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Hackers, WvW Season II and Anet's apathy

19 March 2014 - 12:05 AM

WvW has always had it's share of hackers but it seems that this issue has became more dire lately. It's no longer just one or two flying mesmers per month. Now some fights are plagued by perma invisible foes who troll everyone in the map for periods of several hours.
See for example

There is no way to deal with these hackers as they are invisible and the game doesn't even have a "report for hacking" option. And even if there was, it probably wouldn't matter: Anet is apathetic on the matter except for the infractions they put on players who dare to talk about this in the offical forums.
I find it's disgusting how Anet banned the jute farmers and let real exploiters run rampant. It seems that exploiting is fine as long as it doesn't directly affect the item mall sales.
What do you think about the matter, does cheating affect your gaming desires and do you think there is anything community can do about it?
Personally I find this rather game breaking: the game clearly is not ready for another WvW season.  If people complain enough, then perhaps Anet does something about this.

Using 3rd party software to map certain keys. Allowed?

20 September 2012 - 08:57 PM

So, I have noticed GW2 does not allow you to map scroll wheel and certain other buttons. Hence I have used 3rd party programs to solve this problem. These programs simply simulate a key press when I scroll the wheel. Not as good as mouse with a lot of buttons, but it's sufficient.
Now, is this ok by the rules of GW2?