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In Topic: ArcheAge finds NA publisher (Trion Worlds)

Yesterday, 01:15 PM

View PostMiragee, on 30 August 2014 - 08:16 AM, said:

To be honest, the only stinky MMO part of this game I experienced yet is the god damn questing. And I didn't enjoy that in GW2, either. Labour Points aren't usual for MMOs at all and same goes for crafting for top gear (that's actually the same as in GW2 when you think about it).

I think you will like this game if you like open PvP, free roaming/exploring and crafting/farming (as in getting farms to grow your stuff). If you think that the Heart/DE system is much better than traditional questing then you will probably don't like the leveling experience, although you will get experience for exploring, harvesting and crafting just as in GW2.
In general, I don't really know what you mean by talking about non-MMO qualities of GW2 because it's full of MMO stuff, just more subtile I guess.

Aye, that sounds too MMO-like for my taste. :)

In Topic: Diablo III

Yesterday, 01:13 PM

Woohoo! Finally!

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In Topic: ArcheAge finds NA publisher (Trion Worlds)

30 August 2014 - 08:06 AM

A friend has been trying to convince me to try it, but between servers, factions (they want to go elves, but I prefer the charr/worgen), labour points, crafting to get top gear, ... it sounds too MMO for me to even bother trying it out.

I imagine if I enjoy GW2 for its non-MMO qualities, Archage is probably a bit of an unlikely candidate for me to enjoy?

In Topic: Blizzard improving on ANET's Concepts

29 August 2014 - 08:43 AM

The borrowing of ideas is actually the reason why I hope GW2 does well: A.Net implemented a ton of amazing features and I wish they'd get spread around. I really wish all new MMOs would be built around the Megaserver, no factions, no racial restrictions, now downtimes on patches, ... At the same time, I am really glad how D3 does the Mystics because you can then point to it and say that T-Stones are lacking in comparison. Or how utterly superb warping to your fellow party member is.

I really wish devs, and especially players, would be willing to look outside of their game and go "Wow, these guys sure are doing this superbly! Let's try to emulate it!".

In Topic: Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

29 August 2014 - 08:30 AM

If they'd revert the FP1's trait changes, I'd consider FP2 a massive success.