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In Topic: How rare will dye drops be after the big patch?

08 April 2014 - 06:29 AM

It's because they want people to have the cash shop become the main way to get dyes,
the account wide thing is just a convenient excuse to take them out of the drop rate.

That being said, I actually like having dyes account-wide,
having them not drop anymore, though, not so much,
and it's going to be hardest on new players.

It's similar with stones/cash shop, regular stones being worth only 3=1, and also needing 3 charges to transmute, beefing up the price on how many you need to buy;
although all charges might be same for levels 1-80 (keyword is might, not sure about that), so maybe that's worth it at max level in that sense.

In Topic: Neverwinter

25 March 2013 - 01:26 PM

That's funny, I like both GW2 and NWO, the rogue class was fun and different
There are some bad things, but it was in beta, after all(ended several hours ago),
plus it was still fun to play, if you liked the class you picked

They both seem kind of like 'hack&slashy' games, though,
but if you like the way your character fights,
then it doesn't matter too much, cause it's fun

In Topic: As a ranger and doing no damage, need help.

08 November 2012 - 06:56 AM

Well, shortbow's based on speed and movement,
so if you want large damage per hit, you could always try longbow instead

Or if you want constant range damage,
I'm currently using shortbow/longbow as a weapon set, they seem to go well together,
and you always stay at ranged and can use range skills more often

Or if you want damage with melee, you could try greatsword, it's more based on damage

In Topic: My wife's ranger is a big problem

14 October 2012 - 01:17 AM

If she learns to send her pet to attack first, and then attack,
and also learn to dodge away or switch to bow when she gets 'aggro', she should be fine with greatsword.

If she keeps a longbow or shortbow around for those situations when her health is low or it's impossible to melee,
that would also help.

Ranger's not supposed to tank, even in melee, the pet should take the mobs attention, first.

Having one or two slowing or immobilizing traps helps in getting away to heal,
and slowing the mobs and getting away, helps to get their attention back to the pet,
since they usually attack the closest threatening target.

She should play more like a sort of 'dps rogue', in that she shouldn't want the aggro,
but stabbing the mobs in the back while evading kind of gameplay (the pet or a party member taking more of the attention of the mobs);
and if she keeps that in mind she should survive easier.

In Topic: Seriously, how are people making money?

11 October 2012 - 01:14 PM

I never buy unidentified dyes, and I always open the ones I get from drops,

because you might get one that's worth 20 silver and up or
maybe even one that's worth several gold

They're worth opening when you find them,
but buying them unidentified is kind of a waste of money

I hardly ever use waypoints unless it's really necessary, it really adds up over time
If you need to get to lion's arch, just go to the mists from the hero panel, much less expensive

Specing most of your characters with movement speed traits or skills is timesaving and money saving,
in that you feel the need to use waypoints a lot less

Also a build that's focused on mobility or healing/defense saves a lot on repair costs,
because if you can either stay out of danger or recover quickly from it,
you'll die less often

Events earn a lot more loot and cash than just killing for hearts,
so if you see one pop up while you're doing something else in the area,
taking a few minutes or seconds of your time to do one,
can earn more over time than just completing hearts

WvW if you're unsure about being 'ganked' and repair costs, if you find a group and stick with them,
you'll die a lot less
Taking areas can yield a nice amount of cash, so if you find a large group that's going from area to area,
to either defend or attack, you can make more over time
You also kill quicker in a group

Oh and also checking how much something is on the Trading Post before you vendor it,
is usually a good idea,
sometimes someone wants something badly enough,
that it's selling for much more than the vendor price is

I guess that's mostly the things I do to save money