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In Topic: is a conjured weapons build viable?

30 December 2012 - 04:34 AM

Somehow reducing the skills available to you from 20 to 5 does not strike me as being exceedingly helpful in a competitive environment.

In Topic: How are your Elementalist trait points distributed?

29 December 2012 - 11:31 PM

Water master trait swapped for Arcane Abatement when I'm not planning on being heavily engaged in combat. Standard D/D trait spread.

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In Topic: What do you want in the January update / future expansions and patches?

28 December 2012 - 10:59 PM

It's unlikely there will be any large-scale changes or updates for that matter with the holidays and all, but hopefully they'll take advantage of this by fixing some of the more subtle issues that have gone unfixed since launch.

In Topic: Fractal Improvements

23 December 2012 - 07:08 PM

Better late than never.

In Topic: What is a good spec for learning Ele?

20 December 2012 - 10:39 PM

The best way to learn to play an Elementalist competitively is by watching streams or videos. In my opinion, you will (or at least I did) learn a lot more from watching skilled players play than you will do by reading a forum post. There are however some mechanics and tips that you should learn before approaching competitive play:

Taken from Aky's Build Compilation (might be outdated with recent patches).

View PostAky, on 25 September 2012 - 05:17 PM, said:

Some tips:
- Water 4 + AW on Staff is a free group Aura buff
- Eruption + Combo Field triggers the combo field, delayed
- Weapon switching sigils trigger on attunement switching
- Glyph of Storms on Earth = AoE Blind + Bleed field, pulses each second
- Glyph of Storms has the highest dps on Earth (only use it on Earth)
- Glyph of Storms on Ice chills, not recommended though
- Elementals do lots of damage over time if ignored
- The damage of Elementals doesn't scale with Power
- Elementals can be buffed with Zephyr's Boon: Fury + Swiftness
- Glyph of Lesser Elementals: Ice Elemental does not heal, Fire Elemental does almost the same damage as Elite, Air doesn't stun
- Conclusion: Use Lesser Elementals for Fire only, Elite Elemental for Water or Fire depending on situation

- While not in combat use Staff Air #4 and equip Offh. Dagger from your inventory to use Air #4 for mobility
- Even when playing Staff or D/D you can still buff yourself +250 armor by temporarily equipping Scepter and Earth #2
- Don't trigger Earth #2 on Scepter to lose the armor. Never. Not worth it.
- Use Dragon's Tooth for Zoning
- You can Lightning Flash shortly before Churning Earth ends
- Arcane Shield also blocks CC skills, can be used to cast Churning Earth
- AW on Elemental Surge can be used to AoE immobilize enemies for a second
- On Elemental Surge I found the Blind to be the most useful in 1v1 situations (depends on the situation, though)
- Hydromancy weapon rune doesn't only chill, it can also AoE crit for ~1.2k
- Air armor runes 6th effect can crit for 2-3k
- Mist form cd reduction is currently bugged
- Arcane Power is bugged and only crits the next 3 skills instead of 5
- "Grounded" trait seems to be bugged
- Vital Striking gives 10% bonus damage when health >90%
- Use Gust, Updraft, Earthquake to interrupt stomps
- You can use Mist Form while stomping
- If you're standing on the pillar at the graveyard to nuke you can use Gust to throw down incoming enemies
- Final Shielding (passive) does not share cd with Arcane Shield (active)
- Earth's Embrace (passive) does not share cd with Armor of Earth (active)
- AB and AW are instant cast skills which can be used anytime, e.g. while dodge rolling
- Auras are instant cast and can be used while stunned
- Attunement switching is instant and can be used while being stunned (use Water for heal or Earth for Protection)
- The 15 pts water trait heals yourself as well and provides good survivability
- AW is an awesome blast finisher which can trigger all kinds of combo fields, for me it's a must have on any build (provides an additional heal when used with Water fields)
- You can buff over 1 minute of Swiftness with a Thief, Eruption + Air attunement + Static Field + AW + Cluster Bombs + Windborne Speed
- You can buff 16 Might stacks for the group by yourself by equipping S/D and using: Fire Att., Fire #4 #2 #3, Earth #4, AW, #5
- You can buff 25 might stacks with a Thief in your group (Cluster Bomb)
- Leeching sigil heals you for ~1k, doesn't do damage
- On crit leech sigil heals you for ~500 hp
- Divinity set gives +60 to ALL STATS, therefore also increasing Healing, Cond. Damage and Crit dmg. The effective crit damage bonus is therefore 18% instead of 12% (NOTE: Fixed after a recent patch)
- Evasive Arcana is a Blast finisher
- Evasive Arcana has individual cooldowns for each element
- Magnetic Grasp is a Leap finisher