R: 1 condition removed every 77 seconds.... if that's what you use it for
We'll use 90 seconds as our mark.  In those 90 seconds you have removed:
Elixir H: 4 times - personal only
Elixir B: 2 times - personal only
Elixir R: 2 times - personal only
Toss eH: 3 times
Toss eB: 4 times
Toss eR: 1 time
That's 8 personal only and 8 thrown to yourself or someone else.
Add in lots of bomb healing, but in small doses.
The only way to alter the build at all is to possibly lose 10 points in Alchemy to put somewhere else, but doing so is arguably a poor choice.

Compare that to Elixir Gun with kit refinement and Med Kit with packaged stimulants.
Med Kit: Drop stimulant: 1 condition removed every 15 seconds
eGun: Fumigate: up to 5 conditions removed on every party member in the AoE every 12 seconds, excludes self
eGun: Super elixir: 1 condition removed on every party member in the AoE every 20 seconds, plus an impact heal, plus a pulse heal for 10 second duration, plus a light field through which projectiles remove conditions on demand
eGun: Kit refinement: Repeat above
eGun: Tool belt: 10s regen AoE
Med Kit: Drop bandages: Packaged stimulants: thrown bandages heal for 1k base three times every 12 seconds
FAR more conditions removed, with a little more reliable healing output on demand.
You also have only spent 20 points on traits, leaving 50 to do with as you will, and have two utility slots open to do with as you please.

Elixir builds are useless in comparison.  They have much less support and much less flexibility.
Your specific example of the maximum support build can be outshined with a different heal and a single utility skill.

So as to the question of Alchemy or Inventions?  Neither.  The answer is Tools.