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Best PvP Game?

12 April 2013 - 06:22 PM

So after searching for a while I couldn't find any good PvP game. It seems that PvP is often ignored in PvE centered games, and there arent many PvP centered games. Im really trying to find a very addictive and hardcore PvP game that can keep me entertained for ages, but every time I google the same "Best PvP game" and everytime Im stuck with the same bad choices over and over again.

So, thinking that someone may be interested too, I posted this question here.

What is the best PvP game right now?

P.S.: I already own Team Fortress 2 and Planetside, and those are great, but I would like an actual RPG with swords and magic. No more shooters please!
And no LoL, even though I believe its a great game, I dont like it, at all.

GW1 Refugees - A new home?

26 January 2013 - 01:46 PM

Hey everyone,

as we all know we GW1 players dont like GW2, and that is a fact. But Im not here to talk about how bad GW2 is compared to the original: I want to talk about a new home for GW1 players.

What if we all leave and find a nice game to play together? Since I guess gw2guruers who hate GW2 know each other a bit because of their posts, I think it could be a fun and entertaining experience. Maybe we can become gaming friends, maybe we can create a guild, or maybe nothing will happen at all, but who knows?

So, have you any suggestion of games as interesting as GW1? Here's my selection(Just first draft):

Path of Exile: suggested by I'm Squirrel here, it has my attention now. It seems like a good title, even though I didnt try it out by myself and I didnt look up for too many info, but it seems a nice and tactical RPG if you watch some videos on Youtube.

Dota 2: more of an hardcore experience, it offers unparalleled tactical combat and infinite skill ceiling(Actually, Im wondering if this or GW1 is the most difficult PvP game ever). Small team sizes and more difficult combat, no PvE, but pretty damn fun.

Planetside 2: I know, it is not as tactical as GW1, and its not even an RPG, but it feels like it could be absolutely awesome with the right amount of people talking together on Skype or whatever.

Many could be added, and since Im not a super hardcore "game-buyer"(I barely own about 15 games on my computer, and play like 3 every week at most), suggestion are appreciated. If youre a guest or so but you wish to join anyway, my email is [email protected](dot)it

Cheers :D

It seems that GW2 makes my computer explode.

13 September 2012 - 05:47 PM

This is the fact.

My computer is awesome. It has always run everything I needed to run, super fast downloads and loadings etc. Problem is, Idk how but I got several viruses from unknown sources. I managed to remove them with Adaware and everything was almost the same. But my computer started blocking itself when I loaded many things at once after I had just turned my computer on. This problem started getting worst and worst. All was going well, btw, I just had to wait 10 mins after turning on to do things. All was going well, but three days ago I got 18 (!!!) viruses from another unknown source. It messed everything up and the computer is really damaged. And here's the point. My brother still does things, everything, after waiting for 10 minutes like the first time my computer got viruses, and there are no problems at all. However, after 5 minutes at most, GW2 crashes horribly with all my computer. I tried to reinstall because there were some "Corrupted data" in the GW2 folder (Probably caused by viruses). Worked for one day, then all the same. So here are the questions:

What's the problem here? Why does GW2 crashes when everything else works? Is it because its heavy? But if it is about heaviness, why can my brother play Minecraft(Very heavy game in case you dont know. In case you know the game and youre sceptical about it being heavy, check some sites out) with Steam and internet on while I cant even turn GW2 up? Can I fix the computer or should I dig a grave and put it there?

Need an adjective for my engineer

30 June 2012 - 05:41 PM

Hello everyone,
I find it difficult to find a cool adjective describing my engi. You know names are like "Silent The Gorilla" or "Silent The Silent" but its difficult to find and adjective describing an engineer.
Any ideas?