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Adding a CD-key to an already existing account, do I keep my characters?

17 September 2012 - 02:29 PM

First of all, I decided to use these forums because I already spent almost 2 weeks waiting for answers to my tickets, so I cannot really expect to get anything solved through the official support system as it is right now (I'm not blaming anyone, I can understand their massive overload of tickets and everything).

I thought it would be a good idea to ask here because someone else might have already gone through the same situation and found a solution, so any help is obviously welcome.

Here;s my dilemma; My account got blocked (not banned!), because my CD key was disabled. This was not due to any sort of hacking/botting/exploiting/whatever, but because I bought my CD key from an unofficial seller and it turned out to be stolen or something. I can understand this, and I assume full responsability for this, and I am not expecting any sort of compensation, BUT I did not receive any E-mail from them telling me that they disabled my account. I just couldn't log on a few days ago, and it's been like that ever since.

I tried sending a support ticket, but several days later I still have no answer, although I am basically quite sure this is what led to the disabling of my CD-key.

I really love this game, and I'm willing to fork out more cash and just buy a boxed copy of the game from a retailer, in order to avoid ever having problems with unofficial sellers ever again, but I want to know if I can use the CD key from the copy of the game that I am going to buy, and add it to my already existing account (which is now blocked), in order to get back all of my characters and everything on that account.

In essence, will I be able to reactivate my account by buying the game and getting a new CD key with it? Since I did not break any rules or anything from the TOS, I believe I should be able to do this, as it was just an unfortunate consequence of my decision, and I did not personally do any harm to anyone.

If anyone else has gone through something like this, or managed to re-activate an account with a new CD-key, or has any idea of an official source that might help me, anything is welcome. Thanks in advance! :)