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#2101555 After playing GW2, I decided I'd prefer a sub fee over any cash shop

Posted DuskWolf on 29 November 2012 - 08:06 PM

I don't think this proves what you think it proves at all, OP.

What this proves is that predatorial, exploitative, insidious business models can exist in both pay-to-own and subscription models. What we have to watch out for in the future isn't the financial model, but whether any of the people involved have acted like sharks. I know I won't trust an NCsoft product ever again. Blade & Soul, WildStar, and any future titles are all off my list solely because they're NCsoft. With NCsoft being obviously owned by Nexon at this point, it's clear that future games will only be more predatory, not less.

And I'm not the kind of sheep who'll roll over and take bad punishment up the butt. I actually respect myself enough to not stand for that. So NCsoft isn't getting any more of my money. So long, ArenaNet. It was nice knowing you when you were you. Back when you were the ArenaNet that put together the likes of Prophecies, when you actually believed in your passions, rather than the shameless construct of exploitation you've become today.

#1889504 PVE Concerns [Spoilers!]

Posted Zombius on 06 September 2012 - 07:49 AM

View PostMisce, on 06 September 2012 - 07:08 AM, said:

No friend, you misunderstood. I am not tired of the genre, I love the genre. I just want what they advertised, but didn't deliver.

I wish it was a mature, challenging game which requires intelligence and clever strategy to play successfully and where team work is essential. One might argue it's already so, but it isn't. "Team work" = random players zerg. "Strategy and smart play" = dodge rolling and auto attack. You can't even recognize what skill a mob or a player will use most of the time in order to counter it.

I just want a good quality game in the genre, not a 9-year old friendly console trash.

Misce, I agree with you 100%.

The game seems to miss that dynamic it was going for and it feels the Instances suffered more than anything.  Single player games are great and all such as Skyrim to name a big title in the RPG genre.  However this is an MMO, anticipated by millions as the next big thing in MMO gaming.  To me MMO's need to have that core of role based strategy to overcome the odds and challenges of a dungeon.

It seems this has been melted down into 5 people just simply walking into the dungeon rolling around, watching tired cut scenes, participating in repetetive fights over and over again until the instance is complete.  I've heard there is a coin farming system for Explore mode to buy gear from an NPC.  While thats fine and all...where is the THRILL OF THE LOOT?  I mean you kill a boss hoping it drops some awesome gear and reward you for your triumphant victory against all odds.  (yeah I went overboard on that lol)  

Instances are probably my favorite part of MMO's they allow the player to Gear up to amazing strength and power well rewarded for grinding boss after boss and mob after mob.  However the core mechanic of even grinding these instances is just lacking thought and any structure worth the gameplay time.

Yes, to the poster who comments "what are you? level 80?
No, im not tired of the MMO genre its one of the very best genres of gaming in my honest opinion.

I just want the next big MMO...I do in a sense want it all...great PVP, great PVE, Great character progression and gameplay.  Guild Wars 2  Boasted all of the above.  However knowing all this, and playing my first instance of GW2 I knew there was something wrong here.  Several instances later my worst fears have been realized, its simply a time sink of repetition added as an afterthought.

I love Guild Wars 2 for the following strong points.
-Amazing Level design and art direction
-Vast Secrets and Jump Puzzles to Explore for fun
-Fast paced balanced PVP
-A large and helpful fan base of players who can easily work together during leveling
-Very nice character customization variety to toggle through Skills, Talents, and Traits

However with all these PRO's I feel abandoned by the game when it comes to Character Gear Progression and Innovative fun Instances which sadly is a large part of my drive to play MMO's.