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Did the prices on cultural weapons change?

30 August 2012 - 08:58 AM

I've been eyeballing the lvl 40 karma weapons for days and I swear the prices changed with this update tonight from being reasonable to being where I can't afford one despite doing about 1 billion events.

I've looked at that vendor (in DR) several times and almost bought stuff today in prep and now I wish I would've.  It was ~760 per weapon...I've been telling guildies while looking at it.  Several times.  WTF.

So basically, unless my eyes have decieved me repeatedly...a bunch of people who rushed thru the game were able to buy super cheap weapons at less than 10% of the cost they are now.  Maybe the prices were wrong but what about all the people who got to buy them for so low?

I can see why ANet doesn't put their forums up.

Between this kind of thing, earning zero influence for days for my guild due to their bug with leaders and getting zero compensation for it, trading post down, mail down,and whatever else, I'm starting to be a less than happy camper.

How does scaling work for gear?

30 August 2012 - 07:38 AM

How does scaling work for gear?  Is it an across the board reduction or something more dynamic?

For ex, if you're character is 40 and getting scaled down to 30, does each piece of gear get proportionally scaled such that lvl 40 gear is treated as 30 and if you had lvl 32 gear it would get treated like 24?

Does it scale or cap?  If a 40 player is scaled to 30, is any gear 30-40 treated like 30, capped so to speak.

Scaled proportionately, or capped.

Ignore Guild Invites Option

03 August 2012 - 07:11 PM

I'd imagine this has been brought up before.

Many MMORPGs have an option that lets you flat out guild invites.  I would like to see GW2 have such an options.

It's really annoying when rude people spam you with guild invites, usually without even saying a word, just boom...join our guild of scrubs that invites anyone with a pulse.

I bounced between a few alts yestarday during the stress day (aug 2) and each time I had a guild invite from the same guild the moment I got into the game - almost like they had some script or bot going on.  Freakin' annoying.

I've looked into the lore and know where the title "guild wars" comes from...so let us not make "guild wars" be the war of declining guild invites from invite spammers.