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WvW Jump Dungeon

28 June 2012 - 12:05 AM

No, I'm not talking about the one underneath the keeps in Eternal Battlegrounds. I'm talking about the one in each server's battlegrounds.

They are located on the map attached. There is a tunnel on that path where I circled in red and you can take the orange line to a secret waterfall area where the jump puzzle begins.

Here is a video of it

Its fairly difficult, considering if you fail any part of it, you have to start over completely, It gives the same tier of prizes as the ones under the keeps in eternal battlegrounds. Gives two blueprints and some equips. Heres something for you to check out in BW3 :)

There's also a latch on the inside of the vault, it lets you open it up for others, so potentially you could have someone sit inside as a gatekeeper if you will and just open it for your server for free blueprints.

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