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#1380628 What are your impressions of the beta?

Posted Juk3n on 27 April 2012 - 08:53 PM

First impressions..

EU servers need a "little" attention.
Character creator needs dark iris colours.
- just 2 will do, dark brown and black -

One hit kills are straight lame, and thats all they are, no it doesn't "add to the challenge", afterall i wont know how to approch an enemy until i learn his attack pattern, and getting a 1HKO against a new foe/type is just lame.

Ive levelled up 4 times so far and i dont understand why there isnt 6foot tall neon lettering saying "click here to assign attribute points" How do i do it? i mean how? i dont even know, i press "h" i see attributes, and no way to adjust them..-1 for lame *** design. And no i dont care if it turns out to be easy AFTER i figure out how 'duh' it should be made perfectly apparent as of level 2.