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In Topic: In general: Thief or Warrior?

12 January 2013 - 10:57 PM

Warrior all the way.

I've been playing as a Thief since launch and it's insane how ANet has pretty much forced us to spec cheap builds like Backstab/Perma stealth etc. to be useful in PvP. We have (one of) the lowest health pool in the game, we have the most boring and underwhelming weapon skills that is in dire need of fixing. Thief is however quite enjoyable but if I could then I'd change my thief to a warrior any day.

In Topic: best dye combos?

30 December 2012 - 03:22 PM

Attached File  Dorial.jpg   112.66K   115 downloads

This is my combination (which isn't that varied):
Gray (On the hood, to match the rest)
Spring Leaf (Used on the hands to create an illusion that the area is open and the "skin" is shown)

It's quite hard to get a decent combination with the Arah gear... Just need two more runs, then I'll have the legs. Might change the color scheme if it looks horrible then. :P

In Topic: Guild Wars 2 - The Motion Picture

01 September 2012 - 11:59 AM

View PostVenbloodblade, on 30 August 2012 - 07:14 PM, said:

Lets take this in another direction; if they made a guild wars two movie, who would you want to play who and why?

Sean Bean as Logan Thackery
Donna Murphy as Caithe
Liev Schreiber as Rytlock Brimstone
Emilia Fox as Eir Stegalkin
Kate Beckinsale as Zojja

Atleast that's what I can think about. :P

In Topic: Guild Wars 2 - The Motion Picture

29 August 2012 - 08:00 PM

Thanks for the compliments! :)
I really like the lore of Guild Wars. They should really make some sort of movie. Considering they are/were planning on a WoW movie then it shouldn't be impossible for a GW movie!

In Topic: Thiefcraft: What's yours? Build Discussion)

24 May 2012 - 01:20 PM

View PostScarlet_Blossom, on 21 May 2012 - 05:30 PM, said:

I'm not sure if caltrops as an active skill is that great since you have uncatchable anyway which lets you put down 4x caltrops anyway. I'd much rather see Roll for Initiative here because right now you have no 'shit I'm dying' key for when you get knocked down. That coupled with the fact that Thieves are really squishy is a pretty bad thing.

I'm not really sure if I'm going with caltrops as a utility. However, I do like it considering the low CD and that it acts somewhat like an AoE, that I can put it up in a crowd, dodge back and unleash my shortbow. I might pick up Assassins Signet or Shadowstep instead. Roll for Initiative has a 60 second cooldown which makes it a bit less interesting (shadowstep has 50 which is also a bit too much for me IMO)


Deadly Arts: Honestly 5% more damage on the daggers is pretty bad. Just a simple example:
30*1.05 = 31.5 meaning you do 1.5k more damage if you would have had 30k damage beforehand. This is if you consider damage from daggers to be your only damage source which it is not as you also have bleeds and poison and you probably shoot with your shortbow too.
Mug does ~2.5k damage on light targets which is more than you would have done with the bonus on dagger damage.
In general most of the traits in the Deadly Art trait line don't really convince me. Might aswell go only 5 Deadly Arts and then +5 to critical strikes, acrobatics or trickery.

It felt like the dagger damage would be a nice addition considering most of my damage will probably come from my daggers, however if you put it that way then yeah, I guess the low damage comes at a high price. Actually, I was thinking that the damage would be added up along with the one from Lead Attacks, which would make it a lot of extra damage. Mug seems quite nice but I'm not really sure if I want to spec everything in to just one skill.

I might just go 5 points in Critical Strikes and put the rest in Trickery. It's a bit frustrating however to not be able to test all the skills and traits out. It's making me go crazy cause there's so much I want to try out and see if it fits my playstyle! :(

Edit: Does Bountiful Theft and Thrill of the Crime stack? Would be a nice combo if they did!