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In Topic: What are your impressions of the beta?

28 April 2012 - 01:03 PM

I was lucky- no delay getting in, no lag, only one disconnect. My daughter was not so lucky- older computer- lots of lag and freezing.

Even though in the same party, we were sent to different overflow servers, which is frustrating to say the least.

We deliberately chose an "unpopular" world and I would have hated to play in one of the really crowded ones.

I chose Norn because it is my least favorite and I am trying to avoid too much spoilage for release and I was disappointed in the lack of face choices. I just felt that either you got a good-looking younger face or very wrinkled/scarred older face. Nothing nicely weathered. I don't want a pretty boy - at least not to be my only direction to go in.

As an older gamer, I knew it would take me a lot longer to get the hang of the keys, etc than my daughter, and I was right. I also knew it would be much different than GW1 but, wow, am I slow. I feel the option of having gameplay hints displayed (as in GW1) would be helpful- I had no idea of how I could upgrade armor and what does 'soulbound' mean?  Customized to me? (that just occurred to me as I typed this)

Part of the slow feeling is because I know I can play for only 2 more days right now, and I will be much more relaxed at release. Still enjoying this so much, and plan to try out different professions, now that I know how to get around the starting area and can focus more on gameplay.

About skill spamming- It does feel a bit that way at first since you start off with one skill and have to spam it to learn the next. I tried the elementalist and like it, except that the range is shorter than I like. Since I react slowly, I like to be a leetle bit further away from my targets.

The cities are amazing and confusing- I look forward to learning my way around them. And to exploring the whole new world we'll have to play in. And to finally be able to try pvp without the burden of people wanting to know what skills I have or counting on me to do a specific job- too much pressure for me!

Off to breakfast and then hoping I can get back to the beta with no problem!

In Topic: ArenaNet: Here Comes the Commando

02 April 2011 - 06:04 PM

I don't know if it's been mentioned here before, but Corporal Bane has a Twitter account, and he's been busy.  http://twitter.com/Corporal_Bane

In Topic: GURU: The Ultimate PAX East Thread!

13 March 2011 - 11:14 PM

We just got home from Pax- finally got our chance to play the demo this morning. But! No video and very few details because I was kind of intimidated by the audience. I just enjoyed the experience. Plus, I was on a laptop and the audio didn't work for that station.

I figured I'd better play the norn, so I could start at level 1 and get some hints :) I didn't see the 'cheat sheet' stands at the station so ran around even more in circles than normal for me.  I played ranger with a wolf pet and tried to explore more of the land than I had seen in video (not having seen any taken this weekend). I did find a ranger trainer and bought the poison arrow skill. I got to a grawl cave where we were trying to steal their food to demoralize them (I think) and that feat was successful- with the help of a thief who was in the area.

I was running out of time so went to the river to try swimming and stumbled upon a fish trap. I found myself holding a ginormous fish with no idea what to do with it. Luckily, Tirzah came over and showed me how to feed it to a nearby bear cub, for which I got a small reward- I think it might have been 2XP?

I found the norn female character a little disappointing since it looked like a human to me. Mine didn't get any tattoos, though my daughter's thief had stars on her face and arm. Maybe playing a norn next to humans would emphasize any differences, though. I hope.

Short version- Loved the demo- it went by fast-and boy is it going to take me a long time to really make my first (and second, etc) characters when we finally get this game.:D

In Topic: Official PAX-East Community Meets

08 March 2011 - 04:26 PM

I just saw on the NCSoft PaxEast page that they have the Meet and Greet starting at 7pm, not 6Pm on Friday.

In Topic: Official PAX-East Community Meets

05 March 2011 - 01:10 PM

Fatalis said:

Just because we haven't set a date for the community meet, would it make more sense to meet up a little bit before the meet and greet, that way we can all enter as a single group?

I'd like that.