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In Topic: Is it even possible to get a Legendary without playing the Trading Post?

16 April 2013 - 06:27 PM

Definitely echoing what Verene said. I am almost finished with mine, though my precursor is FAR cheaper, and I started in February I think. Never did TP shenanigans, I just did a lot of dungeons, some fractals, regular farming, and world event chests. That's honestly it. It really does add up pretty fast if you are putting your money towards that specific goal. If you have 2 monitors, or just have some free time that you are messing around on the computer, just open up the dragon timer website and hop over and wait for an event, and do something else while you wait. I paint miniatures as a hobby, so when I want to paint, I just set up GW2 on my desk and take a 5 minute break whenever a dragon spawns.

Even with the cheap precursor, the rest of the mats are very expensive as well, so I certainly feel that I could have done it with a more expensive precursor, it just would have taken a lot longer. Now I am just filling in the rest of my T6 mats, I have everything else already done.

In Topic: Chris Whiteside "Ask Me Anything" Highlights

26 November 2012 - 10:16 PM

It just seems to me like they aren't sure who to target for their metrics. If you look at the players that have 1000+ hours logged already, those who may have been farming non-stop or manipulating the markets, the costs of these ascended items are high, but not compared to the wealth they have. When you compare it to someone like myself, who has about 300 hours, they look awfully steep. When I see these statements about "wanting minimal grind" after introducing items with objectively superior stats that take 300 ecto + other mats to attain each, I have to imagine that they are panicking about the number of players that are rolling in money. In my opinion, this is a poor group to look at. Those who want to achieve vast wealth will always do so; you can't keep them at bay without enacting measures that cripple anyone else, so I don't believe that they should be looking to them for what they determine as the baseline. If they want content to be virtually unattainable for the vast majority of players, that's one thing, but their stated goals disagree with that. There is a disconnect somewhere.

In Topic: Whats the point of joining multiple guilds if they require you to represent t...

30 October 2012 - 11:15 PM

It's merely a matter of guilds and players having equal ability to be a part of communities they want to be part of. As a guild leader myself, I can totally understand the motivations behind wanting people to represent more often. It helps the guild get more stuff, and that helps everyone, but it kind of sucks to see only a couple people active in your guild earning all the influence for everyone else's benefit. I don't personally support a policy, but I also don't begrudge a guild for having one. It's very simple:

1- If a guild has a policy like this that does not accommodate your playstyle and social desires, leave the guild/don't join if they aren't willing to negotiate. Don't be mad, just understand you want different things.

2- If you are a guild leader and you want that kind of policy, feel free to kick players that you don't deem are contributing enough. Don't be mad, just understand that they want different things.

You can leave, they can kick you/not let you join. That's all there is to it. Don't get razzed if you aren't compatible with a guild, move on. If you're a guild leader and can't accept that some people want to split their time, don't cause drama, either allow them into the guild knowing that, or don't. I really can't think of anything else to say in the matter. People in my guild are free to join and represent other guilds; if my guild is interesting enough, they will be with us more, if not, that's fine too. I'm in another guild that is basically the same. Lots of members, many not representing all the time, but you know what? We all got together in that guild for the big halloween event on sunday, and it was a BLAST. These are the types of guilds I want to be in and run, and so I do. Simple as that.

In Topic: It's been 30 days! Share your experience.

25 September 2012 - 06:08 PM

Hmm. There's so much to say. I guess that's par for the course for me though.

The world is beautiful. No getting around that. There are a ton of really cool areas, and they feel finished (stylistically). It doesn't feel like some games *cough Aion cough* that have a polished starter area or two and then rapidly decline in quality as you level up. Even with full map completion I still love just looking around.

Auto-sharing of everything is an amazing paradigm shift. As in, not diminishing each others' loot, experience, crafting material nodes, etc. The fact that you never see someone else and say "go away" is an amazing plus. When I see groups roving around, I join them!

The combat is (mostly) very fluid and I very much enjoy it's flow. Dodging and strafing feels natural to me, and I have such a hard time going back to older games, like even the first GW. Casting/Attacking on the run is also great, it makes standing still to do everything seem so terrible and boring.

The Holy Trinity is gone and it doesn't need to be here. I'm glad that we don't have to wait for healers, or need a "tank". At the same time, I appreciate the three conceptual roles in this game (DPS, Support, Control) and I love that often you can be 2/3 of those roles quite easily and effectively. For example, a condition/well necro can be very good at DPS and Control, with bleeds and poisons for DPS on your weapon and AoE weakness, AoE blind pulses, multi-target blind, AoE vulnerability pulses, boon or condition stripping pulses... it works great and is both active and helpful without being pigeon-holed into just one role.

There's just plain a huge amount of content here. I've gone to 80, (almost) finished my personal story, gotten 100% map completion, and I still have tons of things I've missed. Everything from rare events to hidden little lore references to the endlessly changing PvP/WvW scenarios.

Downscaling is awesome IMO... most of the time. I love being able to go back into dungeons, personal story, and just plain questing with my friends without instantly destroying their fun. What does kind of suck is that you still can die, and quite easily sometimes, especially in dungeons, and your repair bill can rapidly outpace your rewards (because they don't scale). This is kind of a pro and a con.

WvW is... interesting. It's really a blast much of the time. The constantly swinging control points and skirmishes are exciting. I'll do the cons with the rest though because I do have some big problems with it.

The level curve is fantastic overall. The fact that you can get experience (and a good amount) from everything from killing to DEs to crafting to gathering to exploring to WvW is frankly awesome.

Dynamic Events. I feel like they are exactly as advertised. My only complaint is that some of them seem to happen too often while others seem to be too sparse. I love the way that the NPCs actually will wander between major areas and then kick off events when they get there. For example, the norn kids that are trying to summon a bear spirit. They play around and talk, and then if you follow them, an event will start. Then, if you do that, a bit later a stampede of bears show up at their home. Things like that may seem to just sort of happen, but the fact that you can follow them around and watch the pre-events starting is really neat.

The marketplace. Barring it's downtime issues, which I don't fault it for, it's really well done. I just wish that it was a bit more explicit with the % cut it takes, it's very hidden and kind of busy work to calculate how much you will actually make. Overall though, the ability to search, place sell orders, and place buy orders are all great.

Jumping Puzzles. Mmmmmm I love jumping puzzles. The speak to the inner platformer in me, as well as the "I wonder if I can get on top of that" I always have in games with open worlds. They are awesome for the most part. Except for the camera.

The Camera. Hnnnnnnng. Sometimes it gets stuck inside walls and then you can't see yourself moving and it won't un-stick unless you go far enough. Good luck in jumping puzzles when this happens. Also, just in general many jumping puzzles have way too tight of quarters for the way the camera is at the moment.

Bugs. Meh. I mean, I don't really care that much because every MMO has bugs, and as far as MMO launches go, this one has been largely very smooth. It's still a con, just not one that I am overly concerned with for the most part. They are making changes all the time to fix things. One of the biggest exceptions though is Necromancers. There are over 100 bugs with how our skills/traits work/are described/stack (or don't). It's a huge pain in the ass. Then again, I'm a Necro, so that hits a little closer to home.

No guesting. This is a huge bummer. I don't want to switch servers just to play with a few friends for fear of not being able to come back if a server becomes full. Yes it's free right now, but guesting is a feature that was touted over a year ago, and for it to not be done sucks a lot.

In a similar vein, guilds. Multi-guilding is awesome in principle. I love that I can run a small guild with my friends and their friends while still being in another guild for some members of the community I've gotten closer to. Unfortunately, influence and upgrades are per-server, meaning that I, being alone on Yak's Bend when the rest are on different servers, will be the only one contributing to my server's influence pool and upgrades. I can't help the rest of the guild, and they can't help me. I have no guild storage with them, no guild weapon/armor smiths, etc. Being a single lone person means that I will have way too long of a road ahead to get them with their guild, so basically I'm incentivized to never represent them because we basically can't aid one another. It's very frustrating. I understand that it's almost certainly because of WvW, and I think that's actually really sh**ty. 3/4 of the guild features have nothing to do with WvW, and it sucks to be penalized because of WvW. It seems very much at odds with the whole point of the multi-guild and multi-server guild systems.

Balance. It's kind of all over the place. While most classes seem like they can contribute, especially in PvP, many skills/equipment/traits seem like they are a complete joke. This may be due to our relative freshness in the game, but several classes to me feel like they are full of dead weight. Perhaps they are neat, but they don't synergize well. Other classes seem to have a plethora of viable builds; that's where I would like to see every class get. It defeats the purpose of having a customizable system if most of the options are weak or not viable.

Event... timing I guess. Some areas seem to spawn the same events way too often and they become too boring and repetitive. Others can have periods of spawning far too little. As an example, my warrior is ~ level 23 right now, and is almost done with the 15-25 norn zone (she only has one skill challenge left). In her time there, she has seen ~4 events total. One of them was bugged. As a result, the zone felt very bland. It's just very inconsistent.

WvW. When it works, my god does it work. When it doesn't, it can sure be frustrating. One of the problems is queue size. Some servers take forever to get in. Worse, you have no indication how long you will have to wait for any of the maps. The best you can do is make a blind guess. Of course eternal battlegrounds takes the longest, but the three borderlands are just pure luck on guessing the right one. You don't know if you are about to get in either, making it very hard to do some content reliably without having to give up your spot. The least they should do is give a line-count of how many people are still ahead of you. Further, WvW seems to suffer greatly from "winner's advantage". An early victory and reinforcement can be almost impossible to break, especially with the orbs of power. My necromancer had 29k HP, up from ~24k, just from the orbs. That's a very substantial difference without having to sacrifice any extra power. Because of the orbs and early fortifications, you can pretty much stop many attacks dead in their tracks. Doing so will make the enemy incur many extra costs while your costs have already been paid for. If they don't take a keep, the defender basically pays nothing to defend beyond the initial investment, and the attackers pay tons in repairs and siege equipment that likely never even finishes building (because the already-built defender's equipment can just take it out while it builds).

Lack of true end-game zone variety. I know that "the whole game is end-game", but there are really only 2-3 zones to make any money in, 2/3 of them are just Orr, which pretty much only has the same enemies. The result is that many crafting mats are more rare than they should be and others are far too common (bone). It's also boring to fight the same undead over and over and over and over and... well you get the idea. I loved that in say, Kessex, you would fight centaurs then destroyers then ogres. They all fought quite differently and had very different feels. In Orr, you fight... lots of necromancers and annoying axe throwers. The same enemies are pretty much everywhere, and it gets tiring. While it is fun to go play in lower level zones, it is far from being efficient for money and loot. I wish there were like, 3-4 more end-game zones, say in the Crystal Desert, Maguuma, and... I dunno, the fire islands?

Dungeons. Kind of a cluster-frak. I like the stories well enough, but the rewards system has been kind of borked. Fortunately, they are working on it (even today they have improved it), but for the first 30 days it has kind of sucked.

Personal story. Not gonna lie, GW has never been the best about telling stories well, but at least before I felt... invested I guess. The story and concepts were there, but the engine (and some of the storytelling mechanisms) always were kind of flat or hamfisted in GW1. Unfortunately, while branching choices have the potential to be cool, I feel like they kind of fell flat and hindered the system. I love the 1-20 arc. I like seeing my choices be tangible in the missions I ran. I even liked the "Orders" arc. Beyond that though, I hate Destiny's Edge. Hate them. Literally the only one I can stand is Caithe. Their problems, though stemming from reasonably traumatic events, end up feeling like those of twelve year olds. Logan is a whiny ****, Rytlock is a hypocritical whiner as well (You deserted me, now I'm gonna desert both you AND Caithe because my feelings are hurt), Eir just sits around moping about something that wasn't her fault, and Zojja is a petulant child that is blaming someone for another person's mistake and refuses move on. It seems like everyone was paired up to have someone that they hated just for symmetry rather than because of logic. If anything, everyone should just hate Logan and move on, the end. Unfortunately, the dungeons are all centered around getting these pathetic children to come together to... help you I guess or something. I don't like them, and I don't care about them; I would sooner have them all die. Trehearne largely pulls a Kormir.

After they orders join up, I feel like they keep having you make "choices" just for the sake of "making choices". They feel ultimately pointless at that point, unnecessarily forced, and like filler. Like when you are supposed to choose between grabbing one norn guy that fights in tournaments, or a pair of charr so that you can get their help at Claw Island... what's the point? I mean, are they actually supposed to make that big of a difference? Spolier: they don't. I've never even heard of them before. Ok, this one is kind of a spoiler too (I'll put dashes to indicate where it starts and ends):
--------------------------------- Start spoiler
When you choose your biggest fear, I didn't even realize that mine had played out until like 15 levels later. I chose the "That someone would be condemned because of a choice I had to make." one. I didn't even realize that I was supposed to feel bad about that random norn chick that got captured... somehow... while I was getting that orb. The orb was to win a fight for everyone against the undead, and she was... randomly captured and gone, so I finished my mission. Apparently I was supposed to feel bad about that, or that was my fault? I would choose 1000 over 1 any day, especially someone I don't care about at all and don't even remember.
------------------------------------ End Spoiler

Whatever. I don't even care about what happened, it just felt like busy work. I feel like after Claw Island, the story just sort of falls apart entirely. Overall, half of the personal story just feels like busy work and forced. It's unfortunate. I also miss the ability to replay "missions" like in the original GW. Not that I would really want to replay most of the personal story, but some of the missions were really really cool in GW1.

End of cons.
Wow. I feel like that came out a lot more negative than I feel about the game. I have an easy time fixating on the negatives because they make me try and identify why I don't like them. Regardless, I am still enjoying the game greatly. Even with the current problems, there are still hundreds of hours of content in here for just $60. My experience with GW1 tells me that they will surely deliver more content soon enough. It may be awhile, but the beauty is that I can go into a more "casual mode" until then. Because of the company, because of the fun that I'm having, and because of the price, I would say that it's 8.5 or 9/10. If there were a sub fee, I'd probably be out in another month or so. Since there isn't I'm gonna be tooling around casually for a long time to come. Most of the systems are actually exactly what I imagined they would be, the only ones that aren't are ones that I feel like were kind of rushed.

In Topic: Getting 100% world completion.

18 September 2012 - 07:06 PM

Add me to the list stuck at 97/98% for the achievement, but having completed all the PoI/Vistas/Skills/Hearts. I have been to the Chantry, and I received my 2 gifts of the traveler. The achievement says 97%, my "Current most completion" on character select is 97%, and when I select my character, it says she has finished 98% (again on character select).