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#2339025 Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Posted Phineas Poe on 12 September 2014 - 03:54 PM

View PostAzure Skye, on 11 September 2014 - 02:31 AM, said:

i see criticism but i dont see anyone coming up with ideas with fixing them, we know that know that anet doesnt like how the starter areas were and the leveling process and your story are coming and how they are.

Whine but i dont see ideas to fix it.

I think we've given a pretty good summation of the problems of Guild Wars 2's endgame and how to fix them, actually. If they choose not to implement anything like it, that's fine. I'll be happy playing ArcheAge (on Kyrios West) until they do, alongside digging through my backlog until Everquest Next releases.

But thanks for the valuable input.

#2338512 Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Posted AsgarZigel on 09 September 2014 - 05:24 AM

Yeah, it's nice changes overall, but nothing mind-blowing. I'll probably just wait until the next Living Story update, I liked Season 2 fine so far. I'd rather have a few hours of decent content every few weeks than repeating the same stuff over and over.

I think if they bunch up these updates into a single feature pack, they really need some new feature that gets attention, though. Like Precursor crafting or new skills / traits.

#2338476 What future do you want in GW2? A comprehensive poll...

Posted Alex Dimitri on 08 September 2014 - 06:22 PM

This feature pack like others before him added some stuff but none of it was essential.
Anet`s fixation on Living Story made GW2 so underdeveloped game, 2 years Live and we only got two tiny maps to actually expand the world of Tyria !!!
Shame really if you take in consideration that every LS they bring doesn`t give more than 30 - 45 min gameplay and certainly do not bring anything close to challenge why they are so fixated on it ? ? ?
Anet repeat`s over and over that it`s listening to playerbase but their actions speaks different........

For me it`s really simple i supported every game i played with ($) of course when i was satisfied with what they bring to the table, i have GW1 (complete) and i spend over that just to say i`m happy !

GW2 will not see a penny from me simply because i do not want to pay to craft damn things, and do world events over and over again, dungeons are not rewarding (i don`t and i never did run dungeons for coin on the end of it) fractals are same, WvW is stale because you always know winner (even before start) sPvP has only one mode (which is totally silly) and list goes on.......

If Anet want me as happy camper (and i guess i`m not alone on this) here`s few hints:

2.Guild Halls (home instance sucks big time)
3.Hard Core dungeons (possibly raid party`s)
4.More sPvP modes (use your imagination)
5.Balance game (giving meaning to any other build besides Berserker ) note:this doesn`t mean nerf Zerker more !!!
6.Open new zones (large chunks not some crappy little maps with silly achievements)
7.Rework reward system (getting blue/green item after investing 2hrs in let`s say Fractals is bitter disappointment)
8.STOP with crafting everything (crafting is usually the most boring part of any game, and no matter what you craft (Legendary) it wouldn`t make you happy as you actually getting it as a DROP !!!

#2337564 (How) Would you recommend GW2?

Posted Konzacelt on 30 August 2014 - 05:42 AM

View PostI post stuff, on 27 August 2014 - 12:50 AM, said:

Either way what you wrote about GW2 being made by people that replaced the old GW1 team and subsequently ran it into the ground just doesn't cut it. It's obvious.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

So...if like 80% of the devs are new blood, but 20% are old, that still counts as the same devs???  You need to work for politicians.  I get that Izzy was entrenched in skill balancing...that was his job.  But to say that no one else, above below or even with him, could have a say in the exponential skill power creep of GW1 is silly.  He obviously had balancing issues, how he kept that job is beyond me.  And to reward him with more responsibilities for the "next gen GW game" doesn't reflect so much on the core GW team as it does on the GW2 crowd.

I really don't know how you don't see that given GW2's skill meta.

#2337804 Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Posted Phineas Poe on 02 September 2014 - 04:24 AM

View PostCalypso589, on 02 September 2014 - 12:56 AM, said:

1. The beginning of flame and frost started just as slow if not slower than the start of the current season. Complaints back then were the same as the complaints you have about the beginning of season 2. Namely that it's slow. I said then the same things i'm saying now which is that people should wait and see and voila! People such as yourself are now touting achievements such as Marionette or SAB so I wouldn't complain about only getting Dry Top so far.

Yes, the LS1 began with hammering signposts and ended with an open-world group-coordinated raid boss. When the LS2 was announced, we expected that it would build on the content we saw from January through March (Wurm, Marionette, Scarlet). We did not expect that we would be metaphorically going back to fixing signs, especially since they took four months to prepare for this season.

When taking under consideration what they got done on two month cycles, we did expect a couple new zones and some new dungeons or a raid boss. Of course, we all expected the first few releases to be a slow burn that would pick up, but we are now halfway through S2 of the Living Story and we are no closer to fighting Mordremoth than we were back in March. We have one zone, similar to Southsun, where there is nothing to do there unless you care about the zone-specific rewards. And while everyone is sitting and waiting for more new zones and possibly a dungeon or two, they make us spend an entire month running around cities and talking to NPCs instead.

And our outrage is "unreasonable?" I get it that you haven't really been around much the past year, but as someone that has, and as someone that has been relatively active this is the poorest showing of support for this game I've seen. They've taken more months off from PvE updates than they have actually delivering content, and what content they've put out has been woefully inferior to what we got at the beginning of 2014. Now balance patches only occur every six months, and all WvW is getting in this feature pack are new traps and siege golem mastery.

A very stark trend is developing, and it's not a very pretty one.

It was acceptable that the LS1 was slow to start in large part due to the fact that the game was still new. Fractals and Guild Missions were what took up the majority of our time, and a lot of players still hadn't gotten a legendary yet. A lot of the game's content was still fresh, and most players hadn't gotten everything they'd wanted yet out of WvW and PvP. It was acceptable for the LS1 to suck to start because there was enough to do in the game even without it; and it's why despite the fact that most releases of the LS1 were mediocre that people like myself still regularly played the game three to four days a week.

But dungeons, fractals, and guild missions aren't fresh anymore. WvW and PvP haven't gotten any real hardcore overhauls outside of WXP and rank point changes. And what new content we've gotten has pushed those gametypes in the wrong direction (Skyhammer, Edge of the Mists). It's also important to mention that there wasn't a four month gap where we got literally nothing at any point before the LS1 began.

We expected that the feature pack was going to implement some of these overhauls just in the same way the April feature pack redefined the game in a lot of ways (wardrobe, account-wide legendaries and WXP, etc.) but instead we're getting commander colors and a crafting UI overhaul. Yay?

I'm really glad we're taking another break for that.

You said the Dragonsreach was the type of content you've always wanted, but it was by and far one of their worst content releases to date, LS1 included. Part 1 was nothing but a series of conversation pieces separated by open world fetch/collection quests. The end boss fight was even a recycled boss fight from the starting charr instance. Part 2 was hardly any better being mostly dialogue. The end boss fight, granted, was enjoyable, but ten minutes of quality content is hardly something we should be happy about.

There was absolutely no reason why the Dragonsreach should have been spread out over a month anyway.

View PostCalypso589, on 02 September 2014 - 12:56 AM, said:

You DO NOT know how long the content in season 1 was actually in development for prior to being released. It could very well have been ready or at least fully conceptualized LONG before we even heard a rumor of it.

You can't compare the rate at which content was shipped in season one with the rate at which content is being shipped during season 2 without knowing the development process which brings me back to my main point.

Actually, we did know the development process. They were very forthcoming about that and they still are. The LS1 had 4 teams of 20ish people that were developing content on two month cycles. That was how they managed to release content every two weeks. They've gone back to only having one team for the LS2, and that meant we all thought the majority of the team were hard at work to make this feature pack something big.

So much for that.

I really don't mean to be so negative, and if you ask people around I was very supportive of ArenaNet and their direction for quite a long time. I would defend this game for pages. So please be careful about who you call unreasonable or pessimistic.

#2337810 Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Posted draxynnic on 02 September 2014 - 05:24 AM

View Postturbo234, on 31 August 2014 - 08:28 PM, said:

When I see each update, I continue to feel like the game was not ready to release. The "expansion pack worth of content" is not accurate to me. They added a few areas sure, but each update seems to be the same thing, a couple of small quests and a new group of weapons. As some have said, there is too much that they are avoiding for the time being, and I have stepped away with hopes that one day they really start addressing the bigger things, and really adding content. Classes, continents, skills, weapons etc. An area every half a year doesn't exactly add up. They had a good system with gw1, I'm not sure why they strayed so far from it.
The profession side of things is a little unfair - ArenaNet said right at the beginning of GW2's development that adding two professions every six months was clearly untenable in the long run - partly because of the balancing issues, and partially because, let's be fair, making a complete profession, including coming up with a theme, playstyle, and mechanics, then implementing that, both in the form of character models and in skill animations, is a lot of work. Thus, they explicitly stated that they were aiming to cover every playstyle that fit within the philosophy and mechanics of GW2 among the professions available on release, and then were only likely to introduce a new profession if they found they'd missed something that couldn't be filled by existing professions (and having different effects while following a similar playstyle don't count).

On the whole, I think they did a good job there. Not perfect - there are certainly gaps - but they're not ones that are particularly easy to fill. I've sketched out a few as mental exercises, but most either come out looking like an existing profession with the serial numbers filed off, or involve new mechanics that wouldn't necessarily be easy to implement. Note that back in the day I made pretty good predictions on both the mesmer and engineer - so while I'm still only one person, I've probably got a reasonably good handle on their thought processes there.

Continents, especially continents plural, I can accept the argument of the maps taking longer to make than GW1 maps. I'm not convinced the difference is so great as to be the difference between Factions and Nightfall on one hand, and Mad King's Labyrinth, the Wintersday stuff, Southsun, MF, Labyrinthine Cliffs, Queen's Pavilion, the two Aetherblade dungeons, Thaumanova fractal, Tower of Nightmares, Dry Top, Edge of the Mists, and assorted changes to existing maps on the other, but I can accept the argument there.

Skills and weapons, now... as I've said, development work that went into making the special effects for things like finishers and permanent harvesting tools could have gone into effects for new skills. Balancing would, of course, be an issue, but that may be a swing that goes both ways - from my observations some of the hardest professions to balance do seem to be the ones that have fewer options (because they tend to be very good at what they do well with those options, but take that away and they don't have much to fall back on), and giving them more options makes them less reliant on the style of any particular build.

Regarding what ArenaNet is doing with a 'tech debt': that might well be a reason, but as has been said before:

1) People will tend to judge based on the industry standard. Consider working at a job - an employer isn't going to have much sympathy for your special circumstances if you're underperforming, unless you give them good reason to believe that those circumstances are something you can get past and then your performance will pick up. And ultimately, a business is paid by its paying customers. If ArenaNet is underperforming because of something they expect to get around, then they should give us reason to expect that they will at some stage get past it and resume acceptable performance.

2) Unless given reason to do otherwise, people will base their expectations of future performance from past performance. This is partly where all the GW1 comparisons come from, which may be a spot where past exceptional performance is biting them on the foot. Now, though, most players are basing their future expectations for GW2 on the past two years, and a lot of people are growing sceptical that ArenaNet has any long-term plans for the game to speak of. If ArenaNet doesn't want people to base their expectations for the future of the game on the past - they have to give them a reason to.

Both these points, as you'll note, come back to the culture of secrecy. Now, I can appreciate that having people screaming on your forum about broken promises can be uncomfortable if you promise something and then you can't deliver... but in practical terms, I don't think such situations are really making anything worse except in giving the people who are unhappy something specific to voice their discontent over. The person who complains that something that was promised and that they were looking forward to got delayed or canned entirely is a person who may already have left under the culture of secrecy when they were given no rational reason to believe that what they expected was on the horizon at all.

At the moment, we have no rational reason to expect anything more than more of the same. No new races, no significant changes in skills, no new content beyond the rate we're currently getting. We may be wrong, but we have no reason to think otherwise.

For the record, my perspective is quite different to Poe's: most of my play has been either solo or as part of small guilds that have traditionally been made of people who knew each other from this or other communities - thus, usually relying on a core of players who play regularly and are willing to help each other out to achieve objectives. Such small guilds, however, tend to be quite sensitive to having people drop out of the game and losing critical mass as a result (particularly when people are in different timezones)... and this is something that's definitely been happening. This means that, to an extent, I'm actually content with the material that's been released so far being mostly soloable or open-world content - because my guilds have more or less fallen apart, this means I can still experience the story when I might not be able to if dungeon parties were required.

However, I'd really like it if GW2 was able to actually retain players like GW1 did, so that at least one of those guilds can recover and/or the next one I'm involved in doesn't have the specter looming over it of losing critical mass like previous ones did.

And, for the record, among many of those, I'm known as the person - in some cases the one person - who actually still has some faith whatsoever in the company. I'm here arguing because I haven't reached the point of not caring any more - I know several people who haven't. So that's a context to keep in mind - the people who are still here to argue are mostly those who do still want the company to succeed. The doom-and-gloomers declared their prophecy fulfilled and left months ago.

As I noted last page: one of you has set a date at which they'd start to get discontented, so the main difference between us is really a matter of where we set the time limit. Give it six, twelve, eighteen months, and you may well be in the position we are. How many people will then be in the same position you are now?

#2337765 Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Posted Haggus on 01 September 2014 - 03:16 PM

View PostCalypso589, on 01 September 2014 - 06:52 AM, said:

I hold Anet to high standards but i'm also not unreasonable.

My ignorance (scratch that) OUR ignorance as players towards development behind the scenes obligates us to be a little less....what's the word......bitchy.

Call it making excuses but I prefer to take the wait and see approach rather than whine and call a developer's standards or priorities into question out of some unquenchable thirst for content since realistically the only option out of the two that will yield useful results is the former. After all, the threads on the official forums that typically get attention are the ones that are constructive and opinionated without being overly ignorant or rude.

I'm hoping what they do in the future meets your standards as it appears they are VERY high.

Wait-and-see is fine at release.  After two years, for me, I'm done with wait-and-see.  I'm at the "they need to s%$t or get off the pot" phase.  The China release, and all the tech mods that are bound to hit here, are the only thing keeping me around a few months.  Who knows?  The China release might be why we got what we did, so far, in LS2. As for high standards, if people didn't hold them to high standards, or they didn't hold themselves to such, how crappy a game do you think this would be?

Also, remember this: people don't complain about games they don't care about, or don't want to succeed.  The Navy has a saying: a happy sailor is a b------- sailor.  It's when the b------- stops that you have to worry.  That's when they just don't care.

#2337795 Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Posted Phineas Poe on 01 September 2014 - 10:12 PM

View PostCalypso589, on 01 September 2014 - 06:52 AM, said:

I hold Anet to high standards but i'm also not unreasonable.


I'm hoping what they do in the future meets your standards as it appears they are VERY high.

This is so bullshit.

They developed LS1 content on very strict time frames of 2-3 months, starting with Guild Missions in the early months of 2013. From that point onward we got Edge of the Mists, Molten Facility, Southsun Cove, Labyrinthine Cliffs, Super Adventure Box World 1 and 2, the Aetherblade Retreat, Marionette, Scarlet, Wurm, Tequatl 2.0, the Thaumanova Fractal, and Twilight Arbor Aetherpath. That was all released in the span of roughly one year. Nobody complained about the quantity of this content; most criticism was that it was temporary, or that what was spread out between these events were largely fluff.

I cannot establish this enough: I played this game for 4000 hours over the past 2 years in large part because of this stuff. But the LS2 has me sitting on my hands wondering how I'm going to keep my guild interested in this game. We had to start coming up with new events to do together as a guild, but GW2 isn't a sandbox. It doesn't really facilitate player-driven content, and reward for this stuff were coming out of our own pockets.

Just for some perspective: Scarlet Briar died in March. We haven't seen shit from ArenaNet since except for Dry Top. I cannot stress enough how slow the past six months have been from a guild management perspective. With the megaserver there is very little incentive to do open world content as a guild, and we haven't seen a new fractal or dungeon in quite some time.

Is it really "unreasonable" to ask that they dedicate six months of their FULL resources and come out with a few new dungeons or some fights equal to Marionette? I mean seriously. If 20 people can put together Wurm in 2-3 months, if what the LS1 teams did was only a mere fraction of the staff, then it's hardly unreasonable to think that they could be doing more. A lot more.

To position it differently, Guild Wars 2 was a completely different game between the start of 2013 and the start of 2014. Ascended gear, the megaservers, Wurm, Lion's Arch blown up, etc. etc.

Now think about the start of 2014 and what can be reasonably done within the span of the next 3 months. Do you think the start of 2014 and the start of 2015 will be all that different, at least remotely distant as 2014 was to 2013? Because I don't see it. Since March we've gotten one new map and some personal story instances. It's all right, but it's not enough. And when is the next feature patch that will actually have the stuff we care about like precursor crafting? Another six months at least!

#2337282 Blizzard improving on ANET's Concepts

Posted Averath on 28 August 2014 - 02:49 AM

If I'm going to receive threats to be kicked for representing another guild, then I'm not going to be a member of that guild for very long.

The simple fact is that you either make a guild with selfish intentions, which basically means you're using other people to build up influence rather than buying it yourself, or you're intending to use it as a personal guild. Or you make a guild for others. If you make a guild for other people, and people are convinced to leave your guild for another, then there is an underlying reason why they left and that is something you need to consider addressing. Why did they leave? If they liked it in your guild they wouldn't have left. It's as simple as that.

I'm a member of five guilds. I have a personal guild, a member of one of the Tequatl Terror Squads that doesn't require 100% rep, a member of a server-wide community guild that doesn't require 100%, and a guild I represent 99% of the time, but still doesn't require 100% rep. When you require 100% rep, you're effectively telling your members that they're not allowed to participate in community events, or participate in guild missions if they're not capable of doing so with your guild. Perhaps your guild is primarily active at a time a player is asleep, but they enjoy being a part of your guild regardless. Why should they suffer because you feel the need to monopolize their time?

#2337044 GW2 has a content, not a feature problem.

Posted Calypso589 on 26 August 2014 - 01:48 PM

When it comes to expansions (since thats clearly what we're talking about here lol) if we look at the MMOs of today and even yesterday and compare when their first xpacs launched, it becomes evident that GW2, for all we know, is RIGHT on track.

WoW didnt see The Burning Crusade until 3 years after it launched.
RIFT saw Storm Legion two and a half years after launch.
The NA release of TERA's first expansion will be out by the end of 2014
SWTOR saw its first expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, just this past April.

Interestingly enough, the closest thing to Anet's content model is the ever belived EVE online. Similar to the LS content and feature updates, EVE has also released content and feature updates of varying sizes. All free of charge (for the sake of argument im excluding buying episodes with gems since the assumption can be made that Anet's core playerbase is there when it's relevant.

I would imagine that not all of EVE's updates were met with universal acclaim, much like GW2.

But going back to expandions, as per the exsmples Ive given, there is nothing to suggest that Anet isn't on shedule to deliver an expansion sometime in 2015 , at the game's 3 year mark.

It wouldnt come any faster or slower than any of their competitors.

Furthermore, those concerned about how content has been delivered piecemeal via the LS, keep in mind that there's nothing to suggest a LS update will never open up whole continents as a traditional expansion would.

My advice to all of you is to give them the benefit of the doubt. The game has only just entered its third year. Give them that year.

Then in August 2015, if theres nothing substantial to speak of nor any announcement made, I will join the rabble and ask just whàt IS going on.

#2336321 (How) Would you recommend GW2?

Posted rukia on 21 August 2014 - 09:36 PM

At least there were different OP builds to face in GW1

In GW2 it's 6 months of the same shit, no hyperbole, no lies, it literally takes ANet 6 months these days to make even minor pvp changes.

I just came back after an extremely long break and everything is the same LMAO

I was amazed by all those pvp modes they've added, and now I gotta spend gems to see the living story lol? whatever it's probably just as garbage as the scarlet fiasco.

You know there's a major issue with this games pvp when it's basically as dead if not more so than GW1's right now.

... off to play all those new dungeons and skill sets! owait

e; sorry, I totally spaced the topic. I would not recommend this game to any real friend of mine, this game is still missing important features like particle slider, player trading, end game, etc. and the RNG is beyond korean levels bad.. why would I want to put a friend through a game still in alpha and not even sure if it's western or not.

#2335085 A Rewrite. Because it Needs it. Yesterday

Posted Calypso589 on 11 August 2014 - 12:51 AM

We all know that Anet's writers are frikking awful and the common meme said is "I can do better."

Well I decided to literally do better by reworking a particularly painful piece of writing that I received in my mail today as I was finishing Dragon Reach part 1.

The photo shows the original letter. Below that is my rewrite, written to show more logic and less stupidity.


"My friend, it appears that the Pale Tree has deemed it necessary that I attend the summit you are arranging to discuss Mordremoth and the ever quickening expansion of his corruption. I am eager to see what results a gathering of such influential and respected representatives of our world's diverse populace may bring, though I suppose in the end there can only be one acceptable outcome.

Though the Pact was formed of similar allegiances to face down Zhaitan, we are still only but a piece of the whole of Tyria. We are her sword and shield but not her mind, nor her body. Mordremoth demands Tyria's full attention. I am confident my presence at the summit will assist you in convincing everyone of this as I have little doubt they they'll want an update on how the Pact plans to move forward.

In doing so, I will stress the importance of a united offensive against this perversion of nature. If you'll please meet with me in the Grove prior to the summit, I shall brief you personally.

I look forward to our meeting.


#2335103 A Rewrite. Because it Needs it. Yesterday

Posted Calypso589 on 11 August 2014 - 06:17 AM

View PostAlexei Hart, on 11 August 2014 - 02:26 AM, said:

Idk, I think the original fits with the pretentious superior royal shmuckness that Trahearne develops over the course of the PS. He's just a terribly-written character all around.

I like yours, but it attributes intelligence to him that he just doesn't have.

Consider what I've written to be in the context of a game that doesn't have shat writers, then it won't seem out of place. lol

"With the added firepower, we won't lose as many as we did fighting Zhaitan."

What the hell Arenanet? lmao
How very encouraging coming from the leader of the pact -____- He knows how to inspire people and make them feel great.

Then there's that initial conversation with the Pale Tree where we pretty much establish that she's clueless and useless instead of mysterious and insightful as she should be.

Nope. She's an idiot. lol

Sorry..........I get so aggravated because it's so friggin easy to create smart, engaging dialogue and everything I read feels like it was written the day before the patch. No thought behind it at all.

#2332427 Help me pinpoint this...

Posted MCBiohazard on 16 July 2014 - 08:53 PM

View PostUkerric, on 16 July 2014 - 01:01 PM, said:

Yes, and some of us consider this to be worthy of a separate game. If you are going to be the hero of your own story, then why not. Let's have your story. But why should this story be in a MMO format when the whole type of storytelling literally screams for a single-player game?

My beef isn't really that they attempted a single player roleplaying narrative, that was the whole appeal of the 'personal' story after all. I just think they made a huge fundamental single player roleplaying narrative mistake by trying to shift the focus of that narrative away from the player onto a NPC who should have been there to support said player instead of the other way around. I'm repeating myself again but no NPC should ever overshadow the player in a story that is supposed to be about the player. They can be more powerful or more influential but their purpose in the narrative should ultimately be to develop the player, not the reverse.

#2331857 GW2 has a content, not a feature problem.

Posted Alleji on 13 July 2014 - 05:24 PM

GW2 will always have a content issue because of the way it is designed.

Game has no replayability, so whatever content they put out is going to be played through quickly and left behind and it's impossible to produce content faster than players will go through it if there's no replayability. The worst part is that the content they already produced in the past isn't even there anymore for new players or players who took a break.

I don't think it's even possible to create content with high replayability value ("endless grind" doesn't qualify) in GW2 without overhauling the core of the game. It just wasn't designed that way and changing it now seems way too late. It needed to happen in 2012.