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#2309977 Runes, Sigils, Balance Updates, and Critical Damage updates

Posted Kovares on 23 March 2014 - 09:41 AM

Sooo, what they are saying is

"In order to straight nerf zerker damage output, we decided to hide it behind a stat rename that has no actual function other then being harder to read and less intuitive. We also changed the UI to reflect that purely semantic change, because surely somebody somewhere was not able to add 150% to a given percentage."

"Also, we realized that the average player is even more of a moron then we thought initially, and has proven to be incapable of dealing with the incredibly low learning curve we planned for skill acquisition. Therefore, in our continued effort to cater to the lowest common denominator, we decided to stretch out the levelling experience even more: you will now have to wait longer before builds come together, and will instead be able to change your loadout from the one skill distribution that works within the given boundaries to another that doesn't *on the fly*!"

#2309581 Runes, Sigils, Balance Updates, and Critical Damage updates

Posted nerfandderf on 21 March 2014 - 08:45 PM

This is the issue with a bad treadmill.

Anyone think that since they cant raise the level or add an expansion etc the new ascended gear caused the power creep?
Anet cant create more powerful monsters because those need to be dealt with on all levels of equipment. So with the 10-15% increase ascended created - and yes 99% are zerk gear look at what poor planing does.

The game was built and balanced around exotics so when Anet freaked out that cold Nov day and started up the treadmill you knew something would have to give now it is nerfing the gear.

So my question is

Was it worth it?

#2302490 In the end I just wish Arena Net would finish Guild Wars 2

Posted Arkham Creed on 01 March 2014 - 10:56 PM

And so we come to the close; the end of Living World Season 1. And as I contemplate how Arena Net is likely to ruin the one thing that quite a number of us are hoping for from this event (an end to the Scarlet story arc –makes a throat slashing motion-) I find myself wondering just what will come next. We know there is a supposedly large feature and balance patch on the way, and the last I heard Arena Net had confirmed that they would be “taking a break” from the Living World between seasons. But how long of a break? And what will we see in the meantime?

Could we perhaps get multiple feature updates, or will it be just the one? Will we continue to see two updates a month, or will that likewise be slowing down? And just what is Arena Net’s plan to move forward? Perhaps I have simply been out of the loop, but the last I heard those were all unknowns. And as I think about it, I find myself wishing Arena Net would finish the base game before expanding on it.

There are so many features we were told would ship with the game that never came, or that were added unfinished. We finally did get a (semi-functional) looking for group tool and a rather serviceable guesting system, however late. But the multiple armor and weapon sets available exclusively as achievement awards is something of a half-measure. And those are just the things we did get, to a fashion. What ever happened to the bar-brawl mini-game? What ever became of the unfinished Polymoc arena in Rata Sum? How long will I have to endure NPCs asking me to visit a shooting gallery I cannot enter?

And then there is the missing role-play features like being able to sit on furniture. And what about the ability to interact with random objects by way of the “environmental weapon” system, or the promise that “any outfit you see an NPC wearing will be available to players through some means.” Am I the only one who remembers those promises or the little web-comics Arena Net commissioned for their blog that specifically poked fun at other MMOs (WoW in particular) for not allowing such things?

And then there is the actual adventuring content left unfinished. We now know for a fact that the Arah dungeon is unfinished and the final battle is not as Arena Net envisioned due to time constraints (I suspect that the airship battle is supposed to lead into an “on the ground” phase of the battle that was simply never finished), and Arena Net even said they wanted to go in and revise it at some point. What better time than now? But more than that it seems that the Personal Story is only half-finished. Just what point is there to choosing a god as a human? And what about all the go-nowhere plot threads like the return of the White Mantel or the corrupt minister seeking to overthrow the queen? And what in God’s name is the point of a personality system that doesn’t do ANYTHING? I seem to recall something about NPCs having different reactions based on your reputation and even new resources and skins becoming available because of it.

In games it is only natural for developers, however talented, to bite off more than they can chew and have to cut features and content. This is expected. But to leave parts of it, like little breadcrumbs for us to follow in our minds to a vision of what Guild Wars 2 could have been or was supposed to have been, just feels irresponsible. And once again; I just wish Arena Net would use this break from the Living World to finish Guild Wars 2.

#1687995 (BUGGED- NEW THREAD INC) Tome of Conquest: Your Guardian Competitive PvP Guide

Posted Master Eriko on 06 August 2012 - 10:55 PM

Guide temporarely removed because of forum bugs that deletes text and messes up the formatting whenever an edit is made. I'm currently trying to find a fix with the moderators. Sorry for the inconvenience.