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getting Dhuumed the gw2 way

21 March 2013 - 06:46 PM

now for every1 who played gw1 knows what getting Dhuumed is, but for those who dont i'll explain.

Arenanet added a banished Ex-God called Dhuum to Under World (elite area), this boss would also pop up on trolling/swearing/inappropriate players and 1 shot them followed by a message at character select telling them they were suspended, it was funny to see and kind of cool to have happened if you ever got the honor.

now since "gods" have less of a role in gw2(personally debatable), i would like to see a Largos or something gw2 related shadow stealth on a player and 1 shot them followed by a character select screen with the message they have been suspended.

a)It warned others not to follow the behavior of that certain player


b)It was a reminder not to act like that again

also i'd love to report a bot and watched them get shadow stealthed  banned, showing anet is quick to respond on bot's and trolls and people who just swear because they think it makes them look cool.

also at the debatable comments on god, if you wanna debate on that please message me and dont do it in the topic.

make followers removable

21 March 2013 - 03:22 PM

as the title says "make followers removable", i dont want to block people for no reason, but i dont want a huge lsit of people i dont know who dont message me/talk to me, i like having some followers i think i know who do fractals, but the rest i have no idea on/dont like all to much should be removable

and since messaging them and asking them to remove me dont work, i'd like the option to remove them.

on another note, i would of posted this on official forums if i was not banned for a reason they still haven't gave me

Earth Elementals Spawn

20 January 2013 - 03:13 AM

I been trying to study Earth Elemental spawns near Paggas Way point at Rayhan Bayt, is it they DO NOT spawn at Rayhan Bayt when we have the top part of the map in WvW Eternal Battlegrounds(when "red"), and every where I've looked concerning this information no body has a clue as to why they don't spawn at Rayhan Bayt on the occasions they dont spawn there, all's they can say is the spawn is not connected to any of the "chain events" in the area.

Thanks for your time, and i hope you can answer this question, as it would be valuable information also for others who farm onyx lodestones for the legendary weapon Twilight(gift of darkness).

any confirmation they they dont spawn for your server when you have the top part of Eternal Battlegrounds in WvW, would be completely helpful.

edit: had to fix text

doylak gift acvhievement 24/12/2012(12/24/2012)

27 December 2012 - 02:11 AM

why did this achievement need to be nerfed?..i got it 1 shot/1st shot, all's people had to do was communicate, not to mention--have 2 on building siege weapons, 2 building snow forts between the pillars(+upgrade the fort's), 1 distracting/rifle shooting, and every now and again feed hey to the doylak(s) who lost the most health....you know what GIFT STOPPER was a harder schievement  then this/more annoying, and gift stopper wasnt even team friendly, honestly, this was a big bull flop nerf, why because a few hundred thousand noobs cant communicate by typing in the chat bar?, i took a minute in L.A asked people how easy they thought the achievement was before the nerf when we needed to save all, not just 1...and over 90% of the responses were "it WAS the most easiest achievement this wintersday"(still is, but now 10x easier)

Email Authenticator is bad

14 December 2012 - 10:14 AM

i had decided my account could use some security, as i dont have a phone of anykind, i opted for email authenticator, this was a bad choice, as i am asked to "authenticate the link emailed to me", i dont recieve an email with a link, so i contact support, they give me a suggestion to "restore my account", ok, go to log in at my account at guildwars2.com, it requires me to authenticate my log in by following a link in an email, again..nothing, no email, i cant even use official forums to warn this, so i contact anet, they tell me "you dont need to authenticate my log in" at the official website, and they themselves can not turn authenticator off, so i sent an email showing it required me to authenticate, supposably the picture is to "big" to attach for guru, although i have attached bigger pictures at guru, so am currently locked out of my account with no way to fix this, and if cant be fixed, 3 months are down the drain, and the fact the company themselves cant fix this issue, just gives little credibility on their behalf.

also i have checked all email folders, it's been 2 days now, no emails in any folders