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Removing the challenge of Vistas, I’m sorry I didn’t get it.

25 July 2012 - 07:55 AM

Removing the challenge of Vistas, I’m sorry I didn’t get it. (Edit: My post isn't actually about vistas.)

After this last beta there were calls for vistas to be removed from map completion.  As far as I saw these post were made mostly by people who simply had trouble with jump puzzles due to disability, old age, young age or just weak computers.   While I feel for these people my first thoughts were, “tough kittens”. (I may not of said kittens.)  I didn’t think that Arena.Net should just ease the game for what is a minority of players.  There seem to be an overwhelming number of people that agreed with me on the forums and comments, as well.  At the same time, this thought did not sit okay with me, I didn’t get it.  I do now.  Hence why I am now sorry for thinking it, to all those of you that are, at no fault of your own, disabled in your own way.

It occurred to me that just because these people are having issue with this is no reason that they shouldn’t get to enjoy it.  Nor should they be denied map completion.  I am still of the opinion that these things shouldn’t be removed from the achievements.  I don’t think making these vistas or jumping puzzles easier will in the end make those of you with issue to these challenges truly happy.

I have seen many people with such challenges in life that manage to overcome them.  Be it learning to walk, blindly driving cars, swimming seas, or just living life in general.   That said, they did not do this alone, nor should they have to.  They had the help of friends, family and community.  Why should this be any different?

Rather than belittling or complaining to these people that have extra challenge presented to them, why did we not respond with compassion and a hand?  I can only hope someone did, I didn’t.  There are so many ways we can probably do this.  Offering tips on how they can complete these in-game challenges would be the first.  Such as the use of the tricks of the professions, like the Warrior’s Savage Leap, the Elementalist’s Ride the Lightening, the Mesmer’s Blink, or any movement boost.  If someone suddenly yells to the map in frustrated caps that the jump is to hard, don’t snap back that they are a “fail”.  Instead, ask what part they are having trouble with and see if you can offer hint of the path up.  These are just two options, surely someone better than me can offer more.

One more trick that I’m sure of is the Memer’s Portal Entre ability.  If you are unfamiliar with this, it creates a portal that one can enter and then exit from the location that you place down.  Hopefully, this will continue with little to no nerf as it does seem to have a rather long range.  So with that said, should you come to a challenging vista or jumping puzzle (or any other challenge for that matter) and no one around is able to offer you assistance, come find me, I will happily help with my own Mesmer.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not going to do the puzzle for you.  However, I understand that there are indeed limitations for everyone.  I expect you to try and fail several times with each jump before I’ll lay down that portal, but I won’t leave until you complete it.

Feel free to contact me any day here after with a pm on Guru or at the official forums.  My contact name at the official forums is Ian Smith.5638.  I will return to you the name of my character and server once I have chosen them.  No need to worry about being on my server as we all have guesting. (Just one of the amazing concepts that Arena.Net created for us.)  I just want to let you know where you can find me. ;)

Please pass this on to friends, family, and the community, anyone that could use the help.  Whether you are disabled, in one way or another, or not, I hope that each of you that reads this will offer a hand or Mesmer.  For if we the community does not help each other, who will?   Are we here to play a game for virtual rewards …….or memories of a beautifully crafted experience shared with others, in this game or any other?  Is it just a game?  You’ll have to decide that for yourself, but either way we can all get better by being better to each other.


Edit for clarity sake:
Unfortunately, there seems to have been a misunderstanding of this post.  If you aren't sure if you understand what I am saying, then check the link I have provided.  It isn't about vistas.