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In Topic: The Elder Scrolls: Online

16 July 2013 - 05:56 AM

View PostEon Lilu, on 15 July 2013 - 09:32 AM, said:

Would you say it's just another generic MMO with an ES / Skyrim sticker slapped onto it? This is what im getting from other people I play games with.

yes 100%.

look i am completely STOKED for TESO, but you are NOT getting a unique/new experience.  This is STANDARD FAIRE MMORPG.

why am i so excited for it then? well thats the magic right? thats the million dollar question.  TESO made me feel like it was built for longevity.  the crafting is so deep i was literally intimidated.  the combat is so fresh and responsive.  dodging, blocking, looking around without pressing the right mouse button - all of it is kinda how it always shouldve been.  the world has all these subtle details that make you want to stay and explore.  i had a very unique experience is an otherwise FAMILIAR setting.  if that makes sense.

the lore itself eclipses anything else on the market.

the game is superbly optimized.  i mean i was blown away at how my pc could handle the game.  i can get 45-180fps in GW2 depending on the setting.  TESO? solid 80-95fps no matter where i was.  and i have an HD6870 (gtx560 equivalent)

TESO is the next best thing folks.  best get on the train.

EDIT: yes i understand you cant have more than 60fps, but i dont play with v sync on.

In Topic: Do you still play GW2, and why?

15 July 2013 - 05:24 AM

hey guys.  long time no see.  i do not play GW2 anymore.  i know, its shocking, i was probably the biggest supporter of this game.  i think when i uninstalled the game that was a clear indication that i was done with it.

i still dont think GW2 is a bad game but the lack of trinity caught up to me.  i am a tank, through and through.  the only reason i played asa thief is because the game was so DPS oriented wit hthe zerker or gtfo mentality.  but i went and played Neverwinter and then the ESO beta this last weekend and i can honestly say that the combat in those two games are the future standard and really makes gw2 feel outdated.

but yeah.  im packing it up.  i just recently got a console again and i think GW2 is still a great option for a lot of people out there but i think for now between games like:
  • skyrim
  • batman arkham city
  • halo 4
  • gears of war 3
  • deus ex machina
  • resident evil 6
  • dragon age 2
  • mass effect trilogy
  • dark souls
  • DMC
  • and now TESO?!?!?
yeah i think i'll be well occupied.  So long community.  i wish you all the best.  and remember: GW2 is a great OPTION, but unfortunately it isnt substantial enough (due to the absolute themepark artchitecture) to be my home.

In Topic: The Elder Scrolls: Online

15 July 2013 - 05:14 AM

i played the beta this past weekend.  i am going to say right now, this will be my next mmo.

that being said:  it DOES NOT stand out from everything out there.  aside from its own lore and art style this is standard mmorpg faire.

but i love it.  the combat is responsive, polished and fun.  the game actually gives you a sense of wanting to explore.  its truly massive.

idk, its hard to explain.  it really isnt anything super new but i just couldnt help lovign the game.  felt like there was a lot of love and attention given to it.  like the dev team consisted of ES fans.

yeah.  this is my next mmo for sure.

In Topic: Do you still play GW2, and why?

06 June 2013 - 07:02 AM

i still play GW2 - not everyday because i just cant due to long hours at work, but i have three days off and i spend a lot of time in the game and i love it.

im doing fractals atm and having a blast, its one of those, youve got to participate in it to understand the feeling type feelings.  fractals really push me to a heightened state of play and that coupled with the immense enjoyment i get from playing my class (Thief) its really just taking all of my time atm.

the few weapon skills dont bother me, i like a small set of skills that you have to think about when to use at the best times etc.

i have yet to even step foot in WvW so there is an entirely new game in there.

im still working on 100% world completion im at 82% currently

i still need to finish this characters personal story.

i LOVE running dungeons.  its what i live for in these types of games.

overall there is just so much for me to do in this game.  my guildies do guild events all the time, we do fractals, guild bounties, hell they got a group to just farm in Southsun also they get groups together to capture temples in Orr.

there has just been so many content updates too that honestly with only 3 days to play, i feel like i miss out on a lot of that material.  i have never seen an mmo that has put this much content out in such a short time.

we had the Mad King event

the lost shore event

the christmas event

the easter event

the flame and frost event

the southsun event

and now the dragon bash.

all in 8 months.  thats amazing.  i have played 14 mmorpgs total in my life and in all those games i ran into players that had been playing for years and i always asked myself, how is that possible?  well i have finally found a home.  i have finally found an mmorpg that i can truly just play for the foreseeable future.  its an exciting feeling for me and i honestly just love everything about GW2.

except the RNG
and parts of the community

In Topic: The Dragon Bash

05 June 2013 - 07:17 AM

looks like they showcased the shield and greatsword, and i must say im pretty impressed with that shield!