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How Zhaitan looks [Spoiler heavy]

31 August 2012 - 06:16 PM

I don't know if anyone posted images of Zhaitan before. Could very well be since the encounter is very easy on normal.
Just wanted to share these images for anyone who is interested. =)




A Gamers Mindset

24 July 2012 - 11:12 AM

In life we have to learn about everything new we stumble across.
If we want to cook something we have to learn how to do that.
If we want to play basketball we need training.
And if we want to play an instrument we have to practise that as well.

Yet when it comes to gaming, a lot of people think that you have to just start the game and pwn stuff. If this is not the case, people get angry. They flame the game designer, they flame the game, they flame the opponent.
They state, that certain parts of the game are too hard or "need to be changed or else..".
Parts of the GW2Guru community show this behaviour extensively.

People say "I'm from a GW background and click to walk was far superior, also why the hell is my character not auto running behind a target and I have to do everything on my own? This is not good!."
The complain covered as "constructive criticism" (seems to be the new hip word) is basically the same as "I'm not able to get the ball into the basket, this is not thought out, the basket needs to be bigger".
In both cases it is very obvious that skill needed to play the game would be reduced, if the mechanics were changed.

The difference is that as a basketball player I don't need to worry about someone deciding that the basket really needs to be bigger. In games, there is always the probability of the game developer giving in to the sea of tears.

Gamers seem to have the mindset that every game they play has to cater to their will. Since they payed the bucks, the game developer has to make sure that everyone and their dog can play the game easily. Everything else "sucks".

I'm really worried about this and hope that Arenanet will not add mechanics like auto-following, auto-run-in-range etc.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong and Arenanet should make the game even more newb/casual friendly? Should they make it even harder? Or are you worried about the same things I am? (first world problems :P)

A case in point: Jumping puzzles in GW2 are in my opinion way better than in todays plattformers where the path you have to take is very obvious, sometimes jumps are scripted, taking away every difficulty one could encounter.
But sure enough, people are complaining about jumping puzzles and vistas.