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#2173781 Sturdy Greatsword

Posted Nikephoros on 02 March 2013 - 09:06 PM

You have horrible DPS and useless defense traits.  Consider trying again.

#2033728 Thief solo unupgraded supply camp

Posted Wordsworth on 21 October 2012 - 10:20 PM

Anything wipes the floor with basic camps.

#2131474 Fractal Weapons should be able to be transformed into one another

Posted Guest 34905 on 30 December 2012 - 11:12 AM

Yup this is one of the perfect examples where Anet designed drops bad..
We can only hope they make them account bound, like they did with dungeon tokens.

#2004147 After 100s of hours, my final Guardian Build

Posted Strife025 on 08 October 2012 - 11:42 PM

Guardian "Anchor" Build through Altruistic Healing

Video Guide found below:

Speed runs of various dungeons can be found on my page so you can see the build in action, more are being added every week:

I have also received feedback on what builds we use for warriors and mesmers, my recent guide regarding this subject can be found in the respective subforum:
Updated 2/24/13:

This guide should provide you a starting point for running Guardian in an organized dungeon group that focuses on speed runs. Because of the nature of both traits and utilities, Guardian is the best "tanky" class to use as an anchor in organized dungeon runs. What this means is that typically in speed runs, you want one class that has higher toughness then the other 4 classes, and is built to survive while holding agro without giving up too much dps. This is what this build allows you to do, while giving the other party members freedom to run full berserker to focus on DPS. In my personal groups, we run 1 guard/3 war/1 mesmer as seen from my other guides and dungeon walkthroughs, while in high level fractals where reflections are key, this can be changed to 2 guard/2 war/1 mes. Below I will explain the reasoning behind my choices, and you also have the option to watch my various dungeon guides from different class perspectives to see how it all works out in a real world setting.

Build & Equipment:

Thanks to gw2buildcraft, you can now see all my gear and traits in the link above. Instead of listing everything out, I will explain why I went knights armor, berserker ascended gear, and list my full weapon choices below.

As far as gear goes, the reason you go for Berserker Ascended gear is because it has the highest crit damage ratios besides exquisite jewels, per below:
  • 5 stat points - upgrade slot of trinkets and backpack
  • 7 points - Ascended Back Piece
  • 8.5 stat points - Ascended Rings
  • 8.7 stat points - Ascended Earrings
  • 9.4 stat points - Ascended Amulet
  • 10 stat points- traits (not an equipment, but listed for comparison)
  • 12 stat points - glove, shoulder and boots
  • 12.8 stat points - 1H weapons and amulet
  • 13.33 stat points - Earring
  • 14 stat points - Backpack (rare version from guild armorsmith)
  • 14.22 stat points - 2H weapons
  • 14.4 stat points - Coat
  • 16 stat points - Ring, helm and legging
What this means is, you lose less minor stat points by going for berserker gear higher on the list if you are making a balanced build with knights/berserker pieces. With Knights weapons, I also have the ability to switch to ascended berserker earrings in the future when they are released, while still maintaining close to 3k armor and most likely having good berserker ratios still.

Soldier Runes are one of the best runes in my opinion, by having three AoE shouts which also remove conditions, it really frees up the utility slots of the other 4 members of your group. A big part of being a successful guardian, is watching that party window and knowing when to use shouts for both condition removal and also minimizing damage. These runes are also extremely valuable when running through trash of various dungeons, especially harder runs like in TA or Arah.

The following list are the weapons I use which are statted based on the situation/combination I use them in:
Greatsword with Power/Prec/Toughness and 5% crit chance sigil
Hammer with Power/Prec/Toughness and 5% crit chance
Staff with Prec/Vit/Healing and 50% energy on swap
Scepter with Power/Prec/Tough and 50% energy on swap
Focus with Power/Prec/Crit and 5% crit chance
Shield with Power/Tough/Vit and 5% crit chance
Sword with Power/Prec/Crit and Bloodlust +10 power stacks
Mace with Power/Tough/Vit and 30% chance to heal
I don't have/use a torch.

Knights gear (Power/Prec/Toughness) can be crafted or comes from SE and Arah dungeon tokens.
Berserker gear (Power/Prec/Crit Dmg) can be crafted or comes from CoF, CoE, and Arah dungeon tokens.

The reason I took the sigils I did in the weapons I did are because of the situations and combinations I use them in.

Greatsword and Hammer with 5% crit chance are their for both increased damage from criticals, and also because crit chance synergizes well with life steal food and AH.

Staff and Scepter with Energy Sigils are so I always have that extra dodge available when I need to get out of melee range. This allows me to instantly dodge + heal in any situation, sit back and stack might stacks with staff 4 (more heals) or range dps with scepter in the rare instance I need to get out of melee range because of low health.

By keeping the 5% crit chance runes on my offhand weapons, I will always have 5% crit with my 1-hand weapons.

Now this gear isn't set in stone for this build, this is just what I've found from play experience works for me and my group. Around 3k armor allows the Guardian to maintain agro from the 4 other berserker classes who have ~2100 armor (or less in the mesmer's case). The lower your armor value falls, the harder it is to maintain agro. 3k is a good balance with the current ascended gear that allows you to draw agro and still do respectable damage as the tanky anchor role.

If you need more survivability or don't have ascended gear, you can always go more knights jewelery. If you WvW alot, then arguably P/V/T gear is better then berserker as well, where more health is key and berserker gear on a guardian isn't really ideal. It just depends on your playstyle and what you enjoy doing.

Also for any high crit % class, Omnomberry Ghosts/Pies (or even lesser versions like Mixed Berry and Blackberry) are a key component to survival. <Edit> This food now has an internal cooldown of 1s, meaning you can only heal at most, once every second, which realistically, is probably more along the lines of ~1.5s on average. It is still the best food for getting back health in a high crit build though, so I still use it on all my classes for harder encounters. For pure damage, something like the 100 power/70 precision food will be better, or other pure damage foods when you don't need healing.

First off, the actual build is a typical boon/shout build that heals. This is NOT a pure support build, it is a tanky DPS build whose primary focus is to deal moderate damage while relieving pressure from your party as the anchor. Many people don't seem to realize how valuable Altruistic Healing is in a group setting, while both allowing you to passively support through shouts, soak damage, and still deal significant amounts of damage yourself.

The first thing you want is enough health to survive conditions and large spikes, but not spec too much health where it dimishes your effective hp from healing. In PvE vitality on gear isn't required, because of the lower amount of conditions in most instances and the fact that most large damage moves can be avoided through dodging. The toughness from all gear slots really helps to increase your e-hp because of the huge amount of heals the guardian has making toughness more valuable once you get an adequate hp pool. In addition, you have a large amount of power for direct damage and retaliation damage, plus precision (and bonus from the major trait) to push your crit chance up to levels where you will apply might stacks and life steal procs from crit a good amount of the time.

As far as Greatsword vs Hammer is concerned, they are good for different reasons. If you know you won't need ranged weapons at all, then having both on swap is ideal. In high level fractals if you run 2 guardians, you always want one with Hammer and one with GS, with Scepter/Focus or Shield on your offhand.

Greatsword's strength comes from it's AoE pull, the blind/leap, and the burst heal from Whirling Wrath coupled with Life Steal food.
Hammer's strength comes from near 100% protection uptime, more sustained healing from the symbol ticking on a 5 melee group, and Ring of Warding for certain pulls to interrupt groups of mobs.

Learning when each weapon is valuable is just something that comes from playing Guardian and getting your own experience. I will say that I primarily use Greatsword, Hammer, Staff, and Scepter/Focus and don't really touch the other weapons that often.

The main focus of this build is Altruistic Healing in the Valor Line. This coupled with the more crit based traits in the Honor line, and a high crit chance/toughness build, allows you to be the anchor for your group so that the other 4 members can focus on DPS.

With Altruistic healing your base heal per boon with this build is 72 for each boon per person (including yourself). In addition, all symbols which continuously proc 1 sec boons will heal at every tick and might stacks act as individual boons meaning 5 might stacks = 5x72.
Virtue of resolve = 102 per tick
Regeneration buff = 168 per tick
Dodge Roll Heal = 429 heal per roll in AoE

As you can see, we have a large amount of ways to keep sustained healing. If you are able to time your dodge rolls (also why I use superior sigil of energy on certain weapons) you can "tank" for a good portion of time, including protection boons.

The Honor line focuses more on cooldowns and utilizing crits through Empowering Might and Vigorous precision. You also have the option to run Pure of Voice which stacks with runes of the soldier in the rare case you need even more condition removal.

The main reason you put your last 10 points in virtues is for the excellent options that it gives you for reflects, which are key in a few named dungeons and a variety of fractals, especially at 30+. The added benefit is that all your virtues proc boons on your group, which is nice with AH as well.

Shouts will be the primary utility skills that you will be using. They synergize with AH to give you heals, provide valuable defensive boons for the entire party, and remove conditions with Soldier Runes.

The two shouts you will have on most of the time are 'Hold the Line' and 'Stand Your Ground'. These are both low cooldown to utilize condition removal, and 'Stand Your Ground' especially is valuable for a variety of boss and trash run encounters to prevent yourself from being knocked down or stunned.

Your third utility slot will be situational with either reflects, or 'Retreat'/'Save Yourselves'. Retreat should be used for trash running and for any fight where an extra Aegis would be extremely useful, like the Destroyer in CoE 3. 'Save Yourselves' is great for taking multiple conditions from your party, as a 2nd stun breaker, or for any fights where you really don't need an extra Aegis for the group and you find yourself holding more agro where the boon uptime would be more beneficial.

As far as reflects go, your primary options are either Wall of Reflection or Shield of the Avenger (Spirit Shield). In general, you will be using Wall of Reflection most of the time, because it actually reflects damage and has a shorter cooldown. On a few fractals, you will want both wall and shield up, which is most prevalent in the Harpy fractal. 100% reflection uptime from 2 guardians makes fractals like the harpy and shaman fractal extremely easy, which is one huge benefit of guardians in your group. Because Spirit Shield can now take damage and be destroyed, you do need to be smarter in it's placement so it will still absorb projectiles but not be hit by melee attacks.

The dungeons where I generally use reflects include:
- CM dungeon
- Certain bosses in TA
- Certain bosses in SE
- Magg Defend in CoF
- Certain bosses in HotW
- Certain bosses in Arah
- All of Harpy Fractal
- All of Dredge Fractal
- Both bosses in Shaman Fractal
- Both bosses in Swamp Fractal
- Situationally in Ascalon Fractal
- At the Ice Elemental in Snow Fractal
- Situationally in Colossus Fractal

There could be some areas I'm forgetting, but for the most part, those are the key areas where reflects are valuable. Part of learning the Guardian class is just knowing when you will need to swap skills for certain situations, which really applies to all classes.

This is obviously not the only way to play guardian, and for many people may not even be the "best." There are many other viable guardian builds based on a situation or playstyle. From my personal experience though, I believe this is the "best" build for me. It is highly flexible, does good damage, provides excellent support for a speed run group running 4 berserker classes, and can be used for a variety of settings.

Hopefully this will help some other guardians out, especially for running some of the harder dungeons in the game.

Good luck!

#2085034 Water combat. Does anyone care?

Posted Gerroh on 17 November 2012 - 05:31 PM

I like water combat. It certainly needs some help, but I love it and I'm still convinced that everyone who hates it is just bad at it.

#2060647 The new endgame dungeon on 15th Nov.

Posted Sevens on 04 November 2012 - 05:54 AM

View PostKnuckledust13, on 03 November 2012 - 06:30 AM, said:

I hope no one is getting their hopes too high, since we all know ArenaNet

Yes we know Anet...and how they have done all they can to remain faithful to the Manifesto, and we also know you....A troll who hates the game and yet sits on a message board dedicated to that game....Things that make you go hmmm

#2056593 25 Might Backstab

Posted Kutsus on 01 November 2012 - 08:15 PM

Yeah... while you're rolling around like an idiot, another theif could have already done the job without being completely worthless for 30s+ afterwards. Backstab builds are good enough without signet-dumping all of your utility slots.

#2051908 Kinda bored of the game already

Posted Krazzar on 30 October 2012 - 05:58 AM

View Postbcbully1, on 30 October 2012 - 04:35 AM, said:

some people expect there mmorpg to last longer than 2 months. Crazy huh?

Too bad they have the attention span of a goldfish and require more constant direction than a toddler. They should really set more realistic expectations considering their own traits.

#2038277 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted Woutman on 23 October 2012 - 08:50 PM

In GW1, all you got guaranteed was a hat. You still have your free hat. And on top of that some nice weapon skins to work towards.

If you're going to compare, at least do it properly.

#2030406 Where are Weekly Events? Mad King won't cut it!

Posted MrLudas on 19 October 2012 - 10:05 PM

"So far you've dissapointed the crowd" Nah kid they only disappointed you. Im sure you dont know one thing about makings games or an mmo for that matter. Its not point and click, creating content takes time. Grow up.

#2024443 kind of getting bored already.

Posted Krazzar on 17 October 2012 - 04:27 AM

There are many people that miss the point of a game in this thread. The end result of the activity is not the  main motivation, the activity itself is the motivation. f you don't like the activity don't do it, it's that simple. If you're rushing or grinding you only have yourself to blame, there are tons of things to do before you get to level 80 or get a legendary weapon. Only focusing on those long-term goals in the short term acts only to torture yourself.  GW2 seems to have too much freedom, even more than GW1, and that leaves people lost and confused. There is plenty to learn and discover in the game, but instead of taking the time to explore and discover people would rather think there's nothing to do and rush and grind until they're burned out. I don't think most people even know you can start events by talking to NPCs in the world, even the ones that run up to players.

I know many people get ahead of themselves, though, and don't allow themselves to just enjoy the game. Because of that adding more content won't help the problem, it's just more stuff people will ignore while completing the most narrow and obvious of goals. Some poeple might come back for new content, but missing the point twice isn't any better than missing the point once. As with GW1 Anet put too much faith in the majority of players in GW2.

#2003259 Social Failure?

Posted Krazzar on 08 October 2012 - 06:57 PM

What's funny is in zones that are made far easier with grouping people refuse to do it and instead complain about how hard they are. Grouping leads to socialization, yet people avoid it like the plague. Even in GW1 people didn't want to be social, all they wanted were heroes from early on.

Again Anet overestimated the playerbase. They expected them to join multiple guilds and treat those guilds like player hubs and clubs but instead people just run around like chickens with their heads cut off and claim there is nothing to do because they don't go five feet off the beaten path. Anet should have designed the game around a gaggle of headless chickens, but then everyone would complain there is no freedom in the game, so it's just a no-win situation for Anet. The entire game should have been made more difficult to encourage grouping early on and continue to encourage grouping, but that opens the game up to another build wars and all the other stupid things people do more. It's quite simply a no-win unless people start to think...so it's a no-win.

#1991715 Anet: "DR hitting normal players is a bug, we are not against farming"

Posted Lordkrall on 04 October 2012 - 09:36 AM

View PostWitch Slayer, on 04 October 2012 - 07:21 AM, said:

Hopefully this will shut up fanboys like OP who kept babbling about how we were playing the game wrong.

And hopefully this will shut up all the whiners shouting about how the DR destroys the game and makes the game worthless?

#1986791 The DR Controversy

Posted Valaedryn on 02 October 2012 - 04:01 PM

The crowd complaining about DR looks like those complaining about “no end game” – a complaint that has reared its ugly head in this thread already.  I detest that idea: “Main” content reserved for max level characters... asinine.  I heard it for the first time when I started playing WoW (and my first reaction was “well that sounds f*ing stupid).  Can you guess what I found when I got to their cherished “end game?”  I hate grind!  Yeah, that awful concept of “playing” the SAME dungeon over and over and over again... That is one reason I gravitated to the more entertaining and dynamic BG fields (and some Arena).. I originally liked that I could earn better PvP gear... then realized that there was a new PvP gear grind EVERY time they released an expansion.. and a few times in between with each new “season.”  Oh.. and that only resulted in more time to get stomped by the *** people who play the game 24 hours a day and already got the best possible PvP gear...  
*Quote from Blizzard: “yeah, we know you spent a lot time earning the best possible gear, but.... F* you... No, really... We have to create more meaningless gear/content to keep these sheep paying our subscription fee every month.”

I saw someone mention in another thread that there is a lot of WoW hate on the GW2 forums... well I think it is here for a reason.  We got sick of/burnt out from that awful treadmill (sooner or later) now we found a game that we can enjoy in GW2 – and perhaps there is some resentment toward having a portion of our lives stolen ... deceived into being chained to a treadmill...  (Of course, that is in addition to WoW being on top for too long... and Pandaria... really?  Pandaria?  That’s a joke – they aren’t even taken themselves seriously.  Kung-Fu pandas...removing talent trees... they are just mocking subscribers now...  It looks like something my 4 year old might enjoy though...)  I digress ...

The term “end game” doesn’t belong in GW2. I was predictably elated when Anet said that this game is designed to be fun the entire way through – NOT just about what you can do after you get to max level... and they delivered.  Not only is the combat/system fun and the world so beautiful and great to explore... add their meta-event zone bosses .. they made the entire play through/leveling fun.

I have a level 80 human guardian, and several others ranging from levels 15 – 40.  There is still so much that I want to on just the 80 guardian!   I just got Weaponsmith and  Armorsmith to 400 and have some Ecto’s – excited to craft my first exotics soon... and I’ve “farmed” plenty to get materials (but I did it during progression, so it didn’t feel “grindy” at all)..  I still want to do more dungeons (only went through a few story modes so far)... I just tried WvW and I know I will enjoy that for many months if not years (loved BGs in WoW.. and this game/combat is just so much better) ... and then there is sPvP.  I loved plowing through my first several ranks in just a couple hours, and am looking forward to unlocking more PvP armor/weapon “skins” and titles and getting into some more serious competition...  There  is so much to do.. and THEN I still want to play through with all of my Alts AND more PvP with each class..

And here is key factor - I want to do all of this to ENJOY the CONTENT... because the game is actually FUN... I’m not just strung along chasing gear that is only available after requisite grind time...  (but I still have the option to spend extra time if I want some more cool looking gear...  but I can do that at my leisure without a subscription fee...)

*(not really a quote from Blizzard)

#1979561 Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

Posted Valaedryn on 29 September 2012 - 04:51 PM

The game is great, fun, thriving.

The "state of the forums" is something different.  Foremost, I’d like to give this most helpful advice to everyone reading these forums:

Ignore threads with subjects that are complaints or “questions” about overall game problems or “the future of the game...” etc.

I’ll explain why.

We can reach a consensus that there are groups that have a vested interest (which would include potential financial gain) in hurting the GW2 community by using/spreading negativity..  one effective way of accomplishing that is by spreading negativity in forums, as explained below.

First, if you do have a legitimate complaint and you enjoy the game but just want to see a change which you believe would make an improvement, then your posts/topics are written constructively – clearly identifying the specific mechanic that you believe could be improved, telling us why, and making a suggestion for improvement.

No one that is interested in seeing a game thrive creates threads with vaguely negative connotations about the overall game or its “health.”  We know from experience in group management (marketing and anti-PR people know this...) that such deceptively suggestive questions plant seeds that fester and grow in many minds.  
Those threads have headlines that read like tabloids or newspapers - almost professionally executed to draw attention no matter what the reader’s initial perception might be. That is often accomplished with a negative statement made in the form of a question... it is a tired old trick still used by sensationalized media to goad masses...
Whether or not you would logically decide to read a hundred worthless posts, there is something that draws us to these and we end up clicking on threads with titles like:
"Does everyone hate this thing that you are really enjoying?"  or
"Do you want to know why you are not actually enjoying this game?..."
(reductio ad absurdum – most such thread titles are more clever than this..)

We can then be left with a feeling negativity, regardless of what we actually felt about the game by/while playing it...  and then little things that could be simple fixes (or not actually problems at all...) become “Huge game-breaking problems”  So we start to notice it while we are playing.. and begin feeling we are experiencing the same “terrible” thing that “one post was talking about...”  .. That is the power of suggestion.

It would be great if forum moderators could simply delete such threads...