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PvP no longer from Hero Panel

23 October 2012 - 07:27 AM

Now i have to find another button to assign to PvP. Why not just make it part of the hero panel itself? None of that extra information really warrants another window. Maybe the invites but still.

Oh well I'll find something to hotkey it too. Oh wait...you didn't give us the option too. While your at it can I get a cancel action/target button. or the option to bind the menu to something other than escape?

GW2 Combat System

13 September 2012 - 10:47 PM

Originally I just wanted to do the math, but then it became more than that and i feel the need to share my thoughts. Disclaimer: Lots of text, also might belong in suggestion/ideas but that's what mods are for. tl;dr - Game is graphically stunning, but needs polish/focus.

To be fair, Izzy wasn't completely wrong when he said there is a lot to customize because of the changes to the stat and trait systems. BUT they didn’t expand enough on the amount of total builds (I use this term to account for everything: character traits and their skill pairings). They just rearranged how the possibilities were made, doing nothing but restricting the amount of viable options and obscuring the possibilities with a wealth of extra information and options to change.
  • Instead of class based armor, it is now highly adjusted with runes and amulets.
  • Instead of two professions with total 8 traits, they made 1 profession with 5 traits with 3 tiers.
  • Weapons (and armor) were reduced to one upgrade. (The second is unnecessary with the change to the stat system.)
  • The Skill Bar went from 8 independent skills to 2 sets of 5 weapon skills + 1 Heal + 3 Utility + 1 Elite=15 Skills.
Looking at it in those terms, yes there are more base options across the board. But if you look closer the pool of possibilities, there isn’t even a tenth of the customizability of GW1. And big factor of that is because your weapon skills account for 10/15=66.7% of your bar. That forces you to tailor trait allocation to use each weapon set efficiently. Again reducing the pool of viable combinations. Let’s break it down some more.

In GW1 (at the end) you have 7 skills from a pool of ~200 and 1 elite with a pool of ~35. (Classes varied on skill numbers). That’s roughly 200^7x35=4.48e17 possible combos not even considering skill point allocation as it was mainly a statistical modifier. (The main profession bonuses are essentially minor traits and will be factored out as such below.) GW2 has 15 skills (2sets of 5+1 Heal+3 Utility+Elite). Looking at the Mesmer for instance, I get 10 different weapon skill sets and I get two weapon slots (Weapons are class specific and not changeable so there number of skills is irrelevant). So that’s 10x9=90 options. (Because there’s no reason to use the same weapon set twice). Now divide that by two because half are duplicate options. So really 45 weapon combos. 10 out of 15 skills come from just 45 combos. Replacing those 10 skills as 1 “set combo”. There then just 1 set combo + 1 Heal + 3 utility + 1 Elite = 6 levels of options. So that’s
45 x 4 x (20x19x18 ) x 3= 3.69e6. That’s uhh 8.24e-10% of the build options in GW1. Ok now let’s add in traits, I’m ignoring armor because that really only determines whether you are offensive, defensive, or balanced, which ultimately is determined by your skills and traits anyway and thusly has no bearing on the build itself.

Traits. 70 total points total, but are spent in groups of 10. So approximating each trait as just major combos that’s 6x9x10x6x9x10x6=1.75e6. (assuming 30/30/10). So together that’s 3.69e6*1.75e6=6.45e12. Still just 0.00144%. If you add in the possibilities for different 30/30/10 combos that’s an extra factor of 5*4*3=60. Reducing it to 0.086%. Seriously? It just doesn’t even compare to the customizability considering you can reduce it to just 45 initial options. That’s it, just 45.

This isn’t a bad problem, as just adding different skill sets for each weapon could easily add a lot more viable builds while still being easy to balance.

Armor is the only real improvement they’ve made here. It could use some adjustment on amulet options/creation to improve stat adjustment, but it’s a solid start. Oh and the dodge mechanic and moving while casting are both good improvements as well.

I know Anet’s aim from the start was to reduce the effect of “build wars” on matches, but I guess this must the price we have to pay for attempting to make pvp an E-sport? But that still doesn’t excuse why they clearly left out features they added to GW1 and know were useful and enhanced the overall gameplay.
  • Skill templates and armor templates. They were apparently just forgotten.
  • PvP merchants are just another step between me selecting my gear faster. If I ain’t broke, don’t fix it? The old system worked like a charm.
  • Crafting needs to get the hell out of PvP. If it’s just purely cosmetic why didn’t you just make so that you unlock/buy the skin upgrades instead of random boxes and crafting them each time for stats. Again it’s just wasting my time in pvp.
  • The UI isn’t fully customizable again. Boon/Conditions are tiny. The party window isn’t really a window at all. And why is everything locked to only one side of the screen.
  • Split in and out of combat speed. Uhh seriously I can’t put it any other way than wtf in my mind. This makes no sense from any angle. It hurts positioning and essentially the same as giving everyone cripple to their auto-attack on out of combat players. It also messes up timing and map movement as swiftness applies its bonus to the speed at which you are currently moving. IE. When you use swiftness out of combat the bonus speed is applied to base speed of out of combat and stays until that swiftness runs out. Meaning if you enter combat with swiftness you continue to run at out of combat speed, and will not return to combat speed until swiftness wears off. You can fix this by simply making in/out of combat speed the same, just as it should be.
  • Only 1 pvp mode – Conquest. Random and Team Join. – Yes gvg is coming but HA?
  • No bodyblocking. However, I see why it’s not added with the addition of dodge and move while casting, as it would make for some interesting physics bugs that are unnecessary.
What’s worse is that all of these changes are influenced by the fact that they want to tailor to the more casual audience. Crafting? Casual. UI looks? Casual. Conquest? Casual hot join and e-sport watch ability. Still can’t believe that’s why they went with conquest.  
Just pick one. You can’t aim to be an e-sport and then tailor your game to be casual friendly. Those aren’t even close to similar.

I didn’t even touch the actual balance between classes in PvP or go into much about the PvE. Sadly, I can live with giant zerg xp farm quests/DEs as the story telling and art was the reason to go through the PvE campaign originally anyway. This is just about the basic structure of the system. It just doesn't make sense how you can spend so much time making an utterly beautiful game and have such good ideas, only to gimp yourselves in one aspect of the game that you're trying to market as a competitive e-sport, and all because you didn’t take the extra time polishing it up. And it is especially frustrating as fan when you tell us that the game will be out when it’s finished, because you clearly released the game as beta to give you time while you continue to work on the features that you had planned for the game to originally have. Don’t be Blizzard. Nobody wants that. If we did we would all still be grinding D3 waiting for PvP.