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A solution to the Bundle issue that works for everyone.

25 November 2012 - 06:50 PM

Many Engineers were disappointed to realize that using a weapon or device kit essentially unequipped our weapons, no longer allowing for weapon stats and upgrades, for the duration of the kit's use.  This complaint was a non-issue in sPvP due to the gearing difference in those arenas.  It was a minor issue in PvE, where the loss of those stat points made a small difference.  It is quite a huge discrepancy in WvW play.

Elementalists using conjured weapons, along with any other profession using a transform or a bundle, suffer from the same issue, but none of them are impacted as greatly as the Engineers.  For other professions, these things are little used secondary mechanics, but for the Engineer this is a class defining mechanic.
The last update introduced some changes to Elementalist's conjured weapons in the form of stat increases similar to what you'd see on weapons.  This was a welcome change, but it was incomplete.  It seemed a slap in the face to Engineers that a little used secondary mechanic of another profession recieved attention when that same mechanic which defines us was completely ignored.

The changes that were made were as follows:
Lava Axe: increased power and condition damage
Frost Bow: increased condition duration and increased healing
Fiery Greatsword: increased power and condition damage
Earth Shield: increased vitality and toughness
Lightning Hammer: increased precision and critical damage

The changes that I suggest are as follows:
Elixir Gun: increased condition damage and healing
Flamethrower: increased power and critical damage
Tool Kit: increased vitality and power
Bomb Kit: increased toughness and power
Grenade Kit: increased precision and critical damage
Med Kit:  increased vitality and healing

The attributes of the kits should be equivalent to a blue/fine weapon of appropriate level, or possibly as much as five levels lower than character level, and increase as you level up.
As sPvP uses different equipment standards for weapons lacking from any statistical attributes, none of this should apply in sPvP.  We already have certain skills with slightly different effects from PvE to PvP, so keeping kits in their current form for PvP would not be an issue.
In addition, all characters should have an upgrade slot on their Hero Panel specifically for bundle/kit use.  At any time when a bundle or kit is in effect, the upgrade/sigil from this slot would apply.

This will place not just Engineers using kits on level a playing field with other professions, but everyone that ever uses a bundle for any reason.

Thoughts, comments and critiques are welcome.

NSFW looking for mature, thick skinned players

02 September 2012 - 11:32 PM

This message isn't, but we certainly are.

NSFW on Dragonbrand is an 18+ guild for people that don't want drama, and can take a joke or three without running off to cry.  Even better if you can toss some of those jokes yourself.  Adult humor and offensive language are commonplace in Vent, so if that will bother you, look somewhere else.

We're currently a very small guild focusing on PvE and looking to add a few members.
WvW and PvP will come into play after we've experienced a bit more of the content.
As we are adults with lives, current play time trend seems to be after work [North American time] and weekends at almost any hour.  If you're looking for a late night or daytime guild, look somewhere else unless you don't mid playing alone.  And if that's the case, why are you looking for a guild?

Despite swearing like sailors and lacking any sort of filter between their brains and mouths, guild members are quite helpful and friendly.  The same will be expected of any potential recruits.
Only one gimp will be allowed into the guild, and I already occupy that position, so come ready to play. ;)

If you send me a message here, I'm simply going to refer you to the site, so follow the link if you're interested.