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#1724260 The Question of Multi-Guilding

Posted shanaeri rynale on 13 August 2012 - 11:12 AM

If it helps, here is my Guild's (DVDF) policy on multi-guilding.

" Multi Guilding is a new feature for GW2. It allows a player to swap to any guild just by the click of a button. Any influence they then earn will go to their new Guild, and they will be only be able to see the Guild chat of their new Guild.
Basically it’s the same as leaving a GW1 guild, going to another guild to earn faction and then coming back without having to bother about re-invites.

DVDF will have an open policy to Multi-guilding in that we will let people go to whatever guild they wish, whenever they like. The only thing we will ask is that if someone is going to swap they drop a note in Guild chat saying something like ‘Just dropping into XXX guild, see you soon’ That way their friends know where they have gone and no one thinks they have rage quit Posted Image

While we would suggest officers and senior officers do not multi-guild for obvious reasons, they are not excluded but should first contact me so I know who is going to be available to cover us.

The only person NOT allowed to multi guild is me(the Guild Leader).

The onus is on all of us to make DVDF such a great place to be, that people will want to make us their main guild, but we’re also adult enough to realise that people have other friends and events they might want to join in and it’d be churlish and pointless to try and punish or stop them from doing so."