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Khazad Fundinul - Casual, Friendly, Mature

03 May 2012 - 03:52 AM

About "Khazad Fundinul".

We started in LOTRO  when it was in Closed Beta, then got a branch going in SWTOR, and now plan to plunder through GW2. So our guild is multi-gaming community and we will be playing these 3 MMOs for now. Our members age vary from early 20s to late 50s. We don't have any drama or grief, everything is on a good level of maturity and understanding.

We are mostly NA, EST time zone (I am on PST though), but we have some guys from Australia and New Zealand too.

"What are our plans for GW2".
We plan to plunder and rob... oh wait, I meant to say we plan to have a lot of fun . We usually try everything that game has to offer as long as our real life has time to spare. But we will definitely be doing some PvP in all of its forms, along with a lot of PvE and basically do whatever is fun.  We will have guild events, and competitions too.

"What we expect from our members".
Have fun and help others to have fun. We don't have strict rules of raiding or any type of that requirement as a casual guild. Basically Khazad Fundinul in GW2 will be a place where you can come home from work and relax while having fun pew pewing some mobs or other players.  That's what we've been doing for years.

Help others.  We are a pretty laid back somewhat-crazy bunch of guys and some gals. If you happen to be a couple - our members are pretty decent so you won't hear any cussing or BS... for the most part.  In game chat its all decent, no griefing or drama allowed, we have voice chat as well.

Come check us out - www.kfgamers.com. If you happen to want to apply for guild or participate in discussions please apply for an account.

If you have any personal or other questions about our guild/community you can send them to me at [email protected], or PM me here. I'll be glad to answer them for you.

Hope to see you soon on our forums and in games.

PvX: Khazad Fundinul - mature 5 year old guild

19 April 2012 - 11:16 PM


KF codex:
Things you need to know and remember.

1. Treat your fellow clanmate with respect.
2. Be polite on guild channels.
3. Hold on to mature attitude.
4. Be active on guild boards.
5. Offer your help.
6. Be respectful

·  What is KF

"KF" as "Khazad Fundinul" in LOTRO or "Keen Force/Killer Force" in SWTOR was found as a unique clan in MMORPG "Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar" during second Closed Beta. Over time the guild has become mixed a type community and at this moment accepts all the mature fun people as recruits.

"KF" now is a multi-game guild that spreads its influence in SWTOR as well as in LOTRO. We also plan to have a chapter in "Guild Wars 2" when it finally comes out. So you can have fun in all 3 games if you want to or chose the one you prefer in be a member of one of our three chapters.

We try to be active as far as our jobs and families allow us to be. Times during vacations are especially slow.  Most of use are over 25 years old and many are over 30.

We try to stay on top of things that we have planned. Mature attitude in kinship is mandatory.

We try to plan our time ahead and do something fun together at least 1-2 times a week. Weekends are the busiest.  During the week we try to schedule events and gather everyone for some fun raid or a group content.

KF is one of the oldest kinships in LOTRO on Brandywine server. We have been found during the second closed beta and we are still active and growing. We are also one of the first SWTOR guilds that were organized a few months before release when guild portal had become available on swtor.com. We usually stick to the games we play for a few years even though our chapters memberships may change during this time as joining and leaving is a normal process that forms the core of the guild.

·  What KF is about?

Its all about fun and friendship. Rules that we have in our kinship are focused on building better and funner group of people who can have some time outside of daily routine to relax and find new friends. LOTRO and SWTOR has a lot of potential and we will be building our little group of friends for as long as possible.

·  What are requirements?
1. Character Level at least 15 for LOTRO and 10 for SWTOR. This will be determined in GW2

2. Don't litter our (boards) with any means of outside junk (spamming the boards!). You will be expelled from the kinship. It also works in case of assault on another member using clan forums or ingame chat.

3. No talking trash, No Drama, No Grief! Try to stay polite and respectful. Its good to be cool, but there is a line where cool becomes stupid. Don't get over yourself. If you have problems, complaints or whatever else may be bugging you - bring it in PM to officer or Mightili (guild founder) or send a PM on web site or mail in-game.  Don't grief, don't create drama and no cussing on kinship chat channel. These are our primary rules. Nobody likes troublemakers, so don't be one.

4. Don't be rude or vulgar on kinship chat or web site.

5. While being a member of the kinship you have to understand that all these "regulations" are meant not only to create stronger community that we strive to be but also to build specific impression about our guild. Please respect and support this.

·  What should I do after I join the guild?

Don't forget to Claim your in-game characters under Kinship-Roster - Characters. Try to stay as active as possible. Help others. If you are helpful and active other members will respect you and trust you. Build your reputation - joining guild is easier than fitting in it and creating a good reputation about yourself.

Be active on forums. Participate in discussions. If you are not aware about the things we discuss - quests, strategies, instances, bosses etc - you will only be a liability during the group. We do meet in game a lot but things that we discuss on our guild boards are important for every member. If you don't know the details you may be a burden instead of a help. Its up to you of course - to just hang out with us or be useful during the guild events.

We have chosen to start out on Yaks Bend for the beta weekend event.