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Riot about to ban their professionals from streaming other games

05 December 2013 - 12:21 PM


Apperently, every player that competes at LCS 4 with a team has to sign a contract. That contract forbids them to stream some games like starcraft franchise, HoN, dota 2 etc. (but also some seemingly random chosen games). The contract also forbids drug and tobacco use on stream (but not alcohol).

Riot said that these professionals will shed a bad light at LoL when streaming other games because they have a huge audience and they need to do this step to protect LoL as a professional sport.

What do you think about that?

Imho it's a disgusting move from a buisiness company that has a monopol. Competing teams are dependent on LoL to earn money for their living. So Riot can do whatever they want and that is just a huge step that has nothing to do with protect LoL from sheding bad light at it but censoring private lifes and bury competition from other games. I've personally never heard of any professional sports commitee that forbids their professionals to stream other sports in their free time as it could harm their own sport.

Grenth (Lore) [Spoilers]

26 September 2012 - 07:16 PM

So after playing in Orr for a while I find some interesting things about the God's, however I got really confused about grenth. So we know from gw1 that grenth fighted and defeated dhuum (along with 7 reapers) and took his place as lord of the underworld.

Now I found some scrolls in Orr, one that gives various informations about all gods. For grenth it says that he was the first god that was born in tyria (as for the others they "stepped" out of the mists) and that Dwayna was his mother. Ok, everything clear (unexpected but clear) until now: The scroll also says, that he was only a half god and claimed to be a member of the circle of gods after defeating dhuum and to take over his fathers realm. So he took over dhuum's realm, so his father was dhuum?
No, I don't think so because the story says something different (and something very unexpecting). If you choose to go to the temple of grenth as a human character your priest of grenth (you may met her way earlier in the story, too) says that grenth is the son of dwayna and a sculptor. Ok, for me that says all. Seriously she says that Malchor is the father of grenth. If you read more about the scrolls and listen to npcs about Malchor that all make more sense. I doubt that they had a sexual act but I personally think that dwayna became conceived as malchor touched her face - from ingame informations as malchor build the statues of the six he got blinded more and more and in the and, as dwayna was the last, he build the statue blind as he imprinted every detail of her face in his memories; in the end dwayna shed tears and allowed him to touch her face to see how perfect he built her face even when he was blinded. For me that is the only real situation that makes up for dwayna to become conceived. However in this time he already built statues of the six as mentioned above. How is that possible as grenth wasn't born yet? Did I miss something, is it wrong in the german translation or am I just on the wrong way with my thoughts.

Sorry for the poor gramma, I will list my points in short:

- grenth is only a half god, son of dwayna and maybe malchor.
- first problem: "he took over the realm of his father" which means in fact dhuum is his father
- second problem: "how did he build the statues of the six when grenth is only born way after this event?"
- how and when got dwayna conceived?