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New mouse?

30 July 2014 - 02:48 PM

It seems my Logitech g400 is crapping out on me; the left button isn't working well enough. Probably too many salvages. <.<

So right now I am looking at:
Logitech G400s - 53€.
Logitech G500s - 64€
Razer DeathAder 2013 - 67€

Maybe even:
Logitech g502 Proteous Core - 75€

I only use left/right and the wheel button in the most games I play, with GW2 and D3 being the most noticeable exceptions: I use one or two additional buttons in these two games.

Currently, I am leaning towards G500s: mostly because I like the way it looks.

Any suggestions/views?

The new daily system.

10 May 2014 - 08:07 AM

It kind of sucks, doesn't it?

I am very much a fan of the unification of the daily system: I love the idea of being able to finish the daily by not being forced into a single mode. But at the same time, especially in line of the daily/monthly AP cap, did they really have to reduce the number of daily activities to 10 between all 3 modes? Also, why does Ambient killer and areas specific kills still exist? And why doesn't WvW defender count for player kills also?

Can we please get another daily rework?

Unlocking traits.

19 April 2014 - 07:16 AM

Apatiksremark made a fantastic post on reddit, showcasing the "achievements" that need to be completed to unlock traits under the new system.
New characters (created after the patch) now need to unlock each and every trait individually, all (currently) 75 of them. You need to complete dungeon story modes, 100% area exploration, jumping puzzles, champs and story line steps among others.

Also included in the thread, the cost of simply buying the traits:
Posted Image


The picture shows that cost of traits in a SINGLE attribute line: meaning to unlock all the Guardian's Radiance traits, you need to pay 8,6g and 72 skill points. Thus, to unlock a class by buying all traits you currently need to pay 360 skill points and 43g.

GW2 has a content, not a feature problem.

17 April 2014 - 07:42 AM

I like the Feature patch. The PvP changes are atrocious, but since A.Net seems hell-bent on making GW2 into a PvE game, even that shit makes sense. It's not good, but it makes sense. Looking past that, as I said, I think there's a lot in this patch that one can like: A.Net is certainly continuing to push the envelope when it comes to making an MMO as accessible as possible. I've always considered GW2 to be the best MMO on the market when it comes to features and accessibility and this just further cements that position and leave the competition behind. GW2 set the bar and this is what I now expect to see from other MMOs. And sadly, those other MMOs are not achieving that bar.

The problem though, is that GW2's content isn't of the same quality as its features: while GW2 leads the MMO pack when it comes to features, when it comes to content, GW2, at best, manages to catch up, and at worst, trails way behind the competition. GW2 fails at incorporating those amazing features into a game worth playing: a superb dye system loses a lot of its shine, when the loot, that it's being used on, is utterly boring. Or the fact that you get to play with your friends from all over the EU (without being forced into servers), matters little when everything can be C+SPACE'd. We have an amazing foundation, now we need a game on top of that.

Once again, I like the changes and I can't imagine the game without them: but neither I, nor my friends, are playing the game. We see the game grow and it's amazing, but nobody wants to play it, because playing it isn't as amazing. And the reason why it's not amazing is because the game has a content, not a feature problem: thus, A.Net spending its limited resources on features is a mistake.

A single Minis 3-Pack (Set 2) currently available at no cost in the Gem Store.

20 February 2014 - 09:05 AM

In line with the recent gem store promotions, for a limited time, you can grab a SINGLE set of 3 minis at no cost in the store.