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#2129376 End of year GOTY Awards...agree or disagree....

Posted Guest 34905 on 27 December 2012 - 07:34 PM

That's what a vocal minority accomplishes.

People think the game is very bad, but in reality it's just a couple of people whining about a small part of the game.
Result is everybody forgets the good parts of the game.

But people that can remain objective and keep a distance from forums like this can give their opinion, and apparently some of these people think GW2 is GOTY. :)

#2100969 Some Prick Hacked my Account

Posted CunningMoogle on 29 November 2012 - 12:09 PM

View PostRickter, on 29 November 2012 - 12:05 PM, said:

honestly, i dont remember hearing about anyone getting hacked in swtor.  

account hacking is very preventable, its up to the devs to secure accounts.

You should secure your own account, it's mostly the customers fault, for using same passwords for everything, also ignoring features like the IP check. Or even the mobile check.

Tbh it's probaly your own fault.
Also check everything you download.

#2083615 Why do we have to craft everything?

Posted Waar Kijk Je Naar on 16 November 2012 - 06:32 PM

View Poststy0pa, on 16 November 2012 - 06:10 PM, said:

I wish you could preview stuff in the AH, that's my only beef.

Copyright© 2012 Valve Corporation, all rights reserved.

#2036662 Halloween patch the WORST thing to happen to GW2

Posted Saintray1 on 23 October 2012 - 07:36 AM

So because you bugged out right after the patch this is the worst thing to happen to gw2? Lol, I thought I was gonna read some proper arguments about how the update was bad.
This is just pathetic. But at least it gave me a good laugh.

#2035204 Halloween Skins from lottery / casino style grab bags

Posted Chava Blue on 22 October 2012 - 05:18 PM

I don't see how this is any different than what the Black Lion Chests have always been like. The way they work is that for a certain number of gems, you get a random item from a list of known possibilities, and none of those possibilities will have any real world monetary value because gem and gold can't be converted back to real currency. I don't get why this has suddenly become a major issue, or why it's suddenly called "gambling" when I didn't ever hear it called that before.

I also don't see how people are feeling forced to buy gems. I played from levels 1-80 and finished my storyline without buying any gems. I leveled up easily just doing the standard content without farming or repeatedly grinding the same areas, and as a result I'm sitting on a good stack of gold and karma that I'm still deciding how to allocate. (Waiting for more pictures to be posted on the wiki to decide what I like best.) I even have a bunch of boosts sitting in my bank that I accumulated for free that I haven't used, and will probably just save them for an alt.

I guess I could have leveled faster or have even more stuff if I'd paid more money, but... the thing is, I actually enjoy playing the game. If I didn't, I wouldn't even be here. So it doesn't exactly seem like a hardship to get the things I want by earning them through gameplay - if the gameplay isn't fun for someone, then I don't understand why they're doing it at all, monetary alternatives aside.

I did buy a gem card to buy Halloween town clothes, but I did that with the holiday costumes in GW1, and I don't see a huge difference - I did it because I could afford it and I was okay with spending some money on something frivolous because I've been doing a good job with my budget lately. Had I not felt I could indulge myself by spending a little money on GW2, I'd still have plenty to do in the game for Halloween.

I don't say this out of superiority, but out of bafflement. From what I read on the forums, I kept assuming that to reach higher levels I would have to start shelling out money, but it never happened. I kept assuming ANet was going to start bugging me to spend money, but aside from one fairly innocuous e-mail, I haven't even heard from them about it. The cash shop doesn't even affect my gameplay, and I don't see any reason to assume that suddenly it will.

Nothing from the BLCs is a need. It's a want. People have every right to disagree with how the gem store content is distributed, of course. (I honestly don't care enough to disagree.) I don't get why that disagreement is being equated to accusing ANet of greed and wrongdoing, and predicting the future ruin of the game, though.

They made a choice some would prefer they hadn't made, but I'm just not seeing a calamity here.

View Postbeadnbutter32, on 22 October 2012 - 04:42 PM, said:

Look at the resources going into this vs the resources going into fixing bugged dynamic events.  No contest.

This isn't really an accurate comparison, for several reasons. For one thing, it's probably not even the same people working on these things.

More importantly, though, adding gem shop content is active and fixing bugs is reactive. They could have been working on Halloween stuff for months whenever they had some free time, but they can't do that with bugs because they can only squash bugs after they become apparent. Content (paid or free) can be generated in advance at the team's convenience; fixing bugs cannot.

Also, fixing broken computer code is almost always more difficult than generating fresh code. Often it's unclear where the problem is coming from, so it's not a simple matter of going in and correcting a known issue. If programmers aren't careful, bug fixes can break other things, and they need more specialized testing before they go live.

I understand that a lot of people aren't very familiar with programming (honestly, I'm not a programmer myself, but I have a number of friends who worked for a different MMO  made by another company, so I've heard their side of it.) I totally get why all this is hard to understand. But honestly, it's an apples to oranges comparison.

#2029444 Halloween Skins from lottery / casino style grab bags

Posted Pipples on 19 October 2012 - 01:32 PM

View PostDraugadan, on 19 October 2012 - 01:29 PM, said:

Indeed, they don't even have to be subversive in these attempts anymore. I'm guessing they're confident with the amount of people supporting them (and I can't for the life of me figure why there are so many) to just put it plainly: we're going to milk you dry.

They only 'milk' people with no self control. I personally will allot up to $15/mo for the gem store, although I have yet to spend any money on it at all. This is the cost of a typical subscription and a fair amount to give them, IMO. I can also choose NOT to spend it at any time.

Gas companies raising prices of gas people NEED to get to work is what milking is.

#2029282 Halloween Skins from lottery / casino style grab bags

Posted Linfang on 19 October 2012 - 11:56 AM

View PostEon Lilu, on 19 October 2012 - 09:28 AM, said:

Why not make them part of rewards for event chains? Or scavenging? Or Jumping puzzle rewards?

Who said they weren't? We don't know the rewards for these events, so either you just came back in your time machine to report these truths or you are an artist, because you are really good at drawing conclusions.

#2029297 Halloween Minipets, any further information?

Posted Menehune on 19 October 2012 - 12:09 PM

View Postdd790, on 19 October 2012 - 11:48 AM, said:

Agreed. I work to pay bills not buy gems and because I can't farm infinite ingame cash and don't have IRL money to sink into the game I am going to miss out on 9/10 Halloween items.

Not sure what happened to Anet's "casual friendly" policy but pretty sure it is with the "when it's ready" line in a bin somewhere

If you bought the game, you obviously have some discretionary income.

The game *is very* caual friendly. First of all, none of the Hallloween items are required to progress in the game. They're all cosmetic items that you can get either in game or from the Gem Shop. With 2 1/2 weeks, there's plenty of time to get in game items unles you only have like maybe 1 hour a week to play. Sucks that you won't have the time or money to get everything you want, but then, ArenaNet have to limit the time and I find 2 1/2 weeks a pretty generous amount.

Every time the Gem Shop is involved or even just mentioned, the QQ, rage, troll and bash ArenaNet posts appear. At this point I'm not going to bother to repeat, quote or link any of the myriad answers to such.

#1888732 [Math] Damage reduction, toughness and vitality

Posted paradiselight on 06 September 2012 - 04:56 AM

I'm a bit surprised that no one has come up with any guidelines for choosing between toughness and vitality yet, given that all the required info is already out there.

The info that I'm talking about is the damage calculation which can be found in this reddit thread (there are some misleading info such as 100 toughness blocking 34 damage per 1000, which we will correct below). For the lazy, damage is given by


(P + M * 35) * WS * SC / (T + D) = Total Damage
P = Power, M = Might Stacks, WS = Weapon Strength, SC = Skill Coefficient, T = Toughness, D = defense

I remove vulnerability from the formula since vulnerability has been changed. Vulnerability is now a multiplier on the total damage and has no bearing on our calculation below.

To simplify things, we will rename all the terms in the numerator as K and all the terms in the denominator as A (armor = sum of toughness and defense).

The question now is: If a player initially has A armor, what is the damage reduction achieved if the player adds X amount of armor either through toughness or defense? The calculation is actually straightforward:

Damage reduction ratio, R
= [(Damage taken with A armor) - (Damage taken with A+X armor)]/Damage taken with A armor
= [(K/A) - (K/(A+X))]/(K/A)
= 1 - A/(A+X)
= X/(A+X)

The formula implies that to reduce damage by 50%, you'll have to double your current armor.
Adding 100 armor for (note the diminishing returns)
  • a soldier with 2127 armor gives 4.49% damage reduction
  • an adventurer with 1980 armor gives 4.81% damage reduction
  • a scholar with 1836 armor gives 5.17% damage reduction
To compare between the professions (with base armor),
  • a soldier has an additional 13.68% damage reduction compared to a scholar
  • a soldier has an additional 6.91% damage reduction compared to a an adventurer
  • an adventurer has an additional 7.27% damage reduction compared to a scholar
Arm with this formula, we can now figure out the effectiveness of toughness and vitality. The effectiveness of the two attributes can be quantified by looking at effective hitpoints (EHP). Each point of vitality increases EHP by 10.

For toughness, EHP is a little more complicated. First, let's ignore healing and condition damage which bypasses toughness. If your hitpoint is currently HP and your armor is A, then

EHP increase for X points in toughness
= [HP/(1-R)] - HP
= HP*X/A

To incorporate healing and condition damage, you'll have to estimate two things
  • The proportion of damage received which is condition damage before going down, say C

  • The amount of healing received before going down, say H
I know that these estimation are iffy but this is not WoW where your DPS could be precisely calculated to the decimal points, so all these is more of a rough guideline than a precise method to gearing your character.

Then the estimated EHP increase for X points in toughness is

In short, if you wish to know whether you should invest the next point in vitality or toughness, just check the following:


(1-C)*(HP+H)/A > 10?
Yes = toughness, No = vitality.
C = proportion of damage received which is condition damage before going down
HP = current hit points
H = healing received before going down
A = current armor value

Calculation example
For a guardian playing non-dungeon PvE with 2400 armor, 14000 hitpoints, and estimated C = 0.1 (not much condition damage in PvE) and H = 12000 (virtue of resolve heals for a lot over time), we see that

(0.9)*(14000 +  12000)/2400 = 9.75 < 10

So the guardian is better off investing the next point in vitality.

Healing increases as EHP increases
As pointed out by Lumm at this post, toughness and vitality both allow you to survive longer and so as you increase either or both attributes, you are likely to receive more healing. That's why it's not optimal to use the formula to allocate the next 100 points in toughness or vitality.

How should the formula be used to decide how to allocate the next X points?
You allocate such that at the end of the allocation
(1-C)*(HP+H)/A = 10
where HP, H and A are values at the end of the allocation.

Now, tell me, is stacking toughness a good idea?
For GW1 players, you'll be disappointed. The answer is not as good as GW1 as armor increases EHP linearly in GW2 as opposed to exponentially in GW1.

In GW1, armor-respecting damage is halved for every 40-armor increase. This means that for a monk with a base armor of 60 and a HP of 500, the EHP is 1000 if the monk's armor is increased to 100 and the EHP is 2000 if the monk's armor is increased to 140. Basically, each point of armor increases the EHP more than the previous point and that's why stacking armor is prevalent in GW1.

In GW2, armor-respecting damage is halved when you double your current armor. If you disregard healing, then EHP increases linearly with armor.

Converting damage reduction to equivalent toughness gain
The conversion will be done assuming a 2600-armor character. The formula is A*R/(1-R).
50% = 2600 toughness
33% = 1300 toughness (Protection)
25% = 867 toughness
20% = 650 toughness
15% = 459 toughness (Signet of Judgement with perfect insriptions)
10% = 289 toughness (Signet of Judgement)
5%   = 137 toughness

Survivability Hierarchy
Here's a simple and crude way to determine your survivability against direct damage. Just take the product of your armor and HP. If you want to know how you rank against other builds/classes, here's a hierarchy for comparison. Note that you have to first divide the obtained number by 10000. Also, this hierarchy is only meant as a rough comparison and doesn't take into account traits, skills and utilities that provide additional survivability.

- 3500   Break on touch
3501 - 4000   Fragile
4001 - 4500   Middle ground
4501 - 5000   Durable
5001 - 5500   Tanky
5501 - 6000   Built to last
6001 - Moving Fortress  

The description is for dungeon. From my experience, unless one knows the dungeon thoroughly, 4000 is the baseline that players new to dungeon should strive for, while 4500 is my personal recommendation. Just keep in mind that dodging is more important any number shown here.

Changelog (for the sake of those who have read this before)
  • Added some additional information on converting damage reduction to equivalent toughness gain.
  • Added a simple way to calculate and compare your survivability.

#1974476 Legendary Armour Sets?

Posted Linfang on 27 September 2012 - 04:16 PM

Legendary Armor sets? Yikes, I can see the time sink for that. The materials will likely include a gift of grinding and a gift of farming.

#1962841 So... The bugs are getting ridiculous.

Posted Domynic on 24 September 2012 - 07:38 AM

Scumbag ANet. I can't believe their MMO has bugs a month after launch. I can do their job better than them!

#1954793 "There is no content"

Posted Guest 34905 on 21 September 2012 - 09:28 AM

Funny thing is, look at alot of subscription MMO's at the moment, do they provide new content weekly?
I find it very amusing people think they pay a subscription monthly so they would get new content weekly/monthly, but look at WoW, it's been months since a content patch. And it's not like your subscription fee from those months will pay the new expansion!
Oh no you still gotta pay for the expansion too.

That's the biggest rip-of from all time. :P

#1952868 Fun stealers grrr

Posted Lollie on 20 September 2012 - 06:48 PM

It's just the GW2 way of saying hello.

#1952862 Fun stealers grrr

Posted Milennin on 20 September 2012 - 06:46 PM

I usually jump into a battle cause it's fun to "help" another player kill something. :cool:

#1936656 Bought costume can only be used once!

Posted Gible on 16 September 2012 - 06:56 AM

:mellow: Sigh.. Talk about overreaction.
I don't see the problem. You said it yourself, you can use transmutation stones - which aren't THAT hard to come by.

Also - "...this art skin can be applied once..." Direct quote from the description. If you had actually read it, then you could have avoided this situation by simply not buying it.