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In Topic: Cleansing Burst

07 October 2012 - 10:37 PM

That seems odd because the heal goes off immediatly.

what do you mean? yes ofcourse the main heal goes off. Thats what you get for planting the turret. The turret also spreads out aoe healing in a heal field. Detonate it at this point and you'll also heal everyone around you and yourself for about 1.3/1.6k

In Topic: Cleansing Burst

04 October 2012 - 05:20 PM

All turrets have a rate of fire, usually 3/4/5 seconds per shooting round.

When you spawn the turret, it takes maybe a second to start its rotation.

When you activate a turret ability, they all work on the "next hit" basis. So if you activate a turret right after its just done something. It's ability wont kick in until its next shot.

Best thing to do is to spam the turret, so you plant it down and start its ability so it works off the turrets first hit.

Hope this helps.

In Topic: Ranger – A final look

05 August 2012 - 09:16 AM

The class needs some looking at i agree. I've played all classes and they all need looking at. The ranger seems to be the only one being looked at with its primary (ranged) weapons needing adjustment.

I'm sick of my longbow's autoshots not hitting a target because of "obstructed" spam. when there's nothing obstructing the shot.

It seems i cant hit a target on flat ground in front of me, but i can shoot through walls in some maps ? O_o

barrage shouldn't need me to stand still.
Longbow should fire faster arrows (in flight) as its a longbow with more power.
Shortbow is a skirmish weapon. Most skirmishes with this bow are 1v1 as longbow out dps's a ranged ranger. So why have a flanking element to a bow when your using it to kite?

Daze should be 2 seconds again too.

In Topic: Can gw2 Mesmers shutdown opponents GW1 style?

20 June 2012 - 04:31 PM

I'd say they can shut them down very well.

From the last beta S/P & staff. You have a ranged stun utility, 2 seconds, 2 second ranged pistol stun, distortion reflection trait + 3 second daze shatter. After that you can use your other get away abilities and avoid the damage. An assist train wrecks targets in under 5 seconds so ranged CC 4tw.

In Topic: Short Bow v. Long Bow. Help a Ranger decide.

22 May 2012 - 07:36 AM

I've found that longbow is much better than the shortbow for damage, simply because the target isn't always facing away from you. Rapid fire is our bread and butter burst move, like the warriors hundred blades. Stacking bleeds from the weapon is nice, but the shortbow seems to be designed for kiting, given two of its moves revolve around a cripple and jumpback & the terrible poison move >_<

So swapping to a melee set, like sword/dagger is a good option given the 3 evasive moves you can throw out. I tested the longbow/shortbow last stress test and got some suprising results.

With longbow i was obviously sniping as usual, then when targets closed on me, i used the longbow knockback, along with maybe a defensive utility to keep longbow out as long as possible/ used all abilities. Then swapped to shortbow for close range kiting.

Two main points to be made here. Swapping to the shortbow after i've spammed all the longbow's cd's is a good move to keep up dps. Longbow shots are slow and the damage is terrible upclose. The second point is playing a ranged character, your mindset stays with your ranged weapons and you kite a lot more. Allowing me to spec less defensive on stats and more for ranged dps. Going toe to toe with some melee classes isn't the best idea and i felt more like a wow hunter with two ranged sets then i did a GW2 ranger in previous beta's with longbow/sworddagger.