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In Topic: Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear

13 November 2012 - 05:01 AM

Here's hoping somewhere in the midst of all these crazy item additions, someone adds some decent aquatic helms...

In Topic: Skimpy armor and finding a solution.

31 July 2012 - 03:57 AM

View PostFizzypop, on 31 July 2012 - 03:30 AM, said:

You need to use 1 stone for 1 piece of item (they way they've been said to work) so yes you'd need to have at least 4-5 to redo an entire outfit. I'm not going to pay money to redo an outfit that should be free. Those are all limited...and not something you can do at level 2. Which is the point some people here are trying to make. See I played through all 3 betas and I ended up with 0 stones. Not a single one. So experience says these aren't reliable ways to get stones...which is my point. Not reliable and too limited to be considered an actual solution. I don't mind GW2 level of skimp it's pretty tame, but I do think changing outfits should be an in-game currency period. It's a huge part of the game so they really need to rethink the way they are currently doing it it's not player friendly. Though this is off-topic so I guess that's all I'm going to say on that.

Must be unlucky on the stones front I guess.  I don't think I know a single person who didn't get at least 3-4 transmutation stones while playing through PvE.  Most got significantly more.  Many of them got enough to transmute at least one full outfit after ten or twelve hours of play.

Personally, I don't think that there's a problem with the current system.  Low level characters are not supposed to be able to just have whatever they want, when they want it.  That's the whole point of the game's progression system and loot mechanics.  You play your way through the game and in doing so gain access to better looking gear and equipment.  You start out with stuff that's commonplace (and often fairly lackluster) and work your way up to items of untold awesomeness.

I can understand that people don't like specific starting armours and want to change them -- and they can.  They either play the game until a better-looking set drops, becomes affordable, or is given as a reward or they spend real world money to take a short-cut -- trading gems for a few transmutation stones and maybe some gold to buy better looking gear.  Either way, the options are there.

There's a difference between not being player-friendly and requiring any effort.  The current system is player-friendly.  It just requires some effort (or some cash).  If you remove the necessity for either (or both), you detract from how special the high end aesthetics will seem.

In Topic: Skimpy armor and finding a solution.

31 July 2012 - 03:18 AM

View PostFizzypop, on 31 July 2012 - 02:59 AM, said:

Why is everyone using this as an argument? They are CONSUMABLE. So you don't get a free unlimited supply you eventually have to pay for them if you want more or use HOM. You'll need several stones to actually change an entire outfit. I don't really give a shit either way with the armor, but unless they change the way transmutation stones work or easier ways to obtain them...it's not a real viable solution.

Sure, they're consumable items.  But you're not going to be using five or six of them a day (at least, not unless you're a complete and utter idiot anyway).  If you're not up for buying them from the store, you can get transmutation stones fairly easily by: 1) doing personal story, 2) getting the map completion rewards, or 3) opening chests from challenges/dungeons.  They're not guaranteed to drop from any of the three, but they will drop from them.

Playing through both beta 1 and 2 and without using any gems, I ended up with over twenty transmutation stones (of varying levels of quality).  I had six by the end of beta 3, and I played for a significantly shorter period of time (only getting to around level 25) and avoided the personal story entirely.

I seriously don't see the issue.  They're not items that you'll be using every single day and there's enough of them that you can afford to change things up when you need to -- just by playing the game.  Admittedly, it's not guaranteed, but still...  The more you play, the more you'll have.

As for skimpy versus non-skimpy, people have different thresholds for each.  There are a few different armour sets and pieces of town clothing that some might find a little bit more risque than others, but they're not even on the same scale of semi-sleazy that you get from other games (*cough* TERA *cough*).  Personally, I don't really care.  At best, there are a few outfits out of dozens (or hundreds) that show a bit "too much" skin.  It's a non-issue.

"Realism" also isn't relevant to the discussion. Nor is "verisimilitude".  This is a world where the gods are real, where people can hurl around magical fire and ice and raise the dead, and where elemental dragons are threatening all of existence.  Who's to say that the laws of physics as we know them work the same way in Tyria?  Who's to say that the gods haven't enacted an unwritten law where the less armour you wear, the more protected you are?  Sure, it's stupid.  But it's no less stupid than arguing about what people in a fantasy game should have to wear based on historical precedents in our (non-magical) universe.

Finally, if your wife won't play because of something as trivial as the game's aesthetics -- especially when those very aesthetics are generally much more progressive than other titles in the genre -- well...  It's a shame.  I'd rather the game had more players than less, but if she's got a problem with it, it's her prerogative not to play.

edit: Silly smilies.

In Topic: steal redesign

14 June 2012 - 02:38 AM

I don't know if you're in the minority.  If you are, so am I.

Personally, I'm not one for elements of chance playing a big part in my play style (one of the reasons I prefer straight up damage or some application of a condition over increased crits), but...   There's only a few options of things to steal from each type of enemy.  Stealing from a moa?  You'll pretty much always get an egg or feathers.  Stealing from one of the Sons of Svanir?  Most likely an ice spike or an axe or the like.  The same goes with the player professions in PvP.  There's only a limited pool of options for each of them.

Despite the element of randomness to it, I actually rather like this system.  It requires a greater knowledge and understanding of who or what you're stealing from as well requiring you to be able to adapt and improvise using whatever one-shot ability you manage to pilfer.  To me, that requires a lot more skill than something like an automatically-applied initiative refresh or daze/stun-style effect.

Not to mention that it was a lot of fun stealing from different enemies to discover what kinds of abilities they could give you.  The sheer variety of attacks, buffs, and utility-style powers was a nice change of pace that I felt largely alleviated the concerns I had about the thief's rather limited selection of weapons.

Overall, I'd rather keep the novelty and utility than have another mechanic akin to the Warrior's burst skill on a profession that really doesn't need it.

In Topic: Theorycrafting and Builds

11 June 2012 - 08:48 AM

I've played a support guardian in both betas now and I was actually much happier with its performance this time around (maybe I was playing smarter, but melee seemed a lot more survivable -- and effective).

Admittedly, I'm only 38 and haven't really dicked around in the WvWvW or PvP at all, but I've done pretty much all the PvE content I could find (full map completions, every meta event, most of the dynamics that I could find, the available dungeons, etc).

In that time I've been playing mostly with a thief.  Between the two of us we haven't really had any problems with difficulty -- until we hit some of the areas in Gendarran Fields, where the enemies are 2-3 levels or more higher than what you're scaled down to (a balancing issue like we had last beta maybe?).  Even then, they're completely doable provided you use your damage mitigation correctly.

Almost all the enemies deal serious amounts of damage in very short time frames.  You can avoid most of it with well timed evades or through the use of boons or conditions.  For example, Flashing Blade (on the sword) is hugely effective in protecting yourself and your teammates.  It's a teleport and three second AOE blind on a 12 second recharge.  You can ward off a lot of damage to yourself and your group using that at the right time.

My favoured (norn) guardian build at the moment is Sword and Torch as primary weapons and Mace and Shield as secondary ones..  The sword has some decent mobility (teleport) and damage mitigation (blind and a ranged block) and deal okay damage.  The torch has some AoEs with condition removal (and you can hurl zealot's flame at an enemy for greater single-target damage).

The mace and shield make you fairly tanky (though not in the traditional sense).  The mace has a heal-on-third strike auto-attack, a healing/damaging/light field smybol, and even more impressive an area shield that deals knockback if an enemy hits your teammate and protection to everyone if you're not hit.  Not to mention that the shield has a AoE wave attack that grants protection to allies and a projectile-blocking AoE knockback that doubles as yet another light field.

Between all those abilities you can apply a fair whack of healing and regeneration while mitigating a lot of the damage you and your allies will be taking, while also dealing moderate damage to groups of enemies.  Combine them with Healing Breeze (your self-heal also gives some health back to any teammates in the cone), Hold The Line (more healing and protection), Signet Of Judgement (personal suvivability plus retaliation on allies), Stand Your Ground (gotta love stability -- for those horrible enemies with all the knockdowns and lifts), and either Tome Of Courage (for larger groups -- usually dungeons) or Renewed Focus (for everything else), and you're golden.

In answer to your questions, as far as it's been my experience:

The staff is a serious support option only if you've got 3-4 people with you.  Any less than that and I found its performance lackluster at best.  The weird thing I noticed was the powers all seem to revolve around allowing you and your teammates to either run away from a fight (using Martyr to steal cripples and so on and the the symbol to boost speed) or run into a fight (to catch up to running enemies and so on).  I think it'd probably have better application in WvWvW than in PvE.  Maybe I'm wrong though.

The hammer is also another one where its usefulness is kinda questionable in PvE.  It deals okay damage in an okay area of effect and has a blast AoE (which plays nice with Elementalists and so on), but the immobilize and ring abilities are kinda underwhelming in PvE.  The ring works okay to keep people away from you or to keep them all grouped up for the AoE, but the long recharge kinda limits its usefulness overall.  More often than not I found myself using the launch and the ring to protect myself and teammates from melee enemies while I was trying to revive someone.  So... I suppose it's good for that.

Both of those weapons I pretty much avoided after the initial "learning to use the weapon" period.  They really didn't suit my style of play and in the smaller group settings I wasn't finding their abilities all that useful.  So...  For what my opinion's worth:  avoid in PvE.

Sanctuary I don't know about.  There are only so many skill points, y'know... But...  From what I've seen of it, it can be employed very well in PvE.  The healing isn't huge, but what amounts to 10 seconds of immunity to attack (provided the placement is right) can be very,very useful for keeping your team alive.

As for whether the support guardian is viable in dungeons, well... In story mode, there's no doubt at all.  In explorable mode, a lot depends on your specific build and what your teammates are doing.   If you've got lots of highly mobile ranged professions in your mix, you'll find it quite a bit harder to include everyone in the AoEs you're using.  Overall though, as far as support characters go, the guardian is way up on the list of viable options.

The effects can be an issue at points in the game, yeah.  You should try playing with a group of four elementalits and see if you can see anything at all for all the fire or lightning or whatever. =)