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Praise and Complaint Game

19 October 2013 - 12:00 AM

With the way the forums have been the last while complainers vs praisers and the heated discussions we do, I came up with a way to foster some more constructive feedback on the game and Anet in general. Basically the rules are easy (my dad taught me this to look at thinks more objectively) you make a legitimate praise followed by a legitimate complaint or suggestion, whoever can do the most unique praise and complaints wins. Also you can't do backhanded complaints like "I really like how the game screws this up" or "I really hate how awesome this game is."

I'm going to start off small cause to be honest my brain is alittle fried after some tests lol.

1. I like the direction of the living story and the continually updated content that always gives me something to do.

1. I wish the lore from guild wars 1 was more incorporated into the game, it feels very loosely connected in some instances which kills the immersion.

[Answered] Diminishing Return on Dungeons

10 May 2013 - 09:32 PM

As of the last patch I've been hearing there was some changes again to DR in dungeons that now switching characters while doing the same dungeon will no longer reset DR, DR is account now instead of character, if you log out for 20 minutes DR resets, etc etc etc. I tried looking this up myself but there are so many people saying things over the last 4 months it makes it alittle jumbled. Does anyone know for certain exactly how DR works in dungeons now, what it takes to reset it or when it does?

Karma Zerg/Gold Zerg

21 November 2012 - 12:13 AM

After the demise of Plinx as a useful way of farming karma and money, I was curious if anyone has found or created a new zerg that fills the place of this one, I've found a few ones at lower levels but even though it was stated in the patch the money/experience/karma would be boosted for lvl 80s doing this its about 50% of what you would get doing the same in Cursed shore/Orr. So wondering if anyone found a new one, and if so where, and what dynamic events are involved. Thanks.

Deressing other characters for Mad King Tower

30 October 2012 - 02:53 AM

I just have a question, I know a few times there were problems where people coudlnt see other players around them cause they wouldnt res in in WvW. In that I know this was a problem, but i was wondering is there a way to cause this to happen in something like Mad King's Tower? I know alot of people have been having problems with completing this puzzle cause of all the others around that get in the way so was wondering if there was a way to create this to happen during the Mad King Puzzle. I am able to do it myself but was hoping there might be a way to help others that are having difficulty. If anyone has an idea of how to do this, would appreciate to help out friends and others that are having difficulty.

Pumpkin Carving locations

25 October 2012 - 04:52 AM

So there was a master thread detaling the locatinos for these and now its gone for some reason, does anyone have the link to the new thread detaling this, or where this info might be found on the locations of the pumpkins, tried searching carving pumpkin and came up with zilch.