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structured pvp build, dps deathshroud

28 January 2014 - 02:23 PM


i've been trying out a build i threw together and would like to get some feedback on it. it's been succesful for the most part but i'd like to optimize it a bit.

it's a dps build that's more resilient than most other professions out there, mostly because of the heavy focus on deathshroud. i can build up might through multiple ways and can 'burst' it to 25 stacks on demand. most of the time in a fight i'm running around with 10 stacks or more at a time. i find it most effective against glass cannon builds, i can easily absorb their burst damage while killing them through a long sustained damage output. their dps falls flat after their rotation and i can keep hitting them in the face.

i actually only use the dagger and warhorn. the staff is only there for when i need to get out of a fight with fear or to initiate one at range.

edit: i've also tried using mainhand axe instead of dagger and run 20/20/0/0/30 traits. but the damage output seems lower in practice, even with the vulnerability stacking.

tell us, why do you like the guardian?

21 June 2012 - 06:40 PM


i guess everyone hanging out in this part of the forums will play a guardian in GW2 or is very interested in them.

so, tell everyone why you like the guardian so much. :)

i'll start off:
i like the versitality of the guardian a lot. with the right weapon set, traits and skills, we can adapt to a lot of roles and situations.
secondly, the guardian is the real teamplayer amongst the professions. i really like this. i'm planning to do a lot of grouping in GW2. be it in PvE or WvWvW, as long as i'm with a group of people i know how to work together with, i'm in. and my guardian will stand those people by.
thirdly, whenever i think of a guardian entering battle or being angry, this is what i see in my mind!